Grooming Dogs With Mayo and Other Fun Tips with Lexy

can't find the squeaker yeah I always look under the booth I'm here at the Lake Lanier cluster of dog shows in Lawrenceville Georgia and I'm spending the day with Lexi para SEC hey you ready to play hi guys she can often be found in the shell T ring or the mini American Ring and now the Chihuahua ring we love having her in the Chihuahua ring she's currently showing buzz the number one smooth coat in the country I love buzz buzz is so awesome she'll tease is her breed and she's been showing them since before she was born her parents have been in the sport for over 30 years with Lexi starting when she was old enough to walk I can just imagine a little Lexi as an adorable junior starting out with his shell T then moving on to a whippet and finally with a Doberman three years ago she started her own professional handling career where she handles mostly herding dogs dabbling with a few toys and a few working breeds but herding is where her true passion lies in addition to the high energy of herding dogs she loves all that hair grooming is her forte it's like an art for her and it allows her to nurture that creative passion going to chihuahuas yes which is like really no groom I guess she really wasn't a pet we got it from Linda George Jim years ago yeah about a year later we got our second swallow from Dick Miller okay we got another one from Linda George because we just debris yeah now we have 12 we're obsessed I was gonna say it like you they are a little got him from Lana Bose right well they are and the Chihuahuas even in my RV right now they're probably most of them are lounging on the couch as soon as Lexi told me she was gonna teach me some of her grooming techniques oh my god I got so excited went and got me some coffee came back to her set up and was ready to learn just needed to fuel up I'm here to tell you the stuff she had me put on those dogs I swear to God look like mayonnaise and from this point forward it shall always be called man all right so this do we just use our hands no so you're gonna you need to go ahead and do the rough okay take a little of this in your hands mayonnaise yep run and scrub it together love the Mayo all right put it just kind of run it through the rubber yeah don't be shy very cool all right it's nice and gooey yep okay just summon your hands and I just kind of fluff it in be be generous so I'm gonna brush most of it I like it you could do the same thing to this yep and then you can even use this little brush oh we don't want their coats off we want a lot of tech what you want a texture yeah okay soft coats are not not good chunky Coates I just can't stop looking at the Mayo its cholesterol and then we'll go back through you will take a slicker brush okay and we go okay how long does it take for the cholesterol to dry I mean typically probably five minutes a lot of times you know we put the cholesterol in so it makes a little sticky so every right to stick to it and we want it kind of I mean Shelby's are a lot different than other breeds we want them to look through you know the glamorous we want it you want them to look like they've spent a lot of time interesting that's cool I don't know if I could do this all the time if not when you have a bunch of them so really time-consuming so how many are you showing today I'll show I have six Shelties I'll show five minis takes a lot of practice a lot of getting used to you know it's just takes time but don't get me wrong sometimes I wish I had a few smooth smooth yeah it's with me at times and it's so much more than media ya know just pay them and then wipe him off and go and go yeah if you had one piece of advice for somebody starting and dogs what would it be like if you had to go back what would your biggest piece of advice yeah we I I was lucky enough my parents you know they mentored me and I mean they taught me everything you know so and they had great mentors but you know it was like I see so many new people if they don't have just someone that mentors them and then they don't exactly learn what they should and they want to give up right I got to find somebody that is passionate about it too you know that's the biggest thing is they're a they're a breed that you have yet to handle the Ingrid Blake totally died to handle Affenpinscher sexually really it's love being around the breeds but I just think the grooming would be so much fun temperaments are to die for yeah well they are and they're just fun toy breed they're fun toy breed but I also get to groom up you know so you like the grooming part of it yeah I love the grooming it's like hard work yeah I love the fact that she has Shetland Sheepdogs and miniature American shepherds and chihuahuas and of course her Doberman all living in harmony as she travels each weekend to a different dog show pretty darn impressive if you ask me I couldn't head home without Lexi and I try my signature move oh you're also her dogs moves so elegantly I was sure that they would be able to master the move and I was right

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