Grooming and Boarding (815) 729-1555 (Joliet IL Plainfield Romeoville Crest Hill)

hi I'm dr. Roger hit with the Timberline animal hospital or here in our grooming facility this is Laura fuller warren is our head groomer here Lauren is very experienced she is a graduate of grooming school she has seven years experience Lauren does all types of grooming she does cats she does small dogs and what is really nice that's available here and it's hard to find Lauren also does large dog grooming Lauren is available five days a week by appointment she is available for Grameen unlike other drummers you don't have to be the real girly morning she does mid morning to afternoon appointment she also is available on saturday morning and here is one of her happy puppy dogs here that she's grooming and she looks good to go and we're uh we're a nice clean happy spot treated puppy dog here also we offer indoor outdoor dog runs for rooming one of the advantages do Timberline the Animal Hospital oh those number one we are open 7 days a week so shout it up even on Sunday lovers and we're one of the food fo one of the few facilities around that actually still has no door and outdoor runs here's our outdoor their view here as you can see we're outside your dog gets actually comes here gets for real weather and sunlight let's go up through time all day we also are even for let them out all situations what sizes veil over your cup

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