Grooming Advice: Tip for Shaving a Matted Coat

that's catchy here's good hi my name is Jane with rific spa and I just want to share a really quick tip when you're dealing with your matted dog this is Marley beautiful golden doodle it's beautifully matted but anyway I just ripped this off because I have to continue working but it was all in one piece what you want to be careful of this is the temptation is to pull than that because you can't really see what's going on pull the mat and go in with your clippers what you're going to do is you're going to pull that scan with the hair right into the clippers and you're going to cut that dog so what you want to do is you want to pull the skin tight even if you even if this clippers get buried into that coat and you can't see what's going on you have to just trust your you know the feeling and pull the skin tight always full skin tight not the mess all throughout the dog and go slow this is not a race like going too fast and forcing at it you're going to clip you're going to end up cutting the skin so anytime you feel any resistance go ahead and pull back a little bit and actually that's too long so we have to go shorter now the idea is to get to get a blade that's short enough that's going to go in between the skin and the mat hair matted hair here and since this is so close to the skin we have to get it really close before he's reacting because it hurts it's already pulling a task in and we have this Clippers tugging out it even more so he's going to react and that's what we do and then after you clip you can almost pull this pull the match back and see what you clipped but you don't want to pull this back to see what you're doing until you stop clipping you always want to pull the skin tight through this check the temperature the blade oh yeah check the temperature of the blade make sure it's not so hot and that's the tip of the day thank you guys

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  1. Everyone who is slamming the owners might want to know that it isn't always owner neglect that leads to this. Some of it is having a dog who loves to swim and on a goldendoodle a tiny mat can turn into a big wad in one single day. Also, when you have to board your pet for more than a day, he or she can be returned to you in a too-far-gone state to necessitate shaving. Trust me it breaks our hearts WAY more than it breaks yours, as the groomer. Don't just assume people aren't caring for their pet daily.

  2. I groomed my dog yesterday for the first time. I bought this exact clippers 🙂 I wanted to save money and do it myself, she was supper matter and it had only been a month since we took her to get groomed 🙁 anyways no cuts 🙂 I need her bottom half of legs still and this video helps a lot 🙂 thank you!

  3. Geez-us!.. As professional groomers, we run into this nonsense ALL THE TIME! Owners who never brush their own dogs; pisses me off! I bet if humans knew how badly it hurts the animals they wouldn't let it happen,then again, maybe not.. Do your research before you buy people..

  4. This was so helpful! I clipped my dog for the very first time tonight and it went so well that I will be doing it again long before he gets any mats in his coat! Thank you!! I still plan to get him groomed, but I can now do maintenance in between trips to the doggie salon and when money gets especially tight.

  5. I had my toy poodle get matted like this I made the mistake of leaving him with family while I was out of town for work and I told them to brush him 3-4 times a day they only did it once a day or would skip a day thinking I was just spoiling him. they thought he was fine because on top he looked soft and fluffy but needless to say under it and near the skin was a matted mess. I decided to just shave him down and start over again which broke my heat since he's a sliver beige I knew chances are his dark brown hair would be completely gone and it was he's now a beige color luckily he's a dream to groom he slept during the whole clipping process and I did make the mistake of pulling the matts and cutting him a couple times. I have 1 area left his butt and I was worried about cutting him there but now I know not to pull the matts but instead the skin so thanks.

  6. dosent that make u want to ring the owners necks for letting them get that bad im a groomer and it breaks my heart when dogs come in like this and then u have to spend like 3 hours trying to make the dog not move and not give razor brun and cuts

  7. That poor fucking dog. I hope you showed this to the owners. People really need to start either brushing their dogs or get them shaved down regularly. SMH.

  8. Dear Jun I feel I've watched about 30 dog clipper/grooming videos (including your "I cannot groom this dog") after 2 failed attempts at getting the clippers through the hair. When I first got him, his entire body of hair was matted, now just the back. He is older and I am still finding it difficult to keep him free of matted clumps. My brand of clippers are Wahl.  I end up just quitting because I feel sorry for him. He is older and gets angry. I cannot afford a professional. Any advice?

  9. Jun, I have a PBGV that came it today that has never been brushed and is completely matted, after 3 hours I was still unable to remove the matts and the dog was becoming uncomfortable. The owner has asked me to shave him down which I think is the kindest option, is this advisable to do on this coat type please. The dog is definitely due handstripping as its easy to pluck out but it started leaving patches? Please help.

  10. Jun, would you recommend that I cut off a layer of hair (through the matts) with scissors before eventually getting to shaving. Time is no object and nor is appearance, just the dog's comfort (and minimising grooming distress). I am not a professional groomer.

  11. If it hurts why don't you cut it out and then finish it with the clippers? And whoever owns that dog should be ashamed for letting it get in that shape.

  12. great vid!I'm a hairdresser and going to attempt my standard poodle.  The girl I take her to uses my pooch for training she's so good.  It's just too expensive every 5 weeks.

  13. I am considering getting a Great Pyrenees next but would find the constant hair falling out a problem also I live in rather hot part of Australia. Would it be an issue to clip a Great Pyrenees?

  14. This is great, would have loved to have seen the finished dog though 🙂 when I first got my English Cocker Spaniel I groomed him myself but found it not only really tiring as he would constantly resist and try to pull away the clippers very quickly became blunt 🙁 I ended up paying a groomer instead but they are now very expensive, $70 for a wash and clip.

  15. Thanx for great tip. I have the same clippers. You mentioned switching to thinner blades. All I have are 7f. What thinner blades do you recommend for matted hair. i have a pekinese mix (given to me) with the thickest hair I've ever seen on a dog and it grows about 1-1 1/4 inches per month. I even feed him the lowest protein dog food i can find to help prevent such fast hair growth. What blades do you suggest for extremely thick hair. My shihtzu has a double coat but nowhere near as thick as the pekinese mix.

  16. What a fabulous tip!  Thank you for sharing your skill, and caring for your clients.  That will be one thankful pup when you are finished 🙂

  17. I just have to say I read part of your response to Lesly Ortiz because I totally understand her feelings & comment on truly kind you are . THANK YOU ! You are very calming & I'll reread this if need be & thank you for spreading thoughtfulness on YouTube . So , I've subscribed to you Mr. Goodhearted Dog Groomer . ☺️

  18. My friends dog is some type of lucas terrier/Maltese i cant really tell the type of breed cause he has lost alot of hair "he does not have mange! Dont worry" but i think he has some type of skin infection cause the skin on his back is all black and its very sad to look at "he doesnt take care of his dog" he lets his dog run free,and his nails are horrible and his hair is orange and yellow when its suppose to be white. I told the owner that im going to give him a huge grooming day when it gets warmer out,and i have everything to do it. But should i just cut all of his hair short or should i do a style? Im more worried about giving him a bath though,trying to help the skin on his back grow back. You have any tips for me? Thank you

  19. Jun, what blades are you using? I used a #10 on Coco for the Face, went to a #15 for his matted beard. I took a different approach this time, Coco is terrified of the Clipper, Scissors & Nail Clippers, thanks to a groomer with no sense. I love my Boy, it's physically impossible for me to work on him for more than 15 minutes, today, I didn't try to hold him as firmly as in past past, I was gentle and talked softly while used the clipper on his face, he did very well, after the initial whine & trying to get away! Namaste, my Friend!

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