39 thoughts on “Grooming a Pet Yorkies Head

  1. Nice job! The shears (thinning?) that you were using to take the bulk out…..where they a hybrid? Is so could you provide a link to purchase? Thank you.

  2. My little Bella sees you with any grooming tools even hears the cap snap on the bottle of hydrogen peroxide she starts limping and crawling like she's wounded I think I'm being played

  3. Very helpful! But the real question is, how do I get my yorkie to allow me to do this without traumatizing her little self? I hope there’s also a video that’s as helpful on how to trim yorkie nails. My poor girl always acts like she thinks I’m trying to rip her nails out.

  4. My Yorkie is not that patient if I cut her hair sitting on the floor, but if I put her in a higher place she stays a little more quiet , and when I'm cutting the hair between her eyes she stays very still hahaha, and I do everything as fast (but not in a hurry) and safe as I can .
    Usually she goes to a professional every month, but between her eyes grow really fast and she doesn't like bows, clothes etc.

  5. Dog looks wonderful he/she looks like a toy. Don’t listen to the hater, they all think they know it all. BTW that’s some good pup. My dogs are pretty good except to cut their nails. Love that little tongue.

  6. What kinda scissors do you use? I cut my boy myself but in only use clippers so I can't make his face look quite as nice as someone with scissors does. What's a good brand to buy and where to get them? Great video!

  7. It's a good a properties of ear and
    he has the name Yorkie, I'm the best groomer I used my red scissors to groom my poodle
    so that will be go and get my red tools.

  8. Please come and do my Yorkie. Wear a suit of armour. Bring plenty sedation. We'll all need some. Your Yorkie is awesome. Mine is incredible.

  9. You are a blessed groomer I'm a young groomer working at a Petco with no veteran presence or experienced groomer to look to, so I always watch your videos for help and insight so thank you!!

  10. well behaved little dog, I hope he got a treat! Where can I find thinning and blending shears like you used? that seems to be the key. and I have had trouble doing all of that blending by the ears, you demonstrated that well. I have some work to do on my little girl

  11. That face!! Great work. I would love to hear you walk through the process while you're doing it so I can hear what you are trying to accomplish in each step. That said, this still found some good tips. I'm looking forward to implementing some of your steps.

  12. damn this person just did a badass yorkie head, help me out with a Shi Tzu (spelling lol) head, I'm down here grooming in El Paso.

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