Grooming a Nervous Westie (West Highland Terrier)

hi guys my name is June the video you're about to see today is not for everybody so if you're sensitive if you have a hard time watching the dog being corrected you know because they're aggressive and biting the human this video probably isn't for you but if you can get through it even though it looks bad or it looks like we're you know teasing the dog or doing unnecessary harm to it or anything get through it and you'll see how it ends but like I said it's not for everybody so if you're sensitive to those kind of things I'm probably not the right video for you hey guys this is Nala she it has been snapping and almost bit Allen my apprentice she snapped at my bay there Daniel she and I heard it it was like snapping turtle so I may get bit and we're going to show you exactly what how I would react to that because I think it's important to show people that dogs do buy it that's how they communicate that's how they tell you that they don't like what you're doing especially Terriers Terriers are born to fight bigger more threatening animals in them they go into the holes of badgers huge rodents things like vermin pretty much that's what they were bred to do is hunt them down go into their dens and hunt them down so these guys don't back down to a bigger more powerful animal and so a lot of times a groomer can present himself or herself as the bigger threatening animal and so then these guys rather than back down or submit what they do is they fight harder they fight to the death so what we don't want to do is make sure that she does not perceive me as a bigger threatening and whoa because she will fight to the death and that's just the trailer of a terrier but also what's the best with another good thing much Raider terriers on the flip side of that is that they were bred to serve us to work for us to do to please us to hunt down the rodents that are you know messing up the farmer's fields so they do like to please us they do like human affection but she just had some terrible experiences with other groomers I think because at no point in this grooming process was she ever comfortable with anything that we were doing look at this ah see that so you know what we're gonna do now is just go through and canopic the mass because when he was trying to pull out the mass she went and full-on attack so I told him you know just let her cool down a bit because with terriers you don't want to force the issue you just want to go on the chance to go down all right make sure you breathe breathing is very important like a lot of times be without even us knowing it we hold our breath and they feel this they feel this tension so you want to remind yourself to breathe slowly distributing friend very slowly and exhale she feels that when you wanted me to take a deep breath especially anything like well you know when they say that when you get really upset count to ten you know take a deep breath take ten days rest and it actually does calm you down and when that happens my on what my hand is always on her so she feels my energy and when I took a deep breath and relax myself she feels that which is why she's shaking like sure that's good Erica hey stop making me look bad haha okay now we're working on the head this is what makes her uncomfortable this is actually where she started attacking Allen so I've saved it till after I work the rest of the body so now she understands what the purpose of this brushing is for it's actually to get all these tangles out so it's not pulling on her skin and hurting her so much so hopefully she's got the message there we go see that little lip curl she wants to buy that's that no okay II see now I'm not being forceful and I don't want to challenge her because then she's gonna she's not they don't they'll back down to challenges you never want to challenge a terrier breed because especially Scotties oh my goodness I've been bit by Scotty's a few times and it's it really really hurts because they have such powerful jaws and they're so fast and you know when they correct you and that's what they're doing when they bite you they're correcting you they're telling they're telling you no don't do that and when dogs correct each other they're merciless so they're not thinking about how you feel or anything they're just wanting to get you to stop so don't ever challenge a terrier so working out the mats here on the side of the face where she usually bites but hopefully she won't bite me all right buddy the see that you hear that snapping and this may be why there's so many mats around her face because she just doesn't allow people to go off the mats and that biting action probably works for most people but not the guys here as perfect spot so she's learning now but even if she shows her teeth or snaps or bites not only do we not back up but we're not going to get frustrated or angry with her either we stayed calm we stayed assertive we assured her that this is not something bad this is just something we need to get done to actually help her stop it stop it No okay looks like she's going to bite the Clippers makes her nervous so you guys are in for a treat yeah okay good all right now she's upset because back here there are some mats right here that was going after she finished with felt uncomfortable so let's see if she bites right there you hear that you get a growling there's the vocal warning now I'm going to keep continuing like I don't even hear it I'm not going to respect her yeah I do it all show everybody how you can buy I'm just going to lift it up keep making her feel uncomfortable okay new tip when you have a dog that bites just put the camera on to start filming because when you start filming obviously they're not going to bite they're going to calm down and they're going to be perfect little pet so good grooming tip groomers always have a camera on all the hand so if you have a very aggressive dog that bites just go ahead and start filming it and they won't bite do it do it do it this isn't amazing she was such a savage before yeah crazy all right whatever I guess we'll just I guess we'll just show you guys the finished haircut because she liked it Oh bye or I guess when I see this we stopped filming so but okay good good there you go there you go now she wants to fly it she wants to jump off table I'm not letting her you're supposed to buy it right there all righty okay guys I'm gonna do the nails I sent Danielle to the back because she actually likes Daniel and so she may be behaving because Daniels here so I told it then don't get back you guys are it's like a name okay and we're going to do the nails and see if she buys all right nevermind relax stop it stop there we go we got a few bike out stop out out out stop it and there we go we got a few good bites see that that's very good well that mean that's not good but I'm glad you guys saw that ha stop stop it why I'm sorry keep filming because I'm gonna explain what happened what just happened she didn't like what I was doing she wanted me to stop right so she did she seem stop stop I don't like that stop what I'm saying to her but staying there is trust me this is this is we gotta get this done this is okay by me when she bites by me going ahh this action draws the bite more because this shows that you don't trust the dog now the dog does have a reason to trust you by me staying there let's the dog know that I trust her enough that even though she's biting me she's not gonna bite hard and clamp down I trust her so that helps her to trust me and know that even though this is making her feel uncomfortable she's telling me stop and I'm telling her no we're gonna we're gonna do this a little longer we have to get this done so that was nailed behind those probably that it is this is the finished grown that kind of looks a little shaggy but we'll brush that out there go all righty so a nice little Westie face circles around the head we've shaped up the skirt the legs got a nice little carrot tail here now and shaped up all the feathering zhan the legs there's a skirt on this side that looks like it's a little bit there we go all right now wait it's going to tight buddy there we go so Noah she is all done look let's show everybody your face show everybody you're pretty Westy face here you go perfect hey buddy see and now I can just touch her anywhere I need to because she trusts me now all right buddy she did such a great job today so other than the nails she really didn't throw much of a fuss about anything so I guess you know maybe she just needed the need to just get that get the temper tantrum out before the bath but after the massage bath um you know it looks like everything's okay all right now perfect there we go good girl all right well there's the finished groom we're gonna go ahead and put a bandanna on her and she is ready for mommy you did such a great job Nala thank you for not biting my hand off thank you so much for watching guys we'll see you next time you

25 thoughts on “Grooming a Nervous Westie (West Highland Terrier)

  1. OMG do NOT clip your WESTIE 🙁 You could irrevocably damage their protective coat which can lead to skin irritation and sensitivity. You would not want to live with the skin all over your body sensitive itchy and burning, so do not do this to your dog. If you don't have time for hand stripping buy a stripping tool and stripping comb. It makes the process a bit faster. Please always check that your groomer is going to strip the coat not clip. It might cost more but in the long run, it will be cheaper than buying medicated shampoos and skin treatments. This is just a big NO NO NO NO video sorry

  2. I just subbed to your channel. You're only the 2nd groomer I started watching. Someone recommended your channel in a post at another channel. I'm starting at the beginning and am going to work my way through all your videos. I like your countenance. I like that you're not loud, arrogant, or a "know-it-all". I don't have dogs in my life anymore, but I still appreciate watching these videos. I know you weren't deliberately egging the dog on to bite you out of meanness, and that you were just giving her a chance to let it out.

  3. I have just recently got a little westie girl called Missy. She is 14 weeks old and her previous owners were abusive towards her which has made her a scared, timid and cautious little lady! She is defo a nipper when things scare her (especially if men pick her up) and I react the same way as you. I just keep breathing big deep breaths, stay calm, she gets a firm telling NO but I stay calm and I can have her turned into a cuddly adorable little fur baby again in less than 30 seconds.
    She is going to a groomer soon and I really am not convinced they know how to effectively handle the Westie breed. I guess I will just have to wait and see.

    Is there any sort of whitening shampoo you can recommend for use on a Westie as I do know they are a breed with very sensitive skin?

    I think you handled the whole situation perfectly there by the way!! Hats off to you! You have the perfect job to match such a loving character. ??

  4. Yes I do have a Westie . Her name is Bella. Luckily my daughter trained to become a groomer. Bella gets scared and howls when I have to take her to someone else. Maybe I am too sensitive I lost 2 of my fur babies last year within 2 weeks of each other and my heart is still broken.

  5. My Westie (female as well) hates grooming. She's never bitten anyone,though, animal or human. She never barks or howls either. I can't afford a visit to a groomer anymore,so i'd like some tips on how to "convince" her to let me groom her (her fur is very very badly tangled).She's eight y.o.btw.Thank you in advance.

  6. I'm sorry, but for fucks sake… why dont you countercondition the dog not to be agressive or afraid of your utensils and methods of grooming????? Jesus… It's bad for you, you get bitten… It's bad for the dog who is anxious and can even get worse with time… And it can even damage your relationship with the dog..

  7. I'd say the dog senses you have a good personality that's why she's not being as aggressive with you compared to the other groomer

  8. Westies are not supposed to get stripped. They get clipped and then it's just an introduction at such a young age. What this man is doing is pulling this puppy hair out. Take the video off. This is abuse

  9. You've got a great disposition for your profession….seem to handle to the dog's fearful aggression in a disarming, almost humorous gentleness.

  10. We will be adding a new member to our family very soon. A westie. This is a bred that I know nothing about. However I have raised Labrador Retrievers for 27 years and while I do realize they are very very different breeds, the traing for both seems to be relatively the same. In my experience you must establish a pack leader position and trust. Which you did both. I absolutely love the way you handled this situation with Nala. Granted I can see where many people had a hard time because it looked as though you were antagonizing her. Everyone has their opinions and we can learn alot from them. It always stands to reason however, that when we are either trying to explain a car issue to the mechanic, or something to a vet, or how to handle a dog that bites, it never goes in a way we need it to . Lol.
    Keep up the good work. Patience, love, and kindness are always winners.
    I did notice that someone asked about your location, are you still in the Atlanta area? I am looking into good grooming solutions.

  11. this is exactly the same as a dog i groom. it takes forever and i have had to let him go to another groomer for more restraints that i do not have to cut his nails!

    i have tried to take him off the table and hold him on the floor on his back to take the mats off his stomach because i cant get him to let me access his stomach on the table.

    but when he is on his back on the floor i can get at the knots. that is probably a bad habit but i have tried everything that i can think of.

    i know for sure that if the owner is around things really escalate.

  12. I disliked the video not because of the way you handled her, purely because this is a really bad westie hair cut seriously. You may know how to handle nervous dogs

  13. She obviously doesn't want to hurt you, despite the 'nips' it was done under duress. I can tell she's a sweetheart.

  14. i've watched a few of your videos and you are just so calm and relaxing…. and it is very clear you're a great groomer and an animal lover as well. I dont understand some of the negative comments here. side note: my westie is a TOTAL whimp. no "fighting to the death" for mine. lol

  15. Snap on combs in revese on top of head only to cut back on hand scissoring head and, a short cut using 5'8 blade under the chin (wear gloves) leave cheeks to hand scissor cheeks (curved shear) shear stems away from neck. matching cheeks to that 5'8 long blade "shortcut" under chin, another shortcut is a ten blade at bridge of nose to help her see, no sheer stems near her eyes and, ten blade under the arm pits. My bitting westy gets these shortcuts.  Fuzz face up after w thinners if she lets you. That is a pet cut but I bet ya, no one else will thouch this dog so do it up.  You are the boss NO bites allowed! "NO STOP RELAX!" low voice authorative, correct her more Praise when dog is well do easy stuff first.  Gain her confidence. When you do her nails learn to pick paws up where you face away from her mouth you'll see the quick from underneith as a triangle so it's safer. Muzzle or cone w nails.

  16. the "cone of shame" or a muzzle….what the heck, go for it. No need to loose your fingers for your day tommorow.  Lost wages….not worth it.  And you'll feel more comfy so the groom will be more relaxed.  I've taken dogs from muzzle to not needing it later.

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