Grooming a Cocker Spaniels Head-Breed Standard Trim

I am certified pet professional English the only difference between you and your groomer is knowledge technique and tool it is absolutely my pleasure to share with you the secrets of the grooming industry so stay put as we get started on this journey together today hey guys I'm so glad to see you thank you for joining me live from the grooming table I'm scatterbrained I just literally threw everything together here quickly I was like I'm not in late I got to see my people so I want to thank you guys for joining me live from the grooming table I am Amy Lee certified professional pet groomer since 2003 and you know it is absolutely my pleasure to share with you the secrets of the grooming industry so that you can provide quality care for your pets at home that's what we do here thank you for joining us what are we doing here tonight hopefully everybody can hear me – nice tutorial is that in my opinion it's priceless I'm so happy to put this together for you guys I'm so happy to bring this to you tonight it is grooming a cocker spaniels head breed standard trim when we say breed standard breed standards that's determined we're talking proper pattern placement things like that such as ear set head assembly coat prep in this video we are gonna focus on the head assembly specifically on the cocker spaniel according to the breed standards we're gonna do that head the way it's supposed to be guys we're going to make it look good that's what we're gonna do tonight so stay put and also first off this is big I want to say it loud and proud I want to thank you guys for supporting this channel because by supporting this channel and by purchasing the tools and the products for your pets at home from the links in the descriptions of my videos we've raised over a hundred dollars already and Friday I went to the Humane League locally my Humane Society in Lebanon County we donated we did we donated $100 as well as a lot of the other products and tools that my subscribers have donated the ear cleaner we did so we gave some facial scrub raquel's combs that she donated she sent them to me we took all that and I also had a little chitchat with the really cool girl that works there she was awesome I'm glad she was the one working we had a really good good time talking and we connected really well I applied to be a volunteer there guys at the shelter off the shelter and I'm gonna offer my expert grooming you know that's where that's my skill I'm gonna offer that to the animals and the staff when it's needed and I'm hoping to start an additional place on this channel to share those stories with you guys because I think you will really enjoy it and you'll like to see bringing joy to these pets and comfort and cleaning them up and getting them ready to find their homes it's all part of it I met a couple really cool pets there when I was visiting on Friday I wasn't there long maybe an hour but I walked a couple dogs and I gotta go up a close and personal with a couple of them one's gonna be in the subscribers showdown so look for it see if you can pick him out it was really cute they are so appreciative there the staff is wonderful there are so appreciative of our donations and of all the donations that they get they strongly depend on this type of support to provide the quality care that's needed for these shelter animals that they're taking care of so they they want to be to share with you guys that you rock okay you rock you rock thank you guys I'm so happy okay so um what else are we doing and I okay toriel is pretty awesome can't wait to throw that down got a great subscribers show down plugged in there for you guys in the queue Kent White's pretty powerful hope you like it you have to stay put and see so before we get started with anything I want to say hello to you guys let me clear some of this stuff off my screen I had this smallest computer screen I needed a big one like a 60-inch computer screen cuz you know I can't see so I want to say hi to my people hello grooms by Nicole I'm so glad you're here Kimberly sees here girl you landed in the right spot I'm so glad you stayed up to see us we're talking cocker spaniels tonight Kimberly you know what I'm talking about Kimberly has one she's a beautiful English cocker so this applies to you Kimberly hi grace teeth thank you for joining me oh I love it taegons here that's our Denise I'm so happy you're gonna want to stick around for the subscribers showdown Tegan it's good Denise Mike is here hi Mike how you doin big guy good to see you thanks for joining us I'm so happy my mom's here hi mom you're gonna want to stick around her dogs in the demo tonight yes andis doing wonderful mom started feeding her all day and Andy is not a cockapoo we've determined that she's a cockapoo we'll talk about that later okay Tracy's here hi Tracy I miss you all you're always here for me I'm so glad you're here and my aunt Cindy's here hi aunt Cindy thanks for joining us I'm glad to have you glad to see you too Carolyn's here hi Carolyn thank you for joining us are you guys ready to jump into this demo now listen I'm gonna be paying attention to the chat when we're doing our demo and I'm gonna look for any questions so as we want us we're going through the demo and listen guys I know you don't all have a cocker spaniel it's okay this trim there is something you can take from everything trust me you may like the way I do the muzzle now this we're talking about an American cocker spaniel in this tutorial but India is a cockapoo I do leave a little bit of a muzzle on her because her muzzles too skinny and I need to plump it up like a cocker spaniels muzzle so I need to make it look more like a cocker so we leave hair that's what we groomers do it's art remember so pet tenshun because there's all kinds of things you can take from this demo guys on your shih tzus on your your mixed breeze on your Wheaten Terriers or whatever you have trust me you'll be able to take something from this and it's a good one so without further ado we're gonna jump into it and if you have questions throw them in the chat guys I'm gonna be paying attention and I'm gonna try to you know answer those questions when we get back here okay hi Patti thanks for coming our favorite groomers here I'm so glad you were able to jump in good to see you Patti stay put all right guys are you ready what do you say let's roll it let's do this guys today I'm gonna teach you everything I know about trimming the head on an American cocker spaniel to standard when we are trimming any breed it's very important to understand the profile of that breed let me explain to you the importance of the ear set on American cocker spaniel keep in mind the ear is where it is but as a groomer we set the ear through grooming on this breed to where we want it to appear to be take a look at this picture and notice that right at the corner of this dog's eye should equal the fold on this dog's ear and that is going to be our marker for how much we are going to shave that ear with a 10 blade the purpose of this is to give the illusion that this dog's ear set is lower than what it really is in order to frame the face now let's talk about the length of the ear is there proper length to a cocker spaniels ear absolutely in this picture the length is incorrect now the length is correct it is right to the shoulder blade proper length to the ear gives the dog balance and symmetry this is very important so let's take a look at that again here is improper length you can see it makes the dog look shorter it also makes the dog's head look smaller can you see that guys now let's put that dog's ear link right where it should be and see if you guys notice how much more balanced and symmetric the dog looks it really makes the dog look balanced the tops call are an American cocker spaniel is very prominent we need to create a dome shape picture a dome on top of a beautiful building we're never going to shave the top of a beautiful cocker spaniels head we're gonna accentuate that beauty and structure of this breed I'm gonna show you how right now guys let's get started this is Indy she's a cockapoo however guys she is structured just like a cocker spaniel as well as her coat type so she's all prepped I've washed her bathed her brushed her even thinner code out a little bit with the coat King she's ready to go now remember in this demo we're focusing on grooming the head of a cocker spaniel today we're gonna come straight up the neck with a seven blade in Reverse right to the base of the skull that's the occiput what we're doing is creating the beginnings of that dome shape on the top of her head continue this with a7 and reverse of both sides of her neck right to the base of the ear and the back of the skull now find a breast bone on your cocker spaniel and just above the breast bone we come straight up with a7 and reverse all the way to the base of the jaw don't forget to hold those ears out of the way guys same thing on both sides of the neck we are creating that head assembly on our American cocker spaniel guys now still using the seven blade in Reverse we're gonna pull that ear towards her face and get it nice and taut clean that up back there now one variation that you will see me doing today on this trim because Indy is a cockapoo I'm going to leave a little hair on her muzzle but as far as this ear is concerned we are going to find where the ear connects to the head we are going to be taking off with a7 and reverse all this hair up the back of her skull and creating our dome shape stay put because in a minute we are going to be so still using a seven in reverse we're creating that top circle that top dome on her head see how we're creating that shape guys and this hair that we're leaving we're gonna do something with that later so stick around now still with our seven blade reverse we're gonna come right up under the jawline of her if she was an American cocker spaniel will you be taking this all short with a ten blade but we're gonna take this clean right in there and her cheek I'm leaving a little bit of hair on Indy because she doesn't quite have the muzzle of a cocker spaniel now let's step that ear find where the ear folds back where the ear starts to fold back and it should be kind of level with the corner of her eye with a ten blade and reverse we're gonna clean that off be very careful when you're coming anywhere near the edge of a dog's ear an American cocker spaniel has a very thick ear leather so if we're careful we can do this but no other breeds you would definitely just use a scissor for this area now with that part of the ear cleaned off with a ten blade we are going to go from where the ear folds all the way back to the base it will be on an angle from the ear fold to the base of the ear where it connects to the head we're setting the ear guys we're making it appear to be set where we want it we're gonna clean this off real nice with a ten blade I want to remind you guys I will be releasing the rest of this groom right now we're focusing on the head because the head has so much detail in ball and I really want you guys to understand it stay tuned for the rest of this grim it'll be coming in the next week or so if you haven't subscribed to my channel yet go ahead and do that now don't forget to ring the bell for notifications because that will let you know when I release a new upload I don't want you guys to miss anything so do you see the angle that we created guys from the fold of that ear to the base of the ear now we're gonna flip it over and we're going to clean up this same thing on the opposite side on the inside of her ear with a ten blade see how sharp that ear set is becoming we're going straight up into the skull right up to the occiput creating that dome now to show you a little cheat we're gonna grab a number one wall snap-on comb which is a half of an inch we're gonna pop it on top of the ten blade we're gonna come from the base of the skull forward just like this up the sides we are setting the length for that dome that we left so we can accentuate the Cocker Spaniel head now if Indy was a cocker spaniel from the corner of her eye to the base of her ear that would be shaved with a ten blade still using our wall snap-on comb I'm going to set the link on her muzzle you could also do this with a ten blade now pulling that look back this is very important we're going to even out the link there at her flue cockers have a very tight flue so we don't want to see a difference in length on the dog pants still with that wall snap on cone we're gonna set the length on her muzzle coming down the side of her muzzle her cheek this would all be done with a ten blade on a cocker spaniel a dragging motion if you're using a ten blade like you're dragging the blade across her muzzle we're gonna come over here and we're gonna set this other ear just like we did the first year identically the same we're gonna take the throat area nice and tight with a ten blade and reverse gently we're doing a u-shape from the base of one ear to above the Adam's apple to the base of the other ear now with a ten blade we are just going to clean out in front of the eye right at the corner of the eye and we're going to make kind of an inverted V shape right there at the stop of this dog now with an eight and a half inch straight shear and my favorite kaanchi thinning shear we are going to clean up everything on this head and set the whole head with our finishing work using our straight shears to clean up the edges of the ears behind the ears to set the lines for our dome and her brow we are using our straight shears just to shape in and bulk off the hair into this dome shape on top of her head now because we left a little hair here on Andy's muzzle we need to shape it in we need to make a u-shape from kind of the tip of her nose to up to the base of the ear and we're gonna take a look at the other side and do the exact same thing guys a nice u-shape see how we're doing this the shapes are what set the whole groom now it's time for our thinning shears we're gonna thin out their under her eye we're going to blend the Clipper work that we did at her eye into the muzzle now keep in mind if we shaved her with a ten blade like we would a cocker we wouldn't be doing this step you can apply this grooming technique this head to many other mixed breeds too guys now still using our kimchee thinning shears we're going to tie together our Clipper work as well as the length that we're leaving on that dome shape on the top of her head we're just blending it together cleaning out the stop area with our thinning shears just blending it all together there's our inverted V between the eyes at the stop this is going to keep her eyes nice and clean plus her eyes are gonna pop when she looks at us I'm just continuing to use my thinning shears to blend everything together and remember on an American cocker spaniel we would have cleaned that muzzle off with a ten so we wouldn't be doing all this scissor work here on her muzzle area but we can use this trim on many mixed breeds now I want you to notice how I've rolled her ear over my finger this allows any hair between the Clipper work and the length that I'm leaving to pop out so I can thin it off now carefully I pulled her lip back and I'm just thinning this area out so it doesn't get dirty from eating or collect things it tidies everything up real nice it looks very natural you can skip that if you're not comfortable standing along the edge of that ear very carefully it just makes everything nice and tidy see how I rolled her ear over my finger I can tidy up anything that's going to stick out from the Clipper work to the length of her ear still using my thinning shears on just tidying things up just blending everything together make it look nice and natural I would really like to encourage you guys to get very comfortable with thinning shears it will really make your grooms stand out above the rest I'll link some of my favorite straight chairs and thinning shears in the description of this video if you guys want to go check them out good shears really make a difference and Andy's all finished so what do you think guys leave me a comment don't forget you got to stay tuned for the remainder of this groom I'm going to upload it in a separate upload for you guys so this gets a little long I want you to be able to understand what we're doing but not have too much thrown out yet once here's your sneak peak to that full groom guys this is complete groom this is what we're gonna be seeing here in a week or so on my channel so stay put I'm gonna give you a complete instruction on prepping the coat before we even start grooming it we're gonna trim all the feet we're gonna trim the legs we're gonna set the pattern we're gonna do it all so you're gonna want to stay tuned for that guys I don't want you to miss it all right well that was all right I've changed my screen up a little bit here I hope that really helped guys you know I get a lot of questions and a lot of emails and I try listen to you guys this is why it's so important that you email me and you tell me what it is that you're struggling with or what you want to know or just what you want to see maybe you don't want to know how to do it you might just want to say it I'm cool with that I love sharing grooming is wonderful if I wasn't a groomer I probably would enjoy just watching it so this I think covered the head really good and I only wanted to focus on the head because I really wanted you guys to understand these details in the head is what we see when we look at the dog but trust me I do not fall short on any details when it comes to grooming breed standards they're all I'm gonna give them all to you but we're talking about the head today so you know the ear set we're gonna go a little bit deeper into that today here in a second because I do want to drive it home for you guys I want to explain to you I know the demos move fast and I want to explain to you what I mean specifically so that you understand because it makes a big difference and also what I want to do is say hello to Joseph hi Joseph I'll say hello to Bridget hey girlfriend I don't want to say to my you're absolutely welcome I am so glad that you get value from my demos and from watching my channel then thank you for being here and watching and thank you all thank you all for being here and watching let me just rephrase that so Kimberly Kimberly has an American cocker and I see she says love the ears thank you so much I hope that helped honey we're gonna talk just a little bit more about the ears here in a second so we're we're just gonna drive that home a little bit more Nicole said great angles almost legs oh you like that honey you're gonna have to watch it I'm gonna I still haven't edited Andy's full groom she has so much work so that's what I'm gonna be doing next week I want to tell you guys sadly we're not gonna be live-streaming next Monday I'm gonna be leaving for Tennessee with my family for vacation to Gatlinburg I don't know if anybody's ever been there throw it in the chat if you have I've never been there so I'm so excited we're going to get Limburg from Saturday to Saturday so my husband asked me last night he said are you going to livestream on Monday and I said I don't think I can honey because I can't guarantee that I I wanted to be able to let you guys know if I couldn't and I think it's safe to say that I should not try to do that because I don't want to just livestream something that really is of no relevance so we're just gonna skip it but what you can count on is Monday I will upload the full groom on nd okay guys and I'll show you how I prepped her coat which is very important and I'll show you how I set the pattern in my lines and how I turned her feet and you know how I tried to create a balanced and symmetric group on what looks like a cocker spaniel which she's a cockapoo doesn't she look like a cocker spaniel guys that's my mom's dog my mom's in the chat she's Joann we all know nd that's her dog Oh Nicole says I love Gatton him Gatlinburg I can't wait yeah yeah thank you I can't wait that you guys are excited to see the full demo I'm excited to do it too so I hope that the head demo was very informative I just wanted to pull that out and and focus on that right now because there's so much detail in that head of a spaniel and I didn't want to say and here's how we do the head and here's how we do the pattern and the body and the breastbone and the tuck up and here return the feet would do their bevels and we're good I didn't think that that would be very much of a learning experience to throw the whole thing out there so I decided to break it apart okay I know I did that for you guys cuz I love you that's the only reason why otherwise I was just thrown it all out there I want you to get the most out of it this husband of yours sounds like a very smart man yes he says that's my hubby he says you know you're gonna be busy we can't do it he's right we have to work we're going on vacation and I need to set aside the live stream so that I don't just rush you guys through anything and I don't take away from the vacation everybody's wanting to do stuff and I'm like oh I'll go to go live stream so whatever will be alright guys you know there's many more to come typically we do this every Monday at 5:30 it's rare that we skip whether it's holidays or vacations that's pretty much the reason why we would skip other than that you can count on 5:30 Eastern Eastern Standard Time here on this channel go groomer we'll be live-streaming and we'll be talking all about grooming and our dogs and how to add value to their lives so guys let me just look here yeah she's pretty oh it's somebody you guys are showing the love Andy's Andy is a beautiful kakapo I know but she looks like such a cocker spaniel doesn't she I'm so glad I like her look and I love her coat she has a beautiful black silky coat so I wanted to throw this up here guys okay we talked a little bit about ears let's talk about that again to talk about the ear set okay I threw this in the demo but but I wanted to come back and talk to you about it just so you understood what I was trying to say so you see where I kind of created that line from the corner of her eye which is right where the ear folds around their ear when it hangs off the top of their head it folds right and that's pretty much the part that we want to expose now what you see here in the line where it says this is incorrect I do want to point out it's not really incorrect if your dog doesn't have proper breed standards as far as their head and their structure you would bring that your set down a little further and when I say ear set that's how far you're clipping that's the Clipper work on the ear the rest is long and we just scissor the edge and scissor off any Frenchie's and and make it look nice and sleek but we're trying to create the illusion that this dog's ear set is right at the corner of its eye because if you take a look at where the ear is connected to the top of that to its head you can see that we have cleaned that off real short here to accentuate that it really isn't there we're trying to give the illusion that that ear that fullness it starts right there about the corner of the eye now if your dog has you know any imperfections with which all dogs do then you could go ahead and bring that ear set a little lower that's okay so I wanted to clear that up for you guys and now I want to show you we talked about this I think this was important did you guys really get it what I was saying I was saying okay now here is this is a beautiful cocker spaniel absolutely beautiful now in my opinion I'm looking at this and knowing what I know about the standards for the breed these ears are too short and I explain that they're definitely too short and they make the dog look like taller and unbalanced as well as it makes the head look smaller don't you guys think that's why I wanted to show you this so then in Photoshop I added some more hair boy here we go I added the length that I wanted to see that would create balance and symmetry to this cocker spaniel so from the top of the head from the dome to where the bottom of the ear is should come right to about the top of the shoulder if the dogs structure doesn't support that meaning they weren't built that way then fake it let the hair grow you're trying to create about half of the length of this dog its head in ears and from the bottom of the ears to the foot where the foot is the floor is about the same distance it just creates balance and symmetry so again see that it just it you could tell the big difference it makes such a big difference so there is the shorter ear in my opinion is way too short and when we make it a little longer to the top of the ear or right sitting above sitting on top of the shoulder blade there I just think that's it that's the look that's what it should be so I wanted to share that with you guys so did I miss anything that kind of corrective grooming this is from Nicole is what will set you apart as a groomer absolutely Nicole and that's why I'm sharing these secrets and I'm so glad that you appreciate them and Nicole is a groomer too so she understands the importance of this we can always take the easy route even if you're grooming your dog and home you're not a professional groomer you can just shave that air off and trim around the edges and call it good but if you want your dog to look amazing these simple little things are just secrets it's not impossible to achieve it's just secrets and we're sharing them so do it guys you won't be able to walk your dog because everybody will be stopping you saying let me look at your dog it's beautiful because they deserve to be beautiful and they are beautiful but these are tricks Chloe jumped in hi Chloe that's my she's my intern Chloe's my sidekick right hand left hand whatever you want to call her thank you for joining us Chloe I'm so glad you're here she says Wow big difference Nicole says I've learned in class with Irina to clip the top of the ears into this into a soft V you and there's several several different ways that you will see even in a show ring and in competition grooming that the ears are trimmed that the year set I like I really like the way I showed you guys with that angle where is that and throw it up there swing talk real quick from the fold of the ear angled back to where the back of the ear attaches to the base of the skull that on an angle is what I like to do there are many other options you can do a v-shape meaning you come into a V from the corner of the front of the ear in the corner of the back of the ear you come into a v-shape because what that does is when you're looking at the dog from the side it creates a nice little diamond shape pointing down to that beautiful ear it looks nice too and some people go straight across which I don't recommend they go straight across from where the ear folds from the bottom of the fold they go straight across and that's okay too but let me tell you if you angle that from where the ear folds angled back to the base of that ear where it connects to the skull it's sharp as a tack you're gonna love it that's my favorite but see we all have our opinions I could have my favorites I'm only gonna share with you my favorites just kidding I'll tell you all the other stuff too okay what else we got my mom says I'm so lucky to have such a great groomer well mom I'm so glad that you have a beautiful dog that I can groom she's a lot of fun can't wait to see the full video yet you guys are gonna have to stay put it's gonna be wonderful so if you have questions about the Cocker head throw them in now because we're probably gonna cut out of here soon no we're not we're getting we got subscribers show down to throw down did you think I wasn't gonna show you that and I also wanted to thank you guys one more time for purchasing the tools and products that you've been purchasing for your pets at home to take good care in them at home from the links provided in the video descriptions of my video descriptions we're donating a lot of that money now we donated moat the majority of it thus far but as this channel grows hopefully that you know those funds are gonna grow too as well as our t-shirts that we're gonna have for sale if anybody wants to support go groomer I'm also gonna have t-shirts that support shelters which means the majority almost all of the money from the t-shirt sell that I would make is gonna go towards that fund which is gonna be our Sully's hero fund it's coming it's coming telling you guys okay thank you thank you guys we're making a difference you rock we're better together aren't we heck yeah we are that's I'm there for you guys don't forget it Nicole says she said that's something that competition judges look for so that's how I've been doing it I'm definitely going to try your way they like that and I've seen it like I have Jodie Murphy's videos especially her cocker spaniels and we know that Jodie Murphy is an amazing groomer especially when it comes to Cocker she's raised him she's bred him she's competed with him she's on groom team USA or was she's amazing but when I went and spent a day in Sara Hawks is shot and i groomed a cocker spaniel there she showed me that trick she saw me show you this trick on the ear and I was like what cuz I did just what you did Nicole that's what I see that's what I did from watching all the videos from Jodie Murphy but when Sara Hawks showed me that trick with going from the fold to diagonally back to the year set in the back it was sharp and she's a show breeder a show groomer competition groomer and everything so and I was like well okay so you know and and judges are judges they're gonna they're gonna think things are gonna resonate with them because of their preference however you may wanna by doing something like that you know they may say oh what she took a stab at doing a different earring that looks really awesome you know so you never know um what else okay I told you about vacation I won't see you guys on Monday but what I can do for you right now and make up for that is throw down the subscribers show down so that's what I'm gonna do for you right now guys here we go subscribe a showdown for you [Applause] that little max that little dog that was hopping along that's one of the dogs that Michelle and I walked at the shelter he had so much energy that dog could jump this high off the ground and we just said can we take him out and we walked him and then we they had this beautiful large fenced-in area I mean I had to be at least an acre tall fence I was so impressed I didn't think you had one because way back in the back 40 I'm so happy that they had they had chairs out there people to sit and hang out and get to know the dogs it was wonderful and we walked that little guy and all he did was sniff around and pee on everything cuz he wasn't neutered we couldn't get him to play bunny I got him to run to me I'm trying to take a video so I could share it with you guys but also I did fill out the application so that hopefully I can groom some dogs for them in need because I know they have a lot of you know they don't have a groomer on staff and their skill levels novice they probably haven't experienced a lot of terrible grooms to approach and you know if most of your grooms are like expert level madness that's horrible you know for a novice groomer to have to try to approach they don't know so and I know you know I work so it isn't like I can go whenever they call but if they can work with me on timeframes and say look just hold off till you know two days from now I have a afternoon free or whatever I'll be there I'll do it just let me do it you know I will get these dogs in good shape you know so that they feel better and that their future owners will say oh my goodness there was a dog under there heck yeah so they were so grateful guys and I'm so grateful for you to I'm so grateful for the money that you've raised by clicking on the links and buying the products to take care of your pets at home so I really encourage you guys to do that because we're gonna do good things with that money also the demo today if you're interested in the tools that I use all linked in the description of this video the kimchi shears the kimchi straights my favorite clipper which is a wall k10 I love that one the km 10 on the wall snap-on combs the whole set they are just such an asset to have especially for the home groomer because it jet definitely eliminates a lot of scissor work you will not have to do that with the snap-on combs just minimal scissor work so I think yeah I linked all that stuff in there if guys are interested and the right tools their links here and don't forget that by purchasing them from the links your supporting this channel and this this channel is supporting shelters happy for you guys I couldn't do it without you could not okay so uh we had some Denise had some beautiful dogs in there tonight we had Lisa's beautiful Bernice Mountain Dog she has two dogs and two cats so I threw that one in there I loved it but all of the dogs guys they're wonderful please send me pictures or small footage clips maybe 10-15 second clips of your dogs playing or doing something silly you know we love to see it yeah it makes our day this is why we get together here on Monday nights we're trying to lift each other up we can't do that without dogs so keep sending my email is in the description of every video including this one so send me footage pictures anything you want I will throw it together in a subscribers showdown and share it with all of us here on our YouTube community as we are growing because we are growing and we're better together and we're almost really getting close to that 1000 subscriber party that we're gonna have we're gonna give away Ally billingham original drawing for somebody's pet whoever wins we're gonna give away some paracord leashes some paracord lanyards so t-shirts probably gonna say go groomer on them I would imagine yes this day puts we're also gonna get that merch ready on our site here it should eventually be linked in the description of every video that's my hope so I I have to put together a Shopify store I'm working on that in order to bring it to you guys but I do have a store on printful I don't know if you can find me there cuz I think I have to have a Shopify account so I'm working on that if you go to print you might be able to find go groomers store if you do I got merch and I have a very small markup on it so hit it up Tegan that's Denise I love this show down funny that you included waffles eating the dandelion yes she sent me that it was so cute and I hope that Tegan taking us her dog is doing well she sent me an email real quick Higgins having some problems with her eyes she's actually gonna have a surgery she's her eyelashes are scratching her eyes and causing irritation great show down Thank You Kimberly thank you thank you all for joining yeah but waffles was sniffing up dandelion I thought I just couldn't that was so perfect at springtime I couldn't leave that out that was just absolutely wonderful so I don't see any more questions but I think I will throw down by the way surgeries tomorrow was just luck guys you hear that little Tegan her little Shih Tzu who was in the show down you'll see her cuz I'm gonna throw it down again she's in the picture with salad that's her other dog salad is so adorable and dragon and Teddy it almost looks like Teddy's running for president doesn't it the stars coming down and Teddy Roosevelt it was so cool so cute but Tegan is having surgery for her eyes so Denise feel free if you get a moment to send me an email because I will be thinking about her and let me know how things went I'm sure it's gonna be fine I know it will be but just you know we worry a little bit mmm-hmm she'll be okay so everybody send some some love fatigue and having surgery on her eyes tomorrow all right guys I want to throw that subscribers show down for you one more time hey pick check out the max guy that's the that's the little half groomed sheltered dog that I got to hang out with Friday who's so cool oh there you go good luck that's right let's send some love and I will not see you guys next Monday but I'll be thinking about you don't forget you can email me with any questions or pictures I will definitely get stuff together for you guys that'll make you smile and hopefully we'll keep this train rolling with our learning we're doing some fantastic things I'm so proud of us I'm so proud of you guys for tuning in and applying these techniques to your pets at home and saying yeah look I can't do it if you missed the tutorial last week that was a good one I uploaded the video separately that how to trim your dog's nails I think it's linked and one of the cards in this video but that was good if you struggled with that I was very happy with that tutorial I think that it should be helpful to you guys and I know it's something everybody struggles with so for now I love you very much I want to thank you for supporting this channel and being a part of go groomer because without you it is nothing and we're better together don't forget that that goes for anything in life we're always better together so I throw that subscribers show down for you one more time and I hope you guys have a fabulous two weeks because I won't see it for two weeks I'll see you in two Monday's from now and here's your showdown guys thank you for tuning in I'm so glad to see you love you [Applause] you

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