Grooming 101: Animal Care Center June Training

all right welcome everybody so my name is dr. Lindsay I'm one of the veterinarians for the animal care center welcome to the you care series so the you care series is our monthly client education seminar we host it for different topics each month and talk about everything from grooming your pet to you know outdoor activities with your dog to common medical conditions and all sorts of fun things so today is really really exciting we're gonna be chatting about grooming I'm just a few housekeeping things before we get started so there's plenty of food in the back please feel free to get refills and things whenever you need them and then also snout snacks is here they have a table out out in the front so when we're wrapping up for the day if you guys need some treats and things they are wonderful and your dog will very much appreciate you so I am so excited today to introduce Taylor so Taylor is our salon manager at the Animal Care Center she has been grooming dogs for over four years and she trained at the Animal Care Center as a groomer and she's going to be going over grooming 101 how to help your pet put their best foot forward what I kind of want to go over with you guys today is things that you can do at home to maintain your pets in between professional grooms and then also what kind of happens when you bring your pet to the groomer and what what happens at the salon while they're being grouped so to get started so why does my not my dog need to be groomed and so first thing keeping their coat clean and healthy and you want to make sure that your dog is clean if they're not clean obviously they're dragging dirt into your house and they're getting messy um it also helps keep their skin really clean and unhealthy as well so keeping their skin and coat clean makes sure that their coat is healthy and shiny it's not going to be brittle and breaking all the time and it maintains their skin as well so they're not having as many skin problems irritation and things like that so maintaining their physical health a lot of people don't necessarily think that physical health is an important part of grooming but it is when you um you need you don't trim your dog's nails as often as they need to sometimes they can grow out and be really long they can even curl around and sometimes I've seen cases where dog's nails become so long that they'll curl underneath and start piercing into their pads which is extremely painful so you definitely want to make sure that your they're maintaining their nail length and those are extreme cases even if they're not that long if they're long enough that it kind of curls your dog's toes and it kind of disrupts their foot structure as well you can start getting posture problems just from their nails being left longer too so you want to make sure that that those nails are staying really trimmed in and nice so it's also a good time to bond with your pet as well so grooming at home should be a relaxing experience it should be nice I'm so if you're if you've got a dog whose coat is maintained really well and they go in for grooming regularly it's really nice to sit at home with your dog you can pop on a Netflix show get them on the couch cuddle in Lithia you take your brush in your comb and you kind of just you know maintain their coat it might be a little more difficult if you are starting to see some tangles and some mats and we'll talk a little bit about that later but just maintaining your dog's coat is a really good time to have that one-on-one time with you and your pet and it gives them a lot of attention if you're sitting there with them you can be giving them treats just loving on them making it a really positive experience for them and a nice relaxing time for you as well just to sit and and spend time one-on-one with your pet so and helping them to always look and feel their best I always feel after dogs come in for grooming they just leave with a better attitude and you can tell when they're walking out the door they just they know they look good and I feel like that's a big part of their mental health as well if if they're feeling good they look good they know they look good if you're taking them out on a walk strutting their stuff it also helps them socialize as if you are out on a walk if you're out at a party or if you're you know just taking your dog to the store it is more approachable for people to come up and say hi to your dog if they are well maintained and they're looking their best people definitely want to come up and say hi to the cute clean little pets so brushing brushing is definitely the number one thing that I will talk about and that we I would love for everyone to do at home it would be amazing and so the most important thing about brushing is keeping mats out of your dog mats are extremely painful and that's something that I feel sometimes people don't realize is when a when a tangle starts it might be small at first but those tangles do form into bigger Maps the hair around them just keeps getting tangled into those tiny little tiny little maps at first but they do grow bigger very quickly and so maintaining that and making sure you don't have those small tangles is really important mats will pull together around an area and it pulls from the skin into the mat as well and so all of the hair surrounding that Matt that's tangled in anywhere in that area that it's attached to their skin if it's any any movement areas like if they have a mat in their armpit it could be connected from their arm to their side just by the hair so anytime they're walking anytime they're moving that arm it's pulling on all of that skin and causing a lot of irritation so Matt's not only or they're not good to look at but they're also very painful so if we can keep mats and tangles out of our pets art would be amazing cuz it is very painful for them brushing also helps stimulate the oil-producing glands that dogs have in their skin just like we release oil into our hair dogs do the same thing and so as you're brushing and combing your pets its massaging their skin and it's getting that skin and the blood flow blood flow going and stimulating that oil and as you're brushing as well you're making sure that the the oil is spreading throughout their whole coat and are getting a nice even and shine on on their coat and it helps strengthen their coat so that it doesn't become brittle and the oil also helps it acts as a natural kind of coating on their coat as well so dirt and debris don't tend to stick quite as often so even just brushing your dog and getting those natural oils flowing can help keep your dog cleaner as well even without bathing them so it helps control shedding so a big thing for drop coated breeds and heavy coated breeds is they shed a lot and there's a lot of hair all the time but if you're regularly brushing your dog you have more control over that hair and you have more control over where it's going it's not gonna be as big of a mess another positive seeing with that as well um it helps cool your dog down just because if they're hanging on to all that undercoat if they're clinging to all of that hair that just hasn't come out on its own all that dead skin in there as well it it it's still an insulator so they're they're keeping that coat when they should be dropping it and so brushing through that helps cool them down even like especially in the summertime it's getting warmer you want to make sure you're brushing your heavy coated dogs your double coated dogs just to make sure that they're not overheating in the summer as well another benefit is it will keep your home a lot cleaner like I said if you're brushing your dog you're shedding dogs you have more control over the hair and so it's not gonna be all over your house there still will be some hair cuz brushing doesn't completely make shredding go away but it will definitely help it and especially if you know you're loving on your pay go up to say hi and he jumps up on you and you look down and you're just completely covered in hair everywhere I know that's happened to me but brushing definitely helps with that as well there will definitely be less coat coming off your pets and it's easier to maintain cleanliness in your home as well so this is somewhat of an extreme example I groomed this little guy a little bit ago about a month ago he had just been adopted by a new family and so they brought him straight in for a groom to get him all cleaned up so you can see um I was able to kind of peel off and clip her off his entire coat in one piece that's how bad the matting was so obviously his coat wasn't being regularly maintained by brushing and so that being said that whole piece of that dog's coat everything on his whole body was connected by hair so anytime he turned his head anytime he was walking anywhere all of that hair is just pulling on his skin and if you can imagine you've been just like pulling a little bit like on your hair like how much it hurts or if you're brushing through it and there's a snag or a tangle like it it does hurt those tiny spots and so that's what was happening to him all over his body and it just it's it's sad when you get cases like these but it also makes me feel so much better when we can see the end result and see how happy is you can see his tails blurred because he was wagging it so fast it couldn't get a good picture but he was so happy afterwards but this is wonder he's it's very very important to make sure that we're maintaining coats and making sure that that nobody is getting matted to this point this point especially – there's no way that we could really do Maps or detangle this dog they just had to come off and we had to get a fresh start and I'm sure he really appreciated it so things that you can do for your dog at home so bathing them I would recommend bathing them every two weeks you don't have to do it that often if your dog doesn't get that dirty or if he's not that hairy I just wouldn't recommend doing it more than two weeks the oil we talked about in their coats needs to be replenished so if your bathing them super often they're not being able to replenish the oil in their coats and maintain their coats themselves if you do use a conditioner it does help with that so the conditioner will help get some of that oil back in but I would probably stick to about every two weeks if you if you want to maintain a schedule I'm and then pay special care to dirtier areas is probably obvious but cleaning up their bum their feet what that's what touches the ground getting their eyes their mouths those dogs that have you no longer beards and they they get a lot of food stuck in their face it's really nice to to make sure that you're you're scrubbing those areas really well I would also recommend taking a comb or a brush with you when you go and bathe your dog if you comb out their beards that gets all the little crumbs out while there's while it's wet and while they're shampoo in there so it's a lot easier to clean their face while there's shampoo on it I also recommend making sure that you get all of their little I GU pees I know lots of little dogs lots of long coated breeds they get that tear staining underneath their eyes and they get those eye boogers that kind of build up and get crusty and I would definitely be be watching for that even when they're not in the tub I like to see it as I mean I wouldn't let a little toddler running around with a snot-nosed face all the time so if you see your puppy running around and he's got little eye boogers I recommend just picking those off it's a lot easier to to get them right when they're there before they start crusting up and building up because they can get really bad sometimes we have some cases where dogs come in for grooming and and we tried to get their little Krusty's and their eye boogers and we can get them off but it does leave little red spots underneath because the skin is a little sore because the the crusties have been on there for so long but it's kind of connected with the skin so does if you ever see your little pup running around and they've got a little boogie it's always good to just wipe it off before it gets to that point so sensitive in facial shampoos if your dog does have sensitive skin I would maybe bathe them a little bit less then two times sorry then every two weeks if they if you notice that you use like a commercial shampoo and they maybe like get bumps or some sort of hives or their skins kind of red I would definitely look at the pet store and make sure you're buying a shampoo that says for sensitive skin if they have any facial shampoos as well those are usually more sensitive and so you could use those over your whole dog too if you're finding that your dog does have a problem with some of those strong smelling shampoos all right and then making sure their drive all the way down to their skin this is really important especially it's it's not gonna be as hard for people who have like shih tzus and schnauzers like those guys are fairly easy to dry all the way through after you're bathing them at home but the biggest part is gonna be making sure that your double coated and your heavy coated breeds are dried all the way through this does help a lot with shedding as well so when you're drying your dog you can also brush them at the same time just to try and get that flow going through their hair as you're drying you can brush the hair out it's also extremely important for their skin health as well if you're bathing your dog a lot and you're not getting them dry completely all the way down to their skin it can start causing skin irritation and skin problems you can start seeing more dander and dandruff on your dog if you're not drying them all the way some cases as well when you have those heavy coated dogs they they just trap that moisture in their undercoat so making sure that you get all the way down to the skin is very important in extreme cases keep saying this but in extreme cases I have heard of dogs actually growing mold in their coat and on their skin just because if you're bathing them often enough that they're their hair does stay wet it can be a breeding ground for bacteria so making sure that they're dry is the very important thing as well and then brushing brushing brushing like I said before this is the most important thing you can do at home after your baby ur dogs as well if you leave the hair a little bit damp it tends to cling to itself as well so making sure they're dry is number one and then making sure you brush through their coat afterwards as well is extremely important after you dry you notice sometimes on on shih tzus they have the long ears in the long tail it's hard to dry them completely without actually tangling the fur in the process so you want to be able to brush through their coat all the way afterwards obviously if you have a dog that gets a shorter haircut it's not gonna be as big of an issue or if you have your short coated breeds but anything else that has the longer hair definitely needs to be brushed through for sure all of their coats the shorter breeds actually would benefit a lot as well we have the rubber kind of brushes that we use on the short coated breeds so after bathing them too and even while they're in the tub this is a really good brush to have for your smooth and short coated breeds it'll help scrub up the shampoo and it also gets a lot of hair out after they're dry as well so how often should you have your dog professionally groomed it depends on the breed and it depends on the coat type obviously so our short-haired dogs they're gonna be about eight to ten weeks and this is mainly um if you like your dog's cleaner than that then by all means bring them in more often for baths and things but this is gonna be more for making sure their nails are maintained very well and making sure that their anal glands are getting expressed when they need to be more for the the physical health of the dog the shorter haired dogs don't really need haircuts they don't really need fancy trims they don't need the foofy shampoos some of these guys may be like your labs or your German Shepherds that have a little bit of a shorter coat would benefit from coming in and getting a good descending treatment especially during the summertime but these guys aren't gonna need to come in super often so your drop coded and your curly coded breeds so these guys are gonna be every four to six weeks and I say that it will vary – between breeds and also what kind of style you like on your dog if you like a shorter haircut and you don't want to have to maintain a lot at home then your six weeks would probably be a good option you might even be able to go a little bit longer depending on how how short you like the haircut I'm if you're looking more towards having a longer haircut or you've got a goldendoodle and you like it really fluffy and you want to maintain long coat you might even want to come in every three weeks and maybe not get a haircut when you come in but come in for just a maintenance trim so when you come in for maintenance trims we just bathe your dog brush them out fully and we'll trim up sanitary areas clean out their eyes really good for you so depending on the style that you want just it could be the four to six weeks or it could be more often or it could be less often just depending on what style you like on your dog and also their coat type oh sorry so a drop coated dog because those are gonna be like your your keys your shits ooze anything with that long flowy more hair instead of fur but that just grows like crazy so those guys are gonna need to come in and then your curly coated breeds are gonna be your poodles your Bichons anything like that anything that has poodle in it your poodle mixes those are gonna need to come in often as well all right so combination coats and this includes heavy and double coated breeds as well these are gonna be your golden retrievers your Australian Shepherds your Malamutes your newfies the big guys these guys I would say they come in every four to six weeks as well they're gonna need a really good deshedding treatment when they come in they have a lot of undercoat and a lot of that tends to get kind of tangled up in itself and get stuck so they definitely need to be coming in to maintain the undercoat making sure they're brushed through all the way getting them really dry and making sure that they're their nails are staying really trimmed as well obviously everybody needs nail trims but and then also for the combination coats it's nice to get them kind of trimmed up and cleaned up if they have the longer hair like the newfies get their really long feathers sometimes they'll grow long enough that they'll actually drag on the ground so it's nice to bring them in get those trimmed up keeps the dirt out of your house as well and then every single coat type would benefit from brushing at least once a week if anything else I would challenge you guys to go home and try to brush your dog at least once a week and just see the difference in your dog's coat and the difference around your house with the hair around your house as well even our short coated breed like I said with the with the rubber brush but still is just massaging their coat and getting the dead skin out getting the dander out just making sure the Bloods flowing in their skin really well so every single breed of dog short coat long coat curly coat everyone could use a good brushing all right so what happens at our salon so when you bring your pet in the first thing we do is that we express their anal glands anal glands are just a gland in their bum area dogs don't normally have the right amount of fiber that they used to and you know they were through a wild so the fiber in their diets is not enough to help them express their anal glands themselves normally so we do it for them when they come in for grooming and then your pup gets to be bathed with the shampoo that's specific to their coat type so Rico here being a white dog fluffy dogs he's got a double coat as well I actually used quite a few shampoos on him I give him a good D setting treatment first for his coat and then I'll do a whitening shampoo on him as well to brighten up his coat so any dogs that come in that are whiter you know you're whiter should Sue's if you have a white poodle a Bichon we like to use the whitening shampoo it helps brighten up their coat a lot bring that color out and then any of your drop coated breeds obviously will do a really good deshedding treatment we've got shampoo and the conditioner for that and we usually like to let that soak and while they're soaking we usually brush the shampoo into their hair so it's getting all the way down to the skin making sure that they're really clean and that the D shedding shampoo and conditioner they're doing their job we also have medicated shampoos as well being a veterinary clinic we do have animals that come in that have some skin irritations some skin problems so we do have quite a few medical medicated shampoos that we can use for your pets as well we also have hypoallergenic shampoos for your sensitive skin pets and moisturizing shampoos as well we have one that has it's an oatmeal shampoo it's one of my favorites we use it a lot for dogs who come in they have dry skin or itchy skin it just helps rejuvenate and moisturize their skin I like to use it a lot on puppies as well when puppies come in for grooms the first couple times it's a bit of a shock stripping their coat of those oils and so if we use that oatmeal shampoo it helps hydrate their skin still so we usually don't have as many dandruff puppies if we're using or moisturizing shampoo and then we use the velocity dryer to dryer pups um the benefits for this are gonna be they blow Co out extremely well with those shedding dogs so that's one of our secrets our magic secrets to getting all that hair out of your dog's when they come in Freddie shedding treatment says we soak them in the deshedding shampoo and then after they soak we use the velocity dryer on them and that forces all of the code out as it's forcing all the water off of their coat as well another good benefit of using the velocity dryer is gonna be that we can see potential skin problems or health problems on your pet especially on your long coated breeds it's hard to see all the way down to their skin you don't really know what's all the way down there but as we're using the dryer we have a clearer view of their skin in in small sections and as we're going over your whole pet we'll see if there's any red spots or inflammation and will you will let the pet parrot know if we see anything so there's problems that we can see that otherwise might have got gotten missed just because sometimes your dog's coats are so long that you can't really you can't really see you down there and then everyone gets a good brush out I we like to spend a lot of time brushing dogs out like I said it's one of the most important things and we don't want anybody going home with tangles or mats if we do have a small tangle it can just build up and become a larger mat so we spend lots of time brushing your dogs out while they're here especially your d shedding dogs they're gonna need the most brushing out of everybody usually it's just a lot of work through the bathroo drying and on the table brushing brushing to get all of that hair all of that coat out making sure that you're letting their skin breathe and that their skin and their coat is staying really healthy and then finally after all that we'll get to the haircuts so as you can see there's quite a bit of prep that goes in before we even start doing your dog's haircut or trimming if we don't have a good foundation from the bath and from drying it's really hard to get a good haircut on your pet as well another reason we use the velocity dryers is to straighten your dog's coat out those curly coated breeds it'd be extremely difficult to try and take clippers across a really tightly curled poodle you're not gonna be able to get an even cut all the way across the coat just because the curls are just will just make it uneven and so when we dry your dogs as well we straighten out those coats that's why sometimes you see poodles really curly and then sometimes there's the super poofy it's all in the straightening and the drying of the coat only only part of it goes into the haircut but the haircuts are really important to maintain your pets if you like I said if you don't want to do a whole lot of maintaining at home that's great we just pick a shorter haircut for your pet and then you're good to go longer haircuts do you take a little bit more time and then trimming for your drop coated breeds maybe you're like baths and trims are gonna be maybe your golden retrievers your Australian Shepherds anything if you see you little Grinch feet on your dogs its cute sometimes sometimes people like them trimmed up but personal preference but those are things that that we'll do after the bath after the drying and then just cleaning your dog's coat up after that and of course we always do everybody's nails and they come in so let's talk about puppies too so how soon can I start bringing my puppy in for grooming and I just like to say as soon as possible the sooner you can get your puppy in the better it's a lot easier to to train puppies when they're younger that's you know you you potty trained them you teach them how to sit you you can teach them all these things you can teach older dogs as well it's just a little bit more difficult they're a little bit more set in their ways so when you bring your puppies in first thing when you get them it just helps ease them into that grooming process a little bit more and it's it's easier for us and it's definitely less stressful for the puppy usually puppies when we have them come in for grooms they'll kind of stress out a little bit because it's a new experience it's it's a new thing for them but usually they calm down fairly quickly and we like to spend a lot of extra time with puppies make sure we set set time aside to be have just go slow with them make sure that they're not freaking out that they're gonna be okay and that they have a really good experience so that they keep coming back and having a good experience so baths and trims are a really good way to get your puppy introduced to grooming as well so if you're bringing your puppy in and this is even good for older dogs too if they're still not quite sure about the groomers if you bring them in just for a bath and trim that's gonna be your a bath your a blowout will do their nails anal glands we won't do a full haircut we'll just trim up they're sanitary areas their eyes making sure that they're their dirty areas are clean and trimmed and then and then we can send them on their way so the scariest part for them their first time is going to be that bath in the blow dryer so kind of get them used to that the first time and then once they're on the table it's kind of just a quick brush out a trim the nail trimming is usually a little bit scary but they're usually pretty good with it and and then after that if they are comfortable with their first time coming in I'd say let's go ahead and you know do a haircut next time they come in if they still had a little bit of a hard time if it was still pretty scary for him I'd say maybe let's do another bath and trim like in a couple of weeks and then maybe after that second one they're a little more Easter the more used to coming into the salon with the people that are there and then we can start doing haircuts just the the Clippers and the vibration of the Clippers sometimes freaks them out and so we want to ease them into it as slowly as we can making sure that we're not doing too much in one day to stress them out all right and another great thing not just for puppies but for everybody is coming into the salon for fear free visits we offer these at the clinic too if your dogs afraid of coming to the vet I know I'm sure we've talked about it before but you can bring them in and we'll walk them around the clinic if your dog specifically is having a hard time with grooming let us know and we can walk them back to the grooming area we can give them lots of treats back there I can even put them up on the table hook them up and just give them treats give them loves and then we'll take them down and we'll hand it back to you and that can be their experience for the day and so if they're having a hard time even just getting up on the table and they don't like the table or it's a scary experience for them that's a really great way for them to get used to it just we have the hydraulic tables we can lower them all the way to the floor just cook your dog let them lock up give them a treat and then they can walk down and they can be done for the day so the more often you bring them in for fear free visits as well if they are having a hard time is super beneficial for your pups and not just puppies but all dogs um one of my co-workers dogs she was having a really hard time with the grooming experience she just did not like it all I couldn't walk her back to the grooming area she had to bring her back every time she'd want to come with me she just she had a really hard time just did not like it at all so I I told her I was like hey I know you bring her in a lot so when she's here just let me know and I'll I'll work with her so she just let me know and about maybe once a week she was there so I would just go up and I'd grab her try to coax her back to the grooming area with some treats like get her to come with me and then just kind of prop her up on the table sit love honor and then I would take her back to mom and then the next time I would do it and then I would maybe brush her a little bit while she was on the table so giving her some treats knowing that the table is not a scary place she would just go back to mom and then I got to the point where I'd I'd put her on the table I'd brush her for a while I'd love on her and then I do one paw four nails and then I would let her go because I knew she was coming in so often that I could do one foot at a time and after I did all four feet um by that time it had been probably four or five times that I'd brought her back for these fear free visits and experiences and after that I can say she is one of my best behaved dog style I I don't even have to hook her up to a lead she just hops right up on the table super happy to see me she'll come back with me no problem now and and she'll just sit and let me do her nails no problem and so I definitely hands-down say that if you're free visit to do work if your pup is nervous is scared at all definitely bring them in and we can have those good experiences in that bonding time with your pet without stressing them out and just having good experiences and trying to ease them in to the grooming things as we go and that will help your pets a lot alright and then I do have some brushes that I want to show you guys I know you can go into the pet store and you can look it look down the grooming aisle and there's just a million different options so I just wanted to talk to you about brushes for a little bit so this is called a slicker brush there's all different sizes all different kinds they're usually rectangular in shape and they just have these tiny little pin bristles they also come in different stiffnesses this one I have is really soft the brushes are long and some of them I hover a little bit stiffer I would recommend going for a stiffer bristled brush if you have a longer coated dog in a double coated dog because the stiffer bristles are gonna be able to get down to your dog's skin more and be able to go through all of your coat and pull pull that hair out I would recommend a softer one for your thinner coated dogs like your keys have very thin hair some schnauzers are a little bit thinner so you want to go with a softer brush so that you know that you're not irritating their skin as you're brushing them as well another thing that I like to do on by brushes is I like to test them on the inside of my arm and that way I know how much pressure I'm putting on them as well so I know that I'm not scratching the skin I'm not irritating it at all and then I know how much pressure I need to put as I'm brushing my dogs as well if your are still worried about that they do sell slicker brushes that have the little plastic beaded tips on them as well and those are a good option too and then these are the firm inators I really like these they work really well I know that they're pretty expensive they're a little on the pricier side but if you do have a shedding dog I would highly recommend getting one of these they're really good just to get all of the undercoat out being able to strip underneath and get that coat out so that their skin can breathe well and and your house is less of a mess and then another thing I would recommend for everyone with a longer coated dog to get is a metal comb this one has two different styles of teeth I would prefer just using the medium for like bigger mats and tangles if you find them in there and then working your way down to the fine toothed side as you go what I like to do while brushing a dog I would start with this licker brush work your way through your whole dog make sure you're getting everything and then take your comb and go through with your comb and see if there's sometimes there's just little tangles little snag set the slicker brush mister didn't get and even then when you find them if they're small enough they could come right out with the comb no problem if they're a little bit bigger you might have a little bit of a hard time kind of pulling at them and trying to get them out with to come so I would suggest finding the mat or the tangle with your comb holding onto it and then going and grabbing your slicker brush and being able to get it out with the brush because the brush is a little bit softer it will sit and work through that mat but sometimes you can't always find the actual mat with the brush with the comb it's a lot easier to go all the way down to your dog's skin and pull up and make sure that your you're finding all those mats that are underneath and when you are brushing your dog you want to make sure that you brush them completely all over sometimes we'll have people come in with their dogs and they're like I've tried brushing like I don't know what to do and a lot of times I will recommend a comb and though I never would have even thought of a comb so a brush can only do so much it does do a lot but I would definitely recommend getting a comb as well and then when you're brushing you want to make sure that you're getting everywhere especially those problem areas problem areas are going to be movement areas so armpits bellies if they're laying on their belly a lot kind of rolling around I see lots of matted tummies around their bum as well when they sit it kind of just clumps up their hair so you want to make sure that you're brushing out their bums really well as well and then if your dogs have the longer ears and longer tail you want to make sure that they're not getting tangles and mats in their tails and then for I did already show this one but this is really good for your short coated your smooth coated dogs like I said and you could use any of these brushes as well in the tub and while you're drying your dogs I think that's another really great way to make sure that your dog is getting 100% clean as you're bathing them if you have dogs with longer coat sometimes it's hard to to get in with your fingers and really scrub them down so if you have a brush and you've got a lot of shampoo lathered up you can take your brush as well and be working through the coat of your dog just to make sure it gets all the way down to their skin and making sure that they're really clean and then you do have a fine-tooth comb a tiny little face comb these are really good if you have those little long-haired dogs that get the tear staining in those little buggers these are really great to have if you see the little boogers all you need to do is grab your face comb and scoop out their eyes it's it's a lot easier than trying to dig out them with your fingernails or trying to get a tissue or something it's it's less gross to and then these are a couple of options for deshedding dogs so this is a deshedding deem adding rake I would say to use caution if you were to purchase one of these or this is Adam adding tool as well the only reason I say that is they have little hooks on them and inside the hooks is an actual blade and so as you're brushing through your coat and trying to decide your dog or d-mat your dog it's actually cutting through the coat and cutting the undercoat out and cutting through those mats so you want to be extremely careful when you are using one of these because you could potentially cut your dog so it's one that it could be good but also just use caution if you if you were to get one and these are little D matting tools I would maybe these are more for salon use I just wanted to bring it to show you guys what they look like this is potentially for mats that are pretty thick and pretty heavy if you're nervous about trying to get mats out at home or if it's more painful for your dog definitely book him an appointment bring them in to us and we can make sure that that their coat is getting brushed through the way that it needs to be I would also recommend sorry making sure that you're making grooming appointments to maintain your dog's coat as well brushing at home does help a lot but there are some things that we do in the salon just to make sure that their skin is healthy and their coat is healthy so those time frames in those weeks for those certain breeds the coat types is a really good time frame for for them to come in I also would like to show you how I brush dogs as well because there is a specific way so if I could grab my little helper Heidi so I like to do is called back brushing and that way when you back brush you know that you're getting every inch of your dog's coat as well so with back brushing you want to brush all of their hair back with your hand make sure it's going the opposite direction and when you pull it down you can see pretty much all the way down to their skin when you're going that way and then all you do is you take your brush and you just pull little sections at a time and that way you can see if there's any mats or if there's any tangles it's also a good way to see if there's any red spots or irritations on your pets skin as well so if you're doing this at home this is a really good way to keep your pets coat maintained and to also potentially see any skin problems but that could arise I you I wouldn't say that you need to back brush your dog every single time you brush them if you're maintaining them well if you are brushing them about once a week a good brush through works really well but if you're not back brushing I would pay special attention to those problem areas those movement areas again making sure that their armpits are staying tangle free just because those are potentially the places as well when you get those mats they are more painful because they are they're rubbing and they're moving and they're pulling on that skin so just making sure that you're brushing them at least once a week is a regular good regular schedule to maintain he loves being on the table and see and he loves just getting all the attention all I'll take him to work in he'll if I don't have a dog that I'm working on on my table he's on my table because he wants the attention and he wants to be loved on so so this is something that would be really great for you to do with your pets at home to have that that bonding that grooming experience just by brushing him at home and loving on him and he just he loves attention but he's a good little little test guy but yeah are there any questions for me is there anything I guess there's it's probably a no but is there anything that you know of that I can use on her I could recommend for you and as she shed so and as she drops her coat if you try to maintain maybe just wiping her eyes keeping him clean my little guy I try I also try to bathe him about once every two weeks as well and in my opinion I feel like that really even just helps with his eye goobers and not like I said I'll pick his off every time but if she's not really getting that buildup and if it's just maybe more weepy eyes doctor you haven't answered my discharge can be caused by so many different things I mean I think the thing that I think of this time of year that's most worrisome are some of our allergies and things like that but it can even be confirmation so just the position of where the little tear duct is on the bottom corner of the eye cuz there's a little actual hole that drains the tears from the eye to the back of the throat and sometimes if if that drainage doesn't happen appropriately or it gets clogged you'll see the tears spilling off to the to the inside of the kind of the nose so if that's something we should just take a peek and kind of see what those tear ducts look like some people will actually pass a little catheter to unclog them sometimes they can have some secondary conjunctivitis that we get under control and then the tearing stops but sometimes unfortunately we have a little kitty it's a little Persian she was actually just born with note she doesn't have those little ducks and and that's just something unfortunately she was born with but that's something where they went to the ophthalmologist down in Salt Lake and now she has little tear ducts so there's lots of options have a routine like at night when you're going to bed just wiper eyes make sure they're dry and and as her coat grows back out then hopefully that that staining or oh yeah you see from the side yeah so yeah just keeping keeping the boogers and the the wetness out of the ferns is really all that kind of kind of help that but yeah unfortunately once it's there it's really hard to get rid of but yeah you love her anyway are there any other grooming questions be bathing brushing what should you get the mats out before you bathe them and if so when you go to bathe em even do you have a recommendation of a certain shampoo or conditioner or something that works to keep them out unfortunately there's not a whole lot that will keep mats out other than regular maintenance brushing if you use a conditioner it will soften up your pets coat and so that can help a little bit but it's not going to I can't say that it will stop your dog from matting or getting tangled but the conditioner will help replenish the oils in that coat and keep the hair shafts a little smoother so that they're not as prone to getting tangles um matting wise before and after baths um it really kind of depends on well if you can get them out before the the bath I would I would try if it's not something that will come out easily when you're bathing your dog I would take the mat and put some shampoo and maybe some conditioner on the mats and kind of pull up pull them apart and kind of separate them to get the shampoo and conditioner through the mats and then once you're drying your dog you want to make sure that if there's dry as you possibly can the hard part with mats is that they keep that water in there and that's another reason that they tend to just keep growing and getting bigger because when they do get bathed at home and the mats are left that hair just wants to cling to those damp mats so if you can get them out before I would attempt if it's if it's seeming like it's it's not gonna happen just in the tub it would be a lot easier to shampoo and condition that and then as you're working through it even with the conditioner in as well maybe taking a comb and kind of seeing if you can pick out the edges of it just to separate as much as you can and then if you can get it as dry as you possibly can as well after after bathing then it will be easier for you to kind of pick through it as well if it's wet and it's damp it's gonna be a lot harder to untangle those those hairs well I would love to – just if you could introduce the rest of our grooming staff that's here just so that way if you have any questions or you'd like to meet any of the groomers after the talk we actually have quite a few of our our employees here as well so if you don't mind just in trying every one and and then there's also a lot of food left and the Animal Care Center staff is in the back too if you have any questions or things that we can help you with next month is gonna we're gonna be back so we are actually gonna change the date a little bit we're always we're typically the first Tuesday of every month but next month with there being the holiday we're actually gonna be the second Tuesday of the month which I believe is the 9th Leah can you check my date on that I was like I'm like 90% sure the 9th ok yes that was 90% so and we're going to be talking about how your pet can volunteer within the community so we're gonna be having canine blood heroes here canine good citizen is going to be here an Intermountain therapy group is gonna be here as well to talk about some different things that you can do to volunteer with your pet so it's gonna be really fun and then again snouts Naxos here they're selling nice goodies what do you guys have today bunch of stuff all right chewy stuff so anybody with a power chew or come see these guys there I was gonna say the elkhorn kept my dog busy for a while last time around so um thank you all for coming and I'm just gonna let Taylor intro the rest of the grooming department so you know who is who and we'll see y'all next month just stand up when I say her name but we've got Haley so she's actually been a bather with us for about a little over a year now and she's training to be a groomer as well so we've got her started on I'm training to do some grooming dogs which was really exciting and then Cherie is with us as well she is one of our bathers and she is working a lot of rehab too and the animal care center which is fun and then tom is also sorry make you stand up tom is one of our bathers as well um we do have quite a few bathers it's it's a really important part of the grooming process like I said we need that base foundation with the bathing and the drying so these guys are our foundation they help us to be able to do those those fancy grooms and the the nice evenly cut grooms and then we have Ricky as well she is our other full-time groomer she's been grooming for five years now about five years and she's she's amazing she does an awesome job I love everybody I love the staff but that I get to work with and we're all are just big happy family I also wanted to let you guys know I do have some little handouts for you these are just print off of our grooming book that we have it's just bathing and drying procedures so a little bit more detailed than maybe you would like to do at home but I thought if you guys are interested these are specific for different coat types as well so we've got your smooth coated curly coated heavy coated so there's multiples of these if you guys want to come up and grab one to take home as well to look over you're more than welcome I do have some some colognes or some bows if you guys have your pets here and you want to spritz them up a little bit we can do that for you too but thanks everybody for coming [Applause] I'm so funny

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