Groomers Best Friend Diamondg 02

the diamond G rotary nail grinder is easier to install use and clean than any other pet nail grinder on the market the diamond G buy groomers best friend has an enhanced grinding surface and comes in two sizes the big KC in the little Lola to install the diamond G rotary nail grinder simply take your dremel tool hold the lock button and then screw the collar then screw on the bit because they screw over the shaft of the rotary tool motor they will not catch them heads hair the shape of the bit allows you to trim rapidly and on both sides of the nail simultaneously once you're finished with a nail just turn the tool 90 degrees and finish the nail using the finer grit polishing Bowl because the bits are made from diamond and steel they grind much cooler than paper drums allowing you to get the whole nail done before moving on to the next one Diamond G's are easy to clean with the toothbrush and soapy water and come with a lifetime warranty to pick up yours today simply visit Amazon or groomers best friend com

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