Groomer loses family pet, offers reward

DOG OR CAT. BUT IMAGINE IF (SOMEONE ELSE ( LOST YOUR PET. THAT )S WHAT HAPPENED TO ONE ALBUQUERQUE WOMAN. NEWS 13 )S KATHERINE MOZZONE IS LIVE NEAR TOWER AND COORS WITH THE STORY. KIM- TODAY MARKS ONE WEEK SINCE THIS FAMILY LOST THEIR BEST FRIEND, AFTER THEIR NEW GROOMER TOLD THEM HE ESCAPED THROUGH THE FRONT DOOR. “I just want him to be safe and I just want him to come home.” (LET IT BREATHE UNTIL 6;31;02 ( TINA ANAYA WINSLOW SAYS HER HOUSE HASN )T FELT LIKE HOME SINCE HER ROTTWEILER MIX, LUCKY, WENT MISSING. “Lucky was…Lucky was the one who would take care of me.” “I feel safe with him.” “He )s my buddy. We used to run together all the time and he )s been taking care of the boys. He follows them around everywhere.” LAST THURSDAY STARTED OUT LIKE ANY OTHER. ANAYA WINSLOW WAS TRYING OUT A NEW GROOMER– PETS R US ON COORS. LUCKY WAS A LITTLE SKITTISH WHEN SHE DROPPED HIM OFF, BUT SHE THOUGHT LITTLE OF IT. “We always tell the parents, )just go, they )ll be fine, so I had to tell myself, just go, he )ll be fine.” BUT WHEN ANAYA-WINSLOW WENT TO PICK UP HER PUP, HE WASN )T FINE. HE WAS GONE. “They said they )re out looking for him because he had escaped.” HER FIRST INSTINCT. “Get in the car and go find him.” “I feel awful 23;53;19 I have pets of my own. I can )t imagine. I never thought anything like this could happen. 23;59;20 and I am so sorry about this.” ALEX CAMPBELL OWNS PETS R US. HE SAYS HE WASN )T THERE WHEN LUCKY GOT LOOSE BUT TELLS US A CHILD HAD OPENED THE DOOR TO THE GROOMING AREA AND LUCKY GOT AWAY. .. “We )ve never had any animals escape like this.” NOW, CAMPBELL AND ANAYA WINSLOW HAVE TEAMED UP TO TRY OT FIND LUCKY- FROM FLYERS TO FACEBOOK. “We )re going to do everything we can to fix it and we )re not going to stop looking.” BUT ANAYA WINSLOW SAYS IT )S HARD NOT TO FAULT THEM. “It )s my dog. If it gets lost, I )d want it to be my fault that he got lost, not somebody else )s. It was preventable.” “He )s a good dog.” I want him back.” TOGETHER THE TWO ARE OFFERING A THOUSAND DOLLAR REWARD FOR LUCKY )S HE WAS LAST SEEN HEADING WESTBOUND ON SAGE. BACK TO YOU. OK, KATHERINE. Campbell says he )s since put a latch on the door to the grooming area so this never happens again. THE STORMS ARE LOOMING

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