Groomer Known as 'Lucky' — PAEDOPHILE Hunters use RED Protection SPRAY!!! — P.A.P's STING

right on camera before you don't start swinging again is all the time I had no intention to doing anything to underneath I just turned 15 I don't change it right or do you I don't know you want to see pocket because it will announce me if you've got a darkness or sent a picture like that's your daughter what would your don't I'm not listening that I'm not pissed off I have got no one but quite frankly I'd rather walk cooking but my name is I'm gonna feed a fire water we have a chart please call me get erected army bases for days met your wife on mission on camera Neil to you underwear bomber they've got him live on on video of fourth times you're not connection off last time when I about you you know volunteer firefighter get a double-double use it immediately yeah let me tell you what you're gone I can't recall normal coming will you be like that anybody watching – there you go that's good to know okay afternoon guys um I've got a bit more of instant access now much like me max on my Wi-Fi is on it is right the room starts really not will I'll update everybody as to what's happened and we'll have a chat we're just gonna wait for people to start coming in talking to us people's dance coming that guy so once everybody feels a bit more I'll I'll start telling you what's happened here we go again some people in now laughter bellman said don't feel quite poorly am I've got your adrenaline dump a minute so I don't feel sick right today sting so again we've been talking to a bloke called well we know and to because it was lucky we began talking to him on the do what's all the more fifteen-year-old nice and round about four of five explicit pictures once you sent these pictures we swapped phone numbers and they began texting him today he arranged two meters at Ames of water park and once we've got terms of water park that we always tried to arrive early so offenders dot get there before us unfortunately scale pretty switched on he did arrive early he said they were coming in a car it didn't come in a car it came on a bike it was just in four levers however he had his levers on zipped and his tolls were wearing a white t-shirt we saw this white t-shirt once we've got eyes on him we didn't make ourselves known straight away we I began texting him and as I got delivery report he would text him back so we ID'd him we followed him to his motorcycle where is he steps on his bike at this point we had one of the team members tell him he's assaulted one of our team members and he's gone to grab him and flew a punch so we've then tried to shout him down with verbally talk seconds guys just give me one minute Sammy can you turn that down please right sorry guys I had there's somebody here that's watching live video so I've just got to turn that down right back on it I've tilted or sukazi sorry guys give me a second so yeah he's then got off his motorbike and assaulted one of our staff members at that point we've sprayed in me our personal protection spray and Matt Baker has gone through the air like a flame ballerina picked him up and smashed him to the floor we've been restrained him to the floor and at that point I've then tried to calm the situation down now I won't say upload the actual video of the sting there's some points in that video that is fairly quiet you can get a guess of what we're saying and you can hear bits and baths but you will see how violent this guy got it what a fucking big lad as well my other say Matt fucking we had his work cut out with this guy but my did what is there to do which is fucking sit on people and keep them restrained so massive thanks to Matt Baker we had an over guy that we saw all the guys there were yesterday one called Ryan one called Neil now if Ryan's watching which I don't know if he is just give me a sense let me invite him to chat guys because I want Ryan to wear this all right so I've invited him to chat um Ryan did everything he would ask to do we have a brief every time we do a sting also it's oniel members we have to do we briefed him on the rules of reasonable force etc Neil took control of the army spread the armor he leant on his back so we had Matt Baker sat on middle of his back I had his left arm and I were also trying to talk to him calm him down and we had Neil on his right Neil we had Ryan on his right arm so a massive shout out to these two guys that have come we had you fucking smashed it's they've done really really well you know I can't say well done enough to you so just give me a second guys cause food it's almost watching video we're getting in house and so yeah we've we restrain him to the floor we get we had a chat with a me point blunt refused to say what we're doing Oh in the first video you do anything shout out that is it were on Purdue and he began talking toys etc so it's more or less shocked to me at yourself in for we haven't got is now in police custody we have done a statement now I'm gonna do in a minute once my dog keeps diving all starts diving all over me is I'll turn my camera around I'm going to show you what personal protection spray looks like so as you can see guys we are absolutely covered in what is personal protection spray from we're about to restrain him so we bit we're basically right now we look like a red Smith all the team is covered in it as is this bloke and so yeah massive thanks to their team well done to absolutely everybody they came along and smashed in them I have uploaded I think it's two screenshots of the chat logs and I've uploaded his picture so please have a look guys this bloke as disclosed towards while they were on the Florida is from raga room it was obviously nearby it's quite a few of us hopefully they were getting remanded in custody if not I should be like I've still been finding out when he's released from cells so yeah guys that's it as I said I'm currently dealing with a massive fucking adrenaline dump so once I've I've calmed down and I've come back down to Planet Earth I'll give you all a full update I've probably missed loads of shit out that's happened but I need to need to stall that out right guys I'm gonna leave it there and I'll catch up we are late I am gonna upload the the sting video to the YouTube channel once that was loaded I will then let you guys know and I'll put the link up time group again massive fantastic team really really appreciate you all as always I'm gonna go back to the comments and we'll we'll have a chat so what Claire Bay hi you alright love are you doing we've got Neal Pickering on you are right Neal Jamie Darryl celaya and Oakley Brown Elise nice job today guys thanks a lot love Jeff kitchen here you alright Jeff I was doing mate I'm tree Baker great job guys Cheers love really appreciates it and there's Jeff kitchen great job guys cheers mate at least I mean Jones nice one lads funky Olaf Sammy well done might make a good job big man after you're injured a yeah you know Baker it's on it's not even two weeks since big sort of huge assault and he still came along today and he still smashed it so massive should thanks to Mount Baker because I couldn't have done it without Matt today and it's plot with a big bastard and cherkasy Christina baked look like he's been paintballing well done to all we all like we've been paintballing we've actually the fueled dodgy looks that we've the people been looking like with mass murderers and we've covered in blood streaky welder Andy Cunningham perhaps good job thank you mate so closed off my liking lock him up throw away the key be nice if the would lock him up as I say he is currently in custody Olli we will have an update as to whether he's coming out he's going to be remanded I'll let you all know when that happens and welcome to everyone went big going up videos gonna be up soon hammer at load it to your children yeah good yes I am good thanks great job well done lads great we're at lads well done lads well done red you did a good job as a gale well done babe yeah you know we had dinner on this one and as always Dean it was the phone course of police out of all that all the people that are there she's the one that stays cab and deals with the police and stuff like that smash that massive well done and and then we'll as I say guys I hope they all late as I say the minute I am on a huge adrenaline demand I've just got to bring myself back down now so will I will start with logging that video now guys and the most useful I'll let you all know right thank you to remember it seemed will come along today I really really appreciate it thank you everybody that's on this live video on watching us again really appreciate it and hopefully I'll learn I'll talk to awesome great guys thanks a lot bye-bye

11 thoughts on “Groomer Known as 'Lucky' — PAEDOPHILE Hunters use RED Protection SPRAY!!! — P.A.P's STING

  1. “I don’t want you to video me”

    He’s wearing a crash helmet ffs! It could be Mahatma Gandhi for all we know

  2. Watched this video to the end. A yob came on explaining what they'd done. The usual sort of thug, ffffing every other word. Gives the good groups a bad name. Way too violent and out of control. Justice for the innocent would have spoken to him, not just shouted abuse. I hope the predator doesn't get away with anything because of them

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