Groomer Has It – "You have the multi-colored Rainbow Brite t

hello hello who do we have here Puget with this challenge I'm actually looking for the continuity of the theme this is for groomer to groomer magazine in this situation I will allow some freedom for creativity and I'm gonna have his open of mine as possible but still hold them to the high standards they really have to WoW me in the end how long have you been working with him um I worked with him for about doubles two hours two hours not much has changed my theme is Western and so I didn't feel that I needed to do any sort of strange weird cutting I'm I'm kind of kind of confused just a bit how this showcases your grooming skills well I trimmed up his feet quite a bit and I just you know tried to make them nice and shiny and fluffy and beautiful and you know try to beautify the doctor much as I could looks pretty easy I look forward to seeing what you do with them to finish the piece my theme is Western unless you wanted me to turn some prim P little poodle into a cowboy which makes no sense at all there's not much I can do I can't glue more hair to this dog Xavier what in God's name is going on here you have the multicolored rainbow bright thing going on here just blended it in just to give her a little color Savior who knows what he think I'm he didn't seem to get where I was going he's just look at me like I was stupid I'm working on it a work in progress hey let them one leg down so it is very much in progress hello Jasper who do we have here this is Sol Sol Sol I'm trying to do a sports theme kind of strike me as a one-trick pony Herman well I mean like I said I'm not very creative so I go with what I know you know we're expecting you to be creative right I'm not on the creative side of things for the most part so I was a little uneasy with that alright and last but not least artists hello I'm who do we have here this is Jesse if Justin 3-yard okay I'm interested to see how you're gonna gonna form the head piece here I want to accentuate her face our long hair to make it look like rock'n'roll and stylish and sleek have you done any trimming through here I mean not yet I haven't I've just got through drying her okay put the thinning shears on it cuz you know she has a straight coat looks like you bit off a lot of dog yes I mean more than you can chew I mean I can chew it off you sure yeah yes I'm positive are you sure I'm not feeling you I'm positive okay prove me wrong I want to see everyone really bring their a-game when they come in you all have to not only impress me but the other two okay since my theme was disco I figured I was gonna do him like a disco dancer I didn't use a scissor on top of the head I use thinning shears so it gave him more natural look rather than a sculpted look like a poodle because I was going for the whole afro head look she wasn't the previous conquer so a traditional card she will have been chaste and all dog well grown and I was looking for it for an edge so I decided to use the colors with stanza and I thought was genius all right everyone time's up please get your dogs and gather round

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