Groomer Has It – Groomer Charades

you want to play charades how I do it okay where he goes first no no no somebody who knows how to play him to go first Jonathan said he would go first all right all right I'll go first I've never played a this is gonna be interesting I think for the first time in all these weeks we have a group of people that are not going to be cat fighting and not going to be causing a lot of drama in the house everybody here is so relieved that that element is out of the house okay to our words first word two syllables ready John Travolta Michael Jackson okay you go next in this fight Go Go strip no movie are you woman yeah yeah I think everybody that's here now deserves to be here we're all top groomers and it's actually a good fit in the house right now hammer we chillin pissed mmm short short and fat Amanda do we know this person ah-ha Joey judged oh so jess is my buddy in the house you know he keeps it real we keep it real we're friends you know but we say hey when it comes down to the final two it's gonna be a duel to the death and i told them i hope you prepared to be slaughtered cuz i will take you out second word one solo so one syllable one syllable this is easy Tom Cruise your turn see he's upset movie movie a movie bears word two syllables running Flashdance ok we have a language barrier know massari West food loose what was Footloose the movie I think playing charades was a good thing for us you know we were down to the top five now and the challenges are getting harder and only one person can win and you know people are gonna get hurt and that's just how it is

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