Groomer Has It – Dishing on Groomers

really yeah Lorna claims to be a cowboy from Argentina could you imagine him in the dirt no never never a day in his life I could imagine him getting his shoes dirty Jonathan has an amazing talent but he might get hair on himself and he hates shedding and then you've got Kathleen who is also an amazing and talented groomer but she's a know-it-all and artist is an artist he is surprised as his left and right with new creative things and talents that he has almost every night now he's been sitting with us playing his guitar and he is extremely talented he has a great voice and his songs are beautiful I'm kind of like the everybody's little boy sort of person I don't know I just pretty much get along with everybody you speak fantastic pretend Spanish you sing pretend Spanish you had better know who I think now that we've had more time to spend together and I'm seeing certain friendships developing and I'm starting to realize that I'm not the only person who has issues with will I think will is trying to forge friendships with a lot of people but people are sort of just keeping it on the surface with him if there's a God please send will home there's a hated person in the house doesn't me has everyone been saying me if I had to compare will to a dog I would probably compare him to maybe an older broken-down poodle no losing a little hair put on a couple extra pounds not quite as fabulous as they used to be house has been treating me very well I feel very privileged and honored to be here it's good it's good that was so funny well that was thank you I needed that it's our gravy Jessica and I you know we've had good conversations it's just she has to stop being so anal it's self-centered this girl says ah I I write 500 times a date it's not gonna change me in the way I do things I know how I know I know animals can race with tons and tons of them I can feel them I can I feel that I just kind of have a knack with them and I love them Jessica she's not cut into herself he doesn't do much around the house to help out there would be too many sad faces if she was the next to go a poodle breeder told me that she keeps remoisturize are in the coat and doesn't rinse it all I'm really good at making picons bars I made some for the first time this year and they turned out amazing Jessica may be on some distant planet I mean your species is you know thriving but you're just too stuck on yourself you know what I want I want to talk to you about some stuff a me be myself I'm on the less is more kind of girl I just talked to my best friend me I just moved to a house my apartment when I lived there was different when I was in my old bit living room I feel like I need to make a small space like a safety space I got to sleep with the door shut it might sound loony but I'm pretty quick with moving this is 90% of Jessica's conversation i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i okay dude I'm still here I'd like to know like I I feel like I do a really good job I'm just trying to make it make sense in my head don't pay attention to Jessica too much I do my makeup in my room and I think I look fabulous I don't know artist and I have a little chart of the eyes and Me's that she says on a daily basis and she's getting up that we've actually lost the wall that we could put all those eyes and Meisel like needles piercing through your ears nothing to wear that's my point what do you want can I help you I just wanted to be noticed

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