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hi I'm Parris and this is Pierre pretty badly in need of a trim but rather than taking to the groomers right now we decided then we decide this yes we decided we're going to try out and as seen on TV grooming product that says save time and money from taking your pet to the groomer try groomer ooh the groomer ooh it's a battery-powered handheld device that you apparently run over the dog or cat's fur and it trims it and pulls the fur inside the device sounds too good to be true goes for about twenty dollars we found it over at Fry's you can check it out of the link down below this video finally managed to get the device out of the package not before slicing open my palm now the instructions are very short basically about how to put the batteries in and there's a dial thing for the links they don't really tell you what to do to use this for grooming but let me show you the device up close the batteries in it and we'll give it a try this is the part of the groomer ooh that fits in your hand it has the on/off switch here this is where all the action happens and I'm looking at it saying what where are the blades that are going to do the cutting right around the edge here these little piece apparently whether they go back and forth or go around in a circle I don't know but that's where the cutting happens and I guess the ideas the furthest cut will be pulled in here and you can clean it out of there I'm thinking this is the this orange piece is what you dial in for the length of fur that you want this is the shortest as you can see it would be about a quarter inch from the blades to the tip of this and there's a little release on the side you pull that and then you can slide it so that there's more distance I think that's the maximum I would say that gives you just over half an inch and then you can with a little working with this thing dial it in to shorter or all the way to shortest I know it doesn't explain it in the instructions where you put the batteries it looks like there's a little thumb groove here to top that open up and there we it sounds and looks like a UFO is landing I didn't get the cover back on it started almost with my fingers as I was trying to put the batteries in the blade seem to be oscillating back and forth you can see the mechanism here for oscillating the blades here I can before your trim and before I forget the rose-scented and Valentine thinking putties from last week's videos are going to 4,800 rdc and jailing and I have mentioned in the comments I replied to those to let you know to get in touch with me so I can send those out to you also wanted to reiterate that we do have a spot at the end of the videos if anyone would like to have their channel will showcase if you do something Musical or artistic would like to have something show on our screen with a link to your channel we'd be glad to do that similar to what Selene from the band Bosnia musica did in last Friday's video you with audio clip or the video flair for the artwork I have companies contacting me every day asking can't you showcase our products in your video so I'd like to offer this to our viewers to showcase YouTube the best way to get in touch with me about that is by email it's Paris with two hours at epic review guys calm here alright I'll set this for the longest length piers furs definitely long enough it should still be trimmed good dog lay down there good dog okay you'll only feel some pressure okay are you ready it's going to be magical then that sound like it's gonna do something good all right here we go and had to cut anything yet here say nothing good thing you don't want to hear about it what's going on here here one little wisp of hair for all that it's not cutting the hair you feel any cutting of the hair you have to kind of hole with it so it catches the bear Pierce's the neighbors over there hold on dog nothing it seems like you have to get it in there and you have to catch it in the hair and pull in order for the cutting action to work oh yeah you're mr. alert now aren't you but maybe it needs dogs with more Bristol e-type fur that further your stand up straight tears just general-purpose metals that lies every which way they're leaving it's okay all right okay well you're distracted I'll try this again okay okay I'm fit it's so easy to get your fingers in there yeah we're going to try it cut this a little shorter and then we'll try okay I think your hair is plenty long that's the shortest setting now you ready for this just lie down and relax lie down and relax relax the tops of tiniest piece of hair but I think it's pulling because it doesn't cut it very fast or very efficiently so the hair is getting sniped in between the teeth and then when I go to pull it to move to a new spot yes dear I understand you don't like this device okay Pierce decided it's time to go don't push it off the table goodness everyone's a critic yes yes Spears telling you what he thinks of the device right here good enough that is not going to do your grooming is it no it's not gonna do your grooming oh well we saved neither time nor money it's been trying out the groomer ooh Pierre does have very fine hair yes I'm complimenting you very fine hair and it is every which direction it isn't just a stand up straight kind of hair so it could be that's part of why it didn't work so well well I was concerned with the groomer ooh how am I going to do it around his ears or any delicate spots on him but it doesn't even seem to work right in the middle of his back so that may not be an issue and Pierre has sort of made his feelings on this device known okay so you want to try it on your pet peers says no you click on the link for it down below this video it's all right here it's alright I know you're going to have nightmares tonight it's okay let's take you well thank you to grooming and you eat we'll even get you the special oatmeal we'll get you a special oatmeal shampoo the special I'm not winning him back over after this you can keep checking back for our future videos or you can click that subscribe button down below yes right you can notice that our videos go up see you on the next review you

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