Grieving pet owner filing lawsuit

new tonight one of the grieving families is reacting to new ownership of the business and telling only Oz how they're trying to make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else I just wanted to do something more a family still grieving and the Inc barely dry after lucky dog take here in Tampa's changed owners all after two dogs died of heatstroke here one of them me and Norton's French Bulldog Porsche I just think it's the wrong time I mean it's barely been a week since my dog has died and I don't think that it's fair to us I don't think that this washes away anything that's happened norton telling us she's filing a lawsuit a negligence claim as soon as possible come my dog I'm gonna save him she's working with Tampa attorney mark Matthews heads our family the law needs to recognize that he explains that under Florida law pets are considered property it's not much different than like your dining room table if somebody came in and destroyed your dining room table you would get the value of your dining room table that's essentially what the law allows for with pets we're suffering here this is a loss this is not just property they're also right now reaching out to lawmakers to talk about a bill that's already died Senate bill 1270 that would have made pets more like family by law and any damages collected would be more in line with that and that's something that we'd like to revive and see get passed in 2018 Hillsborough County's pet resource center is still investigating the death of Norton's dog we want there to be a change for our dog for other dogs we don't want people and we asked the pet resource center about regulation of these pet daycares they tell us the rules include adequate access to water and food and kennel sighs but that's about it government regulations do not require a specific staff to pet ratio and that's something else me and Norton says she'll also be pushing to change as I said pet resource center is investigating the recent dog deaths at lucky dog and the results will be turned over to the State Attorney's Office for their review we'll keep you updated

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