100 thoughts on “Greta Gerwig On ‘Lady Bird,’ Her Directorial Debut

  1. I just saw the recent interview from today or yesterday with Saoirse, for this film. Seeing the director here, what, a month ago. These two interviews together, you kinda want to watch Ladybird, now. And if you can't watch it now because it's the middle of the night. You want to find a way to figure out that whole piracy thing, to watch it now. Then watch it in the cinema so they gets paid for their work. But damn, these two women, director and actor, they're the best promotion for the film. I don't need to see a trailer. I don't need to see a poster. I don't need to see a multimillion dollar promotional campaign. I just needed to see these two women interviewed, director and actor, here by Stephen. Now I gotta watch this fucking film.

  2. Stephen was going to say that Catholic theatricality is "nonpareil" but stopped because no one except amazing cool nerds uses that word.

  3. Just saw "Lady Bird" tonight and it is F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C so thanks Greta! And you have a fantastic laugh too, so there's that!
    Good luck with your next films!

  4. Most traditional Hollywood movies have a lead character with a clear goal, this film doesn't follow that format. While a main character may have one main goal in the film, Christine, while surviving her life as a senior high school student has many goals.

    A main character may have the goal of winning over the love of their life, Christine chases her love, loses her love, and chases again. A main character may have the goal of getting the staring role in a play, Christine tries out for the play but has other interests too. A main character may have the goal of winning over her family, Christine has won over some of her family while the others she debates if she even wants their love. In the end, Christine's main goal was stated at the beginning – to just survive her senior year of high school and all the many sub-goals that come along with it as she find herself.

    I won't say this is "coming of age" because that implies a character has a story that takes place over multiple years. This is just one year. But you don't really need to label the movie because it's all about a character trying to find her own label.

  5. Very nice interview. Colbert really respects his female guests. Imagine if Letterman had done this instead. GG is a real drop of sunshine.

  6. Frances Mcadormand will win Best Actress for Three Bilboards and Guillermo Del Toro will win both Best Picture and Best Director for The Shape of Water.Lady Bird is easily 2017s most overrated and pretentious film.

  7. God Lady Bird was so OVERRATED, just a typical spoiled brat growing up movie. I literally wanted to slap the main character.

  8. Greta Gerwig spotted Alexander Payne during a press tour and ran to catch up to him. When she got close she hurdled a bench, caught her shin and fell. She wanted to tell him how much she liked his recent film Downsizing. He told her she could have just walked around the bench. That meeting earned her a badly bruised leg.

    I'm glad she liked it. Her opinion carries more weight than all the combimed critics that watched and reviewed this film. She has actually worked in the film industry and is actually a part of it. Most critics have never even been on a live film set and they act like film makers are accountable to them and could even learn something from them. They only ever succeed in building a measure of faux fame while reviewing the hard work of actual famous people.

  9. I'm not overly in love with the film (it's nice, it's fine) but who cares what I think? You're a writer/director and you nab Best Screenplay, Best Director and Best Picture nominations? Fair play and much respect to her cos what more can you ask for?

  10. i love the sprint commercial that played before this video lol who the frack gets a phone bill for cell phones lol

  11. Greta gerwig has directed before she co directed a movie back in 2008 so ladybird isn't her first directed film

  12. I like her a lot. She seems like a nice girl, but everything she does bores me tremendously. I feel bad about that.

  13. Lady Bird has a 99% favorable rating by critics but only a 79% approval rating from viewers on Rotten Tomatoes.

  14. I think a lot of Catholic directors have learnt from Mel Gibson. Who copped hell from Hollywood and the media for being honest. Greta Gerwig is not only a great director but is very smart i love her work.

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