Green Tree Frog Tank Set Up And New Green Tree Frog!!

hey y’all welcome back mandy with my
hectic life that’s where we talk about all things pet and pet related and today
I got a new green tree frog and I redid my tree frog tank
now unfortunately cotto my first green tree frog that I got years and years ago
so I went ahead and went out and got a another green tree
frog so I haven’t really decided on a name yet
I’m thinking maybe dark cuz at least then it would still go with the
Beastmaster theme of my tree frogs I don’t know I like to have semi themes
going on with some of my animals I don’t know why okay so I did get the green
tree frog habitat all set up I wanted to change it over to a bioactive tank I
want all my tanks to be bioactive now from now on I don’t really want to deal
with having sterile tanks like ever again since I have switched over to the
bioactive tanks it’s been amazing and life has been just so much easier so
much easier as far as maintenance goes it is saving me tons and tons of time
that I was spending scrubbing and cleaning these tanks so I’ve gotta say I
absolutely love it so of course the plants still need to
grow in some and I’m probably gonna get maybe a few vine plants to add into here
but it’s getting it’s getting there it’s mostly done I did want to film myself
redoing this tank but unfortunately my camera battery died in the middle of
filming it so I was not able to really get it on film
so unfortunately since Coto this is I think I am gonna name him dar
I think that’s what we’re going with here so this is dar and he is going to
be joining wherever my other green tree frog is hiding in his new home I don’t
know what’s up with the little brown spots on your nose but that’s okay
he is pretty much full-grown oh I think he will fit in nicely and I
think he’s gonna be a happy little frog when I get him into this tank now the
question is can I get him in without him jumping out all right so I’m gonna go
ahead and get him in the tank and we’ll see how he does
all right so unfortunately I do have a little bit of glare on the camera but
that’s okay it is a glass tank so I have to deal with a little bit of glare from
the window light but he is looking good and happy he already found a nice little
place to sit on I still don’t know where my other frog went in this tank but
they’re good at hiding there’s a lot of little places in here that they can hide
you got all kinds of stuff going on in here that they can hide in and there’s
only gonna be more or getting put in there once I add the vines I may never
be able to find my frogs in here again but that’s okay cuz they will love it
because they will feel so secure and happy with all the plants that I will
end up having going on in here it is still daytime so it only makes sense
with them being nocturnal that uh photo would be hiding out somewhere goodness
knows all my animals are kind of hiding out right now perhaps hiding in his
little vines am i pac-man frogs have pretty much buried themselves let’s play
where’s auric can you see his little eyes poking out and I don’t even have a
clue where moult are is right now I’m thinking there is a big huge clump
inside here I probably shouldn’t be putting my finger in here but since I
can’t see her eyes poking out I figure I’m probably okay but there’s a big
clump in here underneath the log so I’m assuming that’s probably her hiding in
there but while I’m in here I need to fill up the water bowls it’s been like
Hika hot lately and is drying out everything so quickly so
we gotta say I think everybody’s doing pretty well right now and so far I’m so
happy that I switched over to bioactive tanks instead of the sterile tanks it’s
so much better it’s like life changing I definitely recommend okay so that’s all
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watching guys bye

9 thoughts on “Green Tree Frog Tank Set Up And New Green Tree Frog!!

  1. Very cool setup. I really like these lil guys. Thanks for sharing and as always do what you do if it works for you.

  2. Do you need lighting for these guys. Do you have to use calcium with D3 and vitamins? Or just calcium? Can you keep two ina 10 gallon for their entire life?

  3. Question! Did you make the enclosure for him? Or did you buy it whole? If so can I have a link please? 🙂
    I’m getting my first pet frog soon!

  4. I like your Video…Do you ever keep turtles?/ you might like my Video on a large snapping turtle.. It has some underwater shots with the Go Pro..Feel free to comment and Subscribe..

  5. Love the new setup!! I can't wait to set up Rhaegar's 143g bioactive and Troll's 36×24!! I love the bio that troll is in now but AHH it's gonna be so fun!!

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