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hi my name is Tom moody I'm the owner green cottage fence in Gig Harbor Washington we're located right off harbor view avenue and old town gig harbor and we've been here approximately 10 years one of the things that's unique about green cottage pets is the fact that we critique everything that we bring in we make sure it meets our standards we offer frequent buyer programs on everything we guarantee everything in our store you buy anything in my store you're not happy with bring it back you give in start credits give you money back whatever makes you happy and we want to continue doing business with you for the long term that's our reputation that's what we go by all the staff that we have here is all very knowledgeable a lot of people look for alternative foods other than vet foods even though we have nothing against Bedford's we we have customers that come in and they try to say you know this is what the vet recommends do you have anything is similar to it'll work just as well and ninety-nine percent of the time we usually do we have a lot of the vets in the area that actually send people down here that that their dogs are suffering or their cats are suffering from allergies or IVF and we put them on a diet that will really be beneficial to what I'd like to tell you a little bit about the benefits of human grade nutrient-dense dog and captain first of all your dog or cat's been eat less first second you're going to have half the stools that you'll have with what they call mass-produces number three they're going to get all the vitamins and minerals that they need they're going to have high omega-3 omega-6 fatty acids which is very very important in a pet slave scan call Heart Lung the whole overall beings just going to show through higher energy levels longer lifespan less that visits all in all spending a few more dollars for a bag of human grade nutrient-dense chemical free food is going to save you money in the long run being a health food store for dogs and cats along with our human grade nutrient-dense dog and cat food all of our supplements are pharmaceutical grade we carry nothing but wild salmon oil for omega-3 omega-6 fatty acids we carry hip and joint supplements that we find are the best on the market we carry a full line leashes and collars toys and treats we'd love for you to come down to see us our hours of operation are monday through saturday 10 to six sunday we're open 12 25 we'd love to have you come in thanks a lot

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  1. This is I think the first Youtube ad served up to me that was at least semi-local and for that reason I watched the whole thing, even though I'm in Seattle, no where near Gig Harbour. Anyhow just wanted to say that in our experience at home with our cats, everything you say in your ad here is 100% TRUE. 3 years ago we switched my cat Ishmael who is now nearly 14 from a diet of vet foods and "high end" mass produced foods, to an alternating combination of 3 nutrient dense foods. He had suffered many problems with UTIs and was really obese. Within 2 months of switching to this diet it was like watching him age backward. By 4 or 5 months in it was like he was 3 or 4 years old again. He stopped shedding, lost ALL the extra weight and began running around and playing with our younger cat all the time (he still sleeps most the day but he's a cat hehee). And, he has not been back to the vet in this entire time for anything serious. Makes us happy just looking at him every day now – he literally acts like a happy cat, and were I him I would too. It seems amazing what good food did, but when you consider it, it just makes sense. It's a lot, I think, like he'd spent most of his life eating only McDonalds, and now he's getting good home-cooked meals. 🙂  Spend the extra money – it's worth every penny, and probably cheaper in the long run… and even if it isn't cheaper, why have a pet if they're not worth a couple extra bucks to let them eat like you'd want to eat… well.

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