33 thoughts on “Great V-pets: Littlest Pet Shop™ Digital Pet

  1. oh man… i had one of these as a VERY little kid, but lost it. i spent years thinking that it was all a dream, that i never really had one of these bc we never found it?? but i am way too happy to find they are real. i think i had the cat?

  2. I used to have this , this has brought back so many memories! I loved it and it was such a big world with lots of mini games although mine looked different.

  3. Omg I had this as a kid!!! I owned the frog. I remember getting it from Marshalls and I loved it! Brings back memories. I remember always taking my pet to the water park and movie theaters. I hope that I can find mine…

  4. Yes I do. You take a small object like a sharpened pencil or needle and press the reset button on the back of your device. It'll turn on when you release the button and should run again. If the freezing presists then it probably needs a new battery. The batteries are like 4 bucks a piece here in Oregon. But they last a long time. —-Jax

  5. watching this video was really helpful for me because I wanted to see what was it about before buying it, so popular or not, thanks a lot 🙂

  6. Yeah, but this it guess can be considered a classic since this was made during the birth years of Youtube. I'm one of the original youtubers, but never made it big like some of them. It's mainly cause my brand of videos were childish, and had a certain acquired humour to them. Main reason I made this channel was to showcase my stuff to my family.
    But anyway, I'm getting off topic…WAY TOO EASILY. XD This video will always have a place in my heart. :')

  7. it's probably because it was the only video in youtube about this pet 🙂 in the last few months a couple of other ones were made

  8. Way back then, I got it from Wal-Mart. I do not think they sell them in stores anymore… (-,-) But you can get them on eBay for decent prices.

  9. @marianlei
    Get your digital pet and turn it over to the side without the screen. On the left-ish side there is a reset button. You might need a pen or toothpick to press it

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