Great Depression Cooking – The Poorman's Meal

welcome to my kitchen I'm Claire a 91 years old today we are making meals from the Depression [Applause] I'm gonna make the poor man's meal which we ate during the Depression it has potatoes and hotdogs because they were cheaper so we got the hot dogs let's begin by peeling the potatoes so they had a quit high school because couldn't afford socks couldn't afford anything to wear but we survived we were all faster my father used to buy a sack of potatoes and we ate potatoes every day but things would pasta potatoes fried but there is with eggs the way my father would buy a second potatoes sack of everything flour potatoes were a dollar a sec that was a lot of money a dollar this is the last one I think I'm gonna peel I think today the kids like to smell my grandson's like it his friends like if they come here for a poor man's meal if we had a bad potatoes we take the best part out and still need it next step is to keep the potatoes after you peel them your Cuban take out all the bad parts you know I had to quit high school because I didn't have sockets to wear that's a fact now I'm footing the onion in the potatoes well it all depends on how many potatoes you have and I think this in this case once I get it enough now I'll put a little oil in the pan just judge by yourself how much oil and sit runs out of oil and you put a little water but in this case we don't yet so I'm gonna put this on the stove now and fry it on the gas I got all the neighborhood kids they come in and they say can we have the poor man meal they all like this and we made that bad name poor man's meal we should have called it the depression meal getting the hotdogs ready cutting them up so we could fry them with the potatoes it all depends how many potatoes you got I think by four is enough for this not potatoes here hotdogs are half cooked him they're tasty and they were cheap so and that was cheap sticking mark comes overnight I make me the poor man of the meal then he brings his friend Tom I usually cook for them Mark's friends they're boys they like my poor man's meal too [Applause] the pressures was very bad with a long one – I had a little garden of my own and lady came my one of my neighbors with a shopping bag and she was going in my yard my garden and I said where are you going she's I'm going to pick a few things this is what why don't you ask me I'll give it to you you know but I don't want you to go there and just take what you want I said that's a lot of work for me she was she came to fill her shopping bag but my clothes my garden I don't think you are so touchy I just I am stuck yeah like work hard to have that garden she just made herself at home [Applause] I'm gonna put just a couple of tablespoons of sauce in here I'm going to put the hot dogs with the potatoes take the potatoes if there cooks then you know they're done hot dogs will get all crooked well those kind of bends I put the water in so then potatoes will soften up and make a nice sauce for them let it cook for a few minutes and they're almost ready everybody ready click at the table any they're not talking you

29 thoughts on “Great Depression Cooking – The Poorman's Meal

  1. To Clara's family thank you for sharing her videos, she reminds me so much of my grandmother who also lived through the depression. She maybe gone but she will never be forgotten ,what a lovely lady god bless your family.

  2. The nerve of some people to just come in and take what they want from her garden. I wish I could slap that bitch that was doing that

  3. These are the survivors …. the elderly from OUR past… that built this country and made it into the success it WAS by doing what they had to. Then they made the mistake of handing it down to the entitled little bastards of today to destroy and make fun of them. It disgusts me.

  4. My Granny went thru the Great Depression and saved her brushing hair to make extra pillows. After washing and stuffing into cases they were quite comfortable! Like shreds of thin silk in a pillow case. Thank you Granny, see ya soon.

  5. "Patatas" LOL – exactly how my mom pronounced it. She also grew up during the Great Depression and she used to feed us meals like this in the 1960s:) God bless this dear lady and her legacy, may her videos remain in YT forever.

  6. I love watching this lady sadly both sets of my grandparents passed when I was little so I never knew what it was like to have this type of relationship I'm going to be a nan in 10 weeks and going to be the best nan I can be x

  7. I always enjoyed watching Clara's depression recipes and how she could make something taste gourmet with little or no money !
    I can't accept the fact she's gone and since then a part of my spirit's died and a part of YouTube also…
    I still pretend in my heart and mind that she is still with us and will always continue to be inspired by her and appreciate everything that I have today !

  8. I can’t believe people look at this amazing just absolutely incredible women and dislike the video. I swear there’s a job at YouTube where they go and dislike every video to make sure that they all have dislikes. Cause there is no way a person could actually watch this and not fall in love with her wonderful personality. Rest In Peace Clara. You are so awesome.

  9. Honestly for such a depressing theme this channel isn't that depressing. Rather wholesome some would say.

    Rest in peace Clara. Thanks for the recipes.

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