Great Debate — Facebook for Kids Yes v No

kids should have Facebook pages because for exactly four key states likes kids under the age of 13 years old check these web pages I think it shouldn't have Facebook pages because it could be dangerous they don't even need a Facebook and that things sometimes there's bad things on Facebook well many of my parents let their kids have to purchase because they're mature no woah-oh like some kids are mature I'll give you that but like for the kids that are like under 13 that aren't mature enough um lady like make my spread private information on accident and like if you spread private information it's possible for you to get well there are a private well there are privacy settings on there and Lisa can take care of the happy well I agree that Oh like they could take it in the hack hacking in the back stuff that can happen but oh what's the point of even having a Facebook if it's just gonna cause you trouble well according to help us calm over 5 million 10 year olds um have a Facebook page when you're supposed to be 13 which look like to more trouble than things well the kids a kid nor the bad things that are on Facebook oh yeah I agree with you on that but um sometimes there's bad things on facebook that kids shouldn't see like bad words and bad pictures well they can't break your facebook and make if there's what they can't get rid of of the punch yeah but this way they may have that you're supposed to be 30 or older to have a Facebook and like the bad things on Facebook because people over 13 have Facebook so the people that are supposed to have Facebook like they're okay it's like putting that stuff that's why I feel like all my kids shouldn't have this well the parents I agree with you but I disagree with you the same kind of crippled kids well the days you can take away to Facebook for a few days but because you need but the part where I disagree with you is because they could communicate with like people that that live like they know that live like like would say like another country like Canada state well the kids can use a cell phone um to to communicate are they social with another person and um but they don't need a Facebook because like you just cause you more trouble and if the easier to Ibiza phone to communicate with you for work they have their phones you know how do you have your tablet oh I kind of think that if you can like afford start and we can at least we'll work it what if they don't just have it up on the front well they don't have money then how would they have a computer or like technology think to use Facebook well with their parents just only have one job and they invariable happy oh it's going to work oh I I a a grain of you are that kind of her but Oh kids shouldn't have like a Facebook because that too like they might accidentally spread private information and not only could they get happy but the happen can put like bad things on their Facebook page and people might say mean things about about what the heck we did and that's called some point well the can take care of everyone and their career whoa oh wait sometimes there's like bad things on Facebook and like bad people that might like oh think that might and if you like spread information on accident then like they kids like somehow because I don't know how to do it but Oh take your like thank you that can be decided well I heard you that there are privacy settings on it and put your can change password the hacker doesn't can't get on your account well I'd agree with that but what's the point of even having facebook if it's just gonna like cause cause you trouble well in the future you're going to need to communicate with people yeah in the future but kids like fishy so kids you shouldn't have Facebook because um what's the point of even having it it's just going to cause trouble like you will disagree with me well ID will agree with me and that's why every kid should have

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