Grape Insect Prevention

…other urban grape planting, and the types of things that you
should be doing right now on your grapes is, again, Disease Control. These plants
look pretty clean right now. You can tell there’s some spray residual
right here. They’ve been spraying them, otherwise they would have powdery mildew,
downy mildew, black rot, and a number of other problems. The cluster grapes are quite healthy, and the one thing that I would watch out for
at this point in the year is as we mentioned early July is Japanese beetles will
be showing up any day now, and what Japanese beetles do is they feed
on the leaves, and they will also destroy the berries,
and they give you this type of appearance where they eat holes in the leaves. One of the
things that I tell people is that if your gonna control Japanese
beetles you actually wanna put materials on to protect against them before they get there. Once they start
doing damage other Japanese beetles are attracted and
they will be more damage than they normally would. There are a number of different products that
are out there that can be used, but one organic product that you might
consider using even before that there is called “neem”. N-E-E-M. And that one is nice because it not
only kills the Japanese beetles, but it has a repellent quality to it. It
can repel the Japanese beetles from 24 to 48 hours. Okay.

3 thoughts on “Grape Insect Prevention

  1. Hi there would u be kind enough to help me protect my grape vine from hornets and wasps they attack just as they are getting sweet much obliged javed

  2. Very helpful. Thanks. You mentioned of a spray that controls disease, what's the name of the spray and where can I get it? Thank you.

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