GRANNY's PET SPIDER + SECRET ROOMS w/ Annoying Baldi's Basics!! (FGTEEV Gameplay)

I got the gasoline I'm about to put it in the machine what's up gurkey turkeys it's jump boys scared daddy boy daddy scared boy not today we are playing more Oh granny that is correct there's been a new update let's check it out but it's room is the same hmm what's in here there's a cocky hmm nothing new in here what's this that's a new shelf ooh a wrench oh dear oh my granny he are you so blind dude yo I didn't even know dude yes haha I must have knocked down that picture frame and I walked over through the picture frame went back and then knocked down the cambio looks like a lever so scoochie daddles she thinks that so anyone has a screw to daddles I try really quick nope stop who keep still in there what bull the stop pressing that button picture frame reset playing our chef owner ah okay quit okay that did something oh that's a room what is this maybe I can put something here for okay all right that's not good this is only day one my chairs broken okay my chair you might ask why I sit on this little chair and that's that's so that I can use this little table that I have yeah I know I should probably surprised by new stuff oh no the doors walked can you still grit glitch cranny come on Colette screen let's cranny good sting does it work darn I'm on day three I got a restart cogwheel shotgun okay quick she's coming dr. Frayn down I'm restarting yo granny got quieter what just me in the toilet them broken up a barbecue want some no mark that strange dude oh god I know what some toilet me I should want the door is hoping okay so here's what we gotta do drop no I meant to drop it down there where am I I don't want to go what's go in the bathroom get the meat off her some speaking I haven't played in so long I got bad at the game Oh bear trap okay where's my meat there's the meat quick open put the meat you know it's not a meat table I smell meat grannies jokes they're so good they're like mine are you there are you real oh my goodness granny I love her if only she would be with me oh excuse me I love you babe whoa what is this engine part for like the car no way throw the meat down there throw the cogwheel down where'd it go I gotta get the engine what is this to the basement I keep running over this kinky clothes hanger the coast is a cleaver got a hammer going down okay what's this but it stays what's a book sling Gina oh no she's coming she's coming where she coming from where she's coming from there's a teddy bear never teddy bear are you wait whoa whoa whoa her battery dude the engine in the car battery we can drive it no way I'm gonna make a second stash in the bathroom and excuse me hello anyone deeds basement oh oh oh there she is hey granny can you hold my hand up I'll be right back take a kill of it so scared okay because nothing around oh no oh no no no there's the hammer I love my little statuses don't make fun of me this is this my technique look look look I gotta get the pop I gotta hit the book I say you're doing a shook no but you wanna know granny was a bookworm or face kinda looks like the end of a worm car battery yes I love how she can't get right here I feel like they're gonna fix that in a future update no I shouldn't say that now they are gonna fix it in a future update chip come on granny granny move kind of slow you might want that battery mmmm the teddy which means she's coming for me oh I got Gina daddy bear well I'm gonna put it right here probably go check and see what's out here it's this random piece of wood I still don't think we've ever gonna know Regan it like need to eat okay let's just do outside why is this door open all right whoa whoa guess we can man gotta be kidding me oh no granny I gotta get her back down to the basement okay right here and drop I love this game oh stop hitting everything goofy dunny so doofy Doo Phoebe in here why is she still looking ready there's nothing he said you can't take it I love her what are you doing exercising your neck your neck sir sizing Oh feel the burn dude she snug like this isn't a joke like look I'm look like I'm not like editing this she's actually stuck nexor sizing no this is not good Grande I'm gonna have to like bring it oh this is bad this is actually what does she see me no she doesn't see oh my goodness I thought it was about to be like turkey turkey on fleek about to get crunk let's distract her bring her out here okay because you're creepy I'm well aware of what you see then you probably don't see much cuz you need glasses car battery let's go check out the basement what about the front no now she's coming what'd I do just put it there I need the engine part battery start I cannot start the car yet I stopped seriously come on come on too much shenanigans this FG TV channel grantee hop in the car let's go for a ride come inside don't be shy so this is perfect oh no no no this takes a padlock key I wonder if the padlock key for upstairs is the same for down I got the gasoline I'm about to put it in the machine gasoline gasoline spark plug oh no I still miss rip up the gas just make this fall off he put the gasoline in there come on go in there granny go check it out come on come on go in there yes open and close and close she came out I do it it's granny in there hide your hands she's stuck in there she gonna yes grannies gone for two minutes I finally did it so jerky turkey rebellion is it full of fat okay gasps yeah ohh engine part okay where's my engine part oh no where's my engine part earns you there boy I'm such a doof I lost my engine port alright let's go it's right there guys kidding okay drop it down there cogwheel let's just while we're here let's just do it and then right here nothing no oh a playhouse key perfect Oman goes oh yeah we're gonna need that meat I don't know what for maybe in case I get hungry nothing to eat up in this house nothing nothing nothing oh yes a wind channel finally it's like the first time I ever found something here open Oh Special K what is that oh my goodness going before she comes back okay dude what is that key oh my goodness that looks amazing Oh there's so much new stuff you could press this wait oh yeah see I can go outside by pressing that so cool I didn't know that fan room Antonino you guys remember him fan romance Wow oh my god oh my god oh my goodness my turkey jerky oh my turkey jerky oh my gosh my nose is tipping mmm I'm not thirsty anymore that was so close I'm afraid I'm afraid to go cuz what if she went to the basement it's your favorite favorite person granny ing stone baby yes now in a spark plug dude I really want to find out what this special keys for alright I'm going on a journey experiment so oh my goodness she's gonna hear me no no run for it run she didn't hear me oh my goodness what's appeared what has changed up here nice that you see oh oh oh no this is it that's it oh oh my goodness there's another upstairs in the upstairs Wow no no no she probably just saw me go in here she's so do free shipping Ziva headed oh where were we I fell asleep got low I headed what's my name what's this oh is this a game this looks like fun hey wait a second it just came back to me it's creamy shouts oh that's scary okay so can I hide anywhere if here what is it empty plea oh do I put the meat on the plate dude no that counts as a day what I'm so confused what does that mean do I put the meat on the buoy oh no she coming she coming oh dude I am so scared it's in there creepy eyes oh my god wait what is that button about I gotta shut it no that means the meat there oh no the meat there there's no that means the meet their needs oh my goodness I gotta get a shotgun do I have all the pieces you'll hold up what Oh perfect perfect shotgun shotgun I need two more no shotgun peace gonna try one more thing get it get it get it anything please be a part of a shotgun yes what is that what is that what's a car key please okay please don't come a trip please don't come up okay where's the meat no how are we gonna get that drop it oh no I should have done it granny's gonna come up here oh just right there don't look at that that's the spider we're just gonna go slow maybe it won't see me come on please don't see me come on please don't see anything come on please don't see me come on please don't see me come on please don't see me come on please don't see me please don't see me okay thank you for your wait this yo this must be her pet I knew that chakras oh my goodness I gotta go get that car key this is bad it was going so good peace out gracious Oh broke my leg okay quick go get the car key dude I'm like missing so much stuff car key car team melon I need get oh that's where the gasoline go [Applause] every time boom boom come on come on what's inside Oh spark plug yes okay okay gasoline yes right there yeah wait is that gas or is it okay I'm hoping it's gas so dude I couldn't I could start the key now I could start the car but does it matter how to start Hey what why not oh wait oh my goodness I always forget to check the glove box what's in it weapon keep why what's wrong with me hey is that you I'm not here okay okay but I got so close you're so doofy the whole nose to bear traps let me go it oh my goodness no this is day five great give me another chance granny granny granny please calm down calm down granny granny please grant yes dude that was so scary alright here we go we got this we got this crossbow Frankie Darko may come in quick stop rolling okay this is awesome this is just what we needed shoot yes I'm gonna give this food to IVA and I'm gonna use this food why but it do something so magnificent I'm going to use it to just just vote us something with a lot to a drive on marketing on it my dear screwdriver screwdriver watch me do this what you got for me safe key all right that's cool we're making we're making moves we're making moves we're making a big galoot it'll be okay fly it supplies you got the plot and let's cut dose cut the wheel ply write it drop it I'm afraid to shoot the spider with the tranq Dart I feel like it just might not be more it might not be powerful enough you know it's all I'm thinking I feel like I need to get granny gone one more time yeah here you go hey little granny ready fall down the steps 1 2 3 it's all about you grande grande it's all about you girl we gonna we gonna see a movie later don't you worry it's all like it's gonna be all about you green all right now we're up in here what's this yes oh wait what no no no no dude this yeah there we go okay cool wait what's the wrench for wait I'm trapped oh do I forgot about that what's thin I didn't see this the whole time the shotgun thing was in the kitchen curse you cut it blindness I cannot die I've done so much work here done wait what yes let's do this I'm going to raid upstairs I don't care where green yeah punch go cut you greenie I got this guy's this is amazing we're getting revenge on the spider finally you think you can just come at me little baby but come out shy just shoot it right now I'm gonna just wait till crosses its path ready action yeah baby yeah baby got you maybe I take the meat do I take the meat and just put it right here I do a naps I just closed this so we can't get out wait what wait how do I do that wait what's in here padlock key wait what's up what's up with that though let's do wait okay mother oh my goodness guys well till next time oh my goodness I'm not gonna even want to play that next I did so much work well stay tuned thumbs up if you enjoyed and we'll check you guys later thanks so much for watching Gurkha merging the website description down below and stuff Baloo but what's the matter I got you you bad guy throw you out here go Oh No

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