50 thoughts on “Grandpa Mason stockpiling kittens in his yurt – TinyKittens.com

  1. OMG, look at Grandpa Mason move like a young thing. Now that is living life. Grandpa Mason, I still waiting for my pawagraph???

  2. I said it before but I will repeat it every chance I get : grandpa Mason is the best Mama Cat ever. He has so much love in his heart, I am afraid it will explode one day. God, please let Mason be here as long as possible, so he may also receive the love and care he so much deserves.

  3. Whenever I’m down all I need to do is watch Grampa Mason and he lifts my spirits! LOVE ❤️ YOU, GRAMPA MASON ?????!!!

  4. Grandpa Mason is the best Mama Cat ? He was supposed be terminally ill ? Not Grampa Mason!! There are kittens to tend to.
    He’s just doing his job. Love to you Mr Mason!! You are loved by many???‍♀️?

  5. Reminds me of my junk yard cat I rescued, Bigfoot, he took after my kittens just like this but was soooo sweeeeet, hahaha
    Cats rock~

  6. I've never seen a male cat carrying kittens.Mason is really special.He has motherly instincts for these kittens.

  7. Easily my favourite video of all time. I love you, Grampa Mason. Thank you for being the best kitty the world has seen.

  8. Love that cat, he's so cool. Just think, he was a street cat, living in survival mode and look at him now, a value to the cat community, never judge a book by it's cover, you may miss out on something truly wonderful.

  9. I knew he loved his kitten companions and loved them dearly but I NEVER thought I'd (1) see him carry a kitten around like a mama cat and (2) have the kitten be totally cool with it. Lord love Grandpa Mason.

  10. Grandpa Mason, protector of the weak, caregiver to the sick and teacher to the young……. a champion of all young kittens in the world…..he never met a kitten he didn't love!

  11. "Kids. Can't sit still even for a minute. Always wandering around. It's time for your bath, you hear? After that, you're taking a nap with your brother and sister, whether you like it or not."

  12. Who could blame him?
    "This one's mine. This one too. And you get in here."
    We're all addicted to kittens!

    Glad to see grandpa mason doing so well! His coat looks amazing!!! Hope he's more friendly to humans too.

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