GPS Microchip for pets- Pet Hospital Murrieta

my name is Jesse I am the hospital administrator at Skye Canyon Animal Hospital in Marietta California microchipping is a small chip it's about the size of a grain of rice that we implant underneath the dog's skin and what happens is when a pet I shouldn't say dog it's of a cat or a dog and what happens is when the pet becomes lost the first thing they're going to do anybody who finds the pet where Humane Society has bring it either into an animal shelter or the nearest veterinarian and the first thing they're going to do is they're going to take our scanner and we're going to scan that area usually between the shoulder blades and we're going to scan it for any any type of chip if they have one a number will come up on our screen and give us the information to the company who owns the microchip giving us the name of the client who registered that microchip so we can find the owner it's extremely important to get a microchip one of the few reasons or one of the many reasons are you know around this this area we have Camp Pendleton the the the the bombing and the ammunition practice scares a lot of pets causing them to run away from home trying to hide from the noises it's very important you know that we microchip our pets to ensure that we get a safe recovery a safe home for them to come back to there was one time we actually had a dog come into our facility that was lost and we quickly scanned it for a microchip found that it was actually registered to a family that lived up north near believe it or not San Francisco we then called that owner and they quickly came down the next day to recover the pet that was lost you know they had three children that were really upset and it was it was almost like a miracle story it was very nice to see that the microchip works so well the process is fairly simple you know what you need to do is you call your local veterinarian office to let them know that you are interested in doing the microchip placement then they'll go ahead and schedule the appointments they'll take them to the nursing department where they're going to take this little microchip and implant it underneath the skin you're usually out in and out of the facility within 10-15 minutes sky canyon does offer microchipping every day that we are open for business you just need to call make an appointment I want to invite you to subscribe to our Channel and check out some of our other videos

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  4. my dog has microchip but i need to know if this is the microchip that we can follow pet whit the cell or computer ?
    some thing lake the GPS .

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