48 thoughts on “Got New Shiny Kraken Secret Pet! Max Level & Max Enchant! Most OP Pet – Bubble Gum Simulator

  1. Oh please just add me I’ve been an OG and I always want to join ur game but it never lets me so plz just add me 🙂 my name is XxOmquitzfieryXX

  2. Hey may can you please tell me what do you use for typing these words in the video thank you and if anybody else knows another way to type in the video please tell me btw love your vids keep up the great work!

  3. why u never accept my friend ruquest and can u trade me 2 overlordd pls then i well subscribe more ok pls i want overlord my name is boboiboy_kus24 in robloox that my roblx name

  4. Can i get free pets pls im even cant get 20M coin ingame
    my roblox name : quanglin213

    Thx you for reading this comment, have a nice day 😀

  5. May you already unloked evil sock?

    Edit: can someone trade valentium max enchant for my queen bee max enchant?????
    And if you agree add my name my name is noobik12345
    And dont forget say you name if agree ok?????

    Last edit: may you use you shiny dominus hydra??????
    If you not use can you give me my username noobik12345
    And if you can enchant can you max enchant for me??????
    And another candy pet i think hehe

  6. Oh ya may can i pls have and op pet its my birthday my main is arsproxx with N/A

  7. You are a God and a LEGEND and so legendary I sub and ring the bell I want a legendary pet but five please

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