GoPro on a Dog!

have you ever seen a dog cinematographer before well I certainly have it so I wanted to OB be the world's very first cinematographer let's see if we can actually make that happen real quick I wanna introduce a game for you go oh yeah this is a dangerous game however is a game called defender Amazon where you go with your hands on and you look at your last six months of purchases and you have to defend to everyone else why you purchase all you guys are so scared everything wanna miss like the leave be cool yeah we can do it I'd advise me on a I'm coming three years you bought oh my god you nerd the we will quit smart plug an fpv camera a bunch of small batteries to miss for your roof yeah and a nerf arrow how was football like the old like flies uncle is 12 we have a birthday coming up okay it's a bit when OB is running around and mentioned the cam can be shaped in the lots and when a camera is bigger and heavier it's more weight and mink around and pull a rig around I want this to be as light as possible so it can be sturdy and not get self thrown around too much okay Toby even likes having this crap table yeah I have to do some safety pinning and stuff sit good boy yeah good boy the thing should never shoot with animals or children and yet here we were are shooting with Obion rim we did a Rayman video back in the day and we need as a kid to be like a little like wizard to make a blade II like takes a long time putting the beard on making to look good it put a little a lot of glue and like my hair is on kinda visually the glue kind of dries and gets all hichy the kid is literally running around the parking lot screaming ahh like wanting to pull this beard off you constantly reaching reaching up so I like pull it off enough like no no no leave it on even Jesus yeah I just think that officer yeah he's all happy and keeps running around just in absolute terror Sam and I are they're like oh my god you get a shot with kids and like the next 20 minutes oddly enough the once we had the female actress in her Barbra costume she became the kids best friend like the kid was like in touch with her immediately and would do anything she said she told me get the beard back on ditch don't go stamens mark she did like all right and do your actions it means like perfectly behaved so there you have it get the secrets you having kids on set it's just to have like a female cartoon characters running around and then they'll pay attention that video is unlisted on our channel good you can try to find it by going to our old videos and listen for a link because it's still accessible it's not very easy to find challenge accepted good luck guys we're gonna go with a human chest mount we're going to resize it for a dollar let's go seeing this bits over I mean it kind of really good feel what's that you're like GoPro arable gimbal he goes various filter here a well reviewed 64 gig SD card 8 port USB 3 hub a USB converter for audio this looks like 56 liners those are active Chargers are Wow you use the I can shrug North dressed yet there's no it's a fine if have on strengthen what is yeah I gotta be gone do that you guys do the pumpkin or yes here we go HP ink cartridges or gain plant-based proteins shower hook hanger a shower curtain a Bluetooth smart some smart scale I feel like you also returned a shower Assessor every did with that every your bathroom because this is awesome and over here you go it's also very deserting individual because there are I should note return the things in here they definitely try things that would be like that one of squatty potties oh holy help is very important fun facts ready yeah we don't have a squatty potty here and I'm used to it I just can't I think it would be just gross like no I need to elevate that the other day they took one of the apple tree should not sell out to anybody you clearly use Amazon when you're taking dumps at home in your bathroom and you look around you're like what do we do you give you hangers this is the most adult out of all them you know men would be proud okay she's a mini poodle and pools have this thing where they only really like other poodle other dog things don't really care too much about but if it's poodle all in it makes their day and people fools really connect with people because he's racist this is a wearable gimbal not sit right here and I'll keep it stabilized and now it's on the GoPro stuff you can put this on od like what is it it's hearing all anybody's okay you have a pretty decent amount of time where could we do a little a little tight Oh we had this thing where it's like I could put the leash on him but if I just put the leash on the ground he'll think he's like anchored to the ground so I think it's something similar that it's a human like try leaving if the leashes their neck seems like I'm stuck I think that was kind of what was happening here he kind of studies stuff and we're absolutely positive it wasn't a battery thing yes did you try any battery you can see it try to turn on because the gimm will hit the ground really hard it doesn't work anymore it's broken fortunately our friends over at Zion I think it's another one we just got to wait for it to get here oh they're here well Felix I hear you punk they're going to be easier to get like they have a super supportive Arkana stuff yes that have like that's been a fully fabric so Laura I know Nico that you're really is banality Natalie tells you this icon – oh we got sister place the spin for the go throwing is done oh boy not everyone that dog in these pictures looks like what's up it's going I ready to clown a harness that hit the GoPro do you want on a harness okay good boy oh we will whistling hands through this is the updated version of the same gimbal that we had before lighter weight because of that it should fit on OB easier maybe it won't bother him as much as this like backward be righter smooth and not the writer end this is the writer smooth in this is smooth moon the smoothest end hey Nick can you think of any words that start with him and I not that doesn't have an I in it and I any words that start with M and I it was great baby wouldn't that get the fit off of me little Milken the kept hid in his front legs whenever you try to walk why was it underneath a human you humiliate me what come back there go throw it so far he just doesn't like move with the gimbal on so let's go try to find something more comfortable you treat like come on what what so so so he doesn't particularly like run flower in the best what if he flew instead [Applause]

36 thoughts on “GoPro on a Dog!

  1. My dog does the same thing, when we put her leash down and walk away she looks at us and thinks “why are you abandoning me?!?! I CANOT MOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEEEE!?!?”

    (And also your dog is the new top blogger,(t seiries and pewdiepie should look out(yes I’m putting parentheses in side of parentheses(parenthesiseption(do you have a problem with that)))))

  2. I actually did this a few years ago, but only did it once because the footage was basically unusable.

  3. Oh they have an amazing GoPro dog hardness sold on the gopro store, its like $50 but fits really well, it conforms to the shape of your dog's body.

  4. Done the same thing. I tried the Karma Gimbal with it, great stable footage but my poor dog hated it.

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