GoPro: Introducing Fetch (Dog Harness)

Capture the world from your dog’s point of
view with Fetch, the first GoPro mount made just for dogs. With camera mounts on the back
and chest, you can capture fun footage of Fido from two unique perspectives. The chest
mount delivers immersive shots from your dog’s POV. The back mount lets you capture over
the head shots of running, jumping, fetch, and more. Or, mount cameras in both locations
to capture both perspectives. The harness fits small, medium, and large dogs from 15
to 120 pounds. Since the straps are fully adjustable, you can customize the size of
the harness to fit your dog perfectly. For smaller breeds, simply remove the chest mount.
Made of a soft material, and padded at all adjustment points, Fetch was specifically
designed to keep your pet comfy, no matter what activity he’s doing. With durable, water-friendly
construction, you can take Fetch swimming, dog park hopping, frisbee throwing, and more
without a worry. If the harness gets dirty, simply rinse it off or toss it in your washer
to keep it clean. Fetch includes a camera tether to provide an extra layer of security
for when your dog gets rowdy. In case the camera gets knocked off or comes loose, the
tether helps prevent you from losing it. Compatible with all GoPro cameras, Fetch is a fun way
to capture the world from your dog’s point of view and join the adventure with your favorite
furry friend.

100 thoughts on “GoPro: Introducing Fetch (Dog Harness)

  1. @PewDiePie I want to see your when you make your videos from Edgar or Maya perspective 🙂 with this go pro mount!

  2. Dogs are for unintellectual individuals . Like this comment, if you would rather buy a lizard than a cheap-arse dog.

    -Hemborg Nyman, proud scandinavian mentalist and animal enthusiast.

  3. Can we see longer footage from this mount? I suspect that the quick cutting is intended to hide how wonky the footage looks as your dog wobbles and weebles his camera.

  4. Best invention EVER!!!  I would personally like to nominate that GoPro send one immediately to Duncan the Boxer!!!

  5. The harness NEEDS a point to attach a lead to.  It's increasingly common for dogs to HAVE to be on leads in cities around the world, and in several European countries it's now a national legal requirement (unless in designated fenced areas in parks).    Besides, if the dog (or cat) goes bananas when it's not used to the harness and runs off (or dislodges the camera), you'd be very glad of a lead attachment.

  6. This is probably a stupid question, but what happens when your dog rolls over? My dog does a lot of rolling and I can see the camera detaching very quickly.

  7. c'est marrant il ne montre aucune image comme par exemple d'un chien qui court, c'est normal ca ne fonctionne pas du tout : l'image bouge énormément malgré un fort serrage rendant la vidéo impossible à apprécié… je l'ai testé alors merci mais non merci. 

  8. So who owns the copyright on the footage? The dog is responsible for the footage but the person set up the camera and turns the button on… Just curious.

  9. 2 Q.'s, 1. Why was the French Bulldog wearing a collar????? Flat faced dogs can NEVER wear a collar, it puts pressure on their trachea, an already compromised area in flat faced dogs. Q. 2. Can this work for a dog that rolls alot??

  10. Nice that GoPro finally offers a dog harness mount. I had built my own years ago; since the idea of attaching a camera to a dog is not new. Interesting about this video is that they don't show you much actual footage from the dog cams; especially not while the dogs are walking and running. The reason is simple … more shaking and shifting than any image stabilisation could ever correct … most of the footage is unusable. A real breakthrough would be a steady cam mount for dog harnesses; but this would probably be to big and akward for practical use.

  11. a better idea would be putting a camera on a dog's ass and u will see a lot of dogs coming to sniff the ass 😛

  12. They should soo make one to put on a horse or to attach to the front of the saddle infront of the rider so that the video is more stable than if the mount was on the equestrian (rider)
    Because the helmet cam is stable no wobbling but you only get the top of the horse head in frame (not the best angle)
    But the chest cam has a super angle of the horses whole head and neck in frame as well as the background but is unstable and produces wobbly footage ?

  13. Damn would've loved to use this on my dog but I'll be putting him down next week or week after. My Lab has couple of tumors and don't want him to suffer.

  14. Fetch c'est de la merde et Gopro le sait, n'achetez pas ! Vous n'aurez aucun rendu, aucune stabilité, la preuve c'est qu'ils mettent des ralentis sur les seuls plans où le chien à la gopro. 

  15. Just got mine and I love it! Did a little mod to make it not so shakey. Just uploaded a test vid and I may do a tutorial for the mod. Loving it so far.

  16. love how they don't show much footage. and the little footage they have shown has been edited so much. the video his so shaky and crap sound as its rubbing against the dog and stuff it's really stupid

  17. I recently bought this and tried it on my dogs. I can see that it will get a great shot, however it will also be horrible for the dog to wear. Yes, it is elastic, but it fits badly under the armpits and will wear away at the hair and skin if worn over any time. This could be mended with a piece of string (tying the front attachements together under the chest), but it shouldn't be a problem to begin with. Maybe I could get a handy friend to put cotton or wool on them…

  18. This would be PERFECT for my Channel its all about Golden Retrievers . But the one thing is This is extremely expensive due to me needing to get a gopro aswell FML

  19. That's really cool, thinking about getting one for our labs. using my phone to make dog life videos. I need to upgrade lol

  20. Mount your GoPro to your dog to capture the world from his point of view.
    You can buy now ->

  21. I have tried this on my yellow lab and the footage is really bad because when the dog walks the camera wobbles from side to side. The only good footage is when the dog stands still. I even have a image stabilized action camera but nope this doesn't work. If you must try this like I did get in on ebay for like 6 dollars.

  22. Some expensive gear to put on a dog's responsibility for safe keeping… and a bulky proposition, no respect for the animal's freedom!!!
    – My dogs take off… and I mean take off for their 3 times daily roaming adventures(good luck retrieving them!)
    – I found the spot in the creek where they like to stop to cool off(why they come back nasty charcoal-black and need bathing before entering the premises)
    – AND THAR YOU HAVE IT… camera FRIED!!! …also, a harness is danger for a dog to get hung up on something and can't free itself!!!
    – and how far will this thing monitor to be of real help!?

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