29 thoughts on “GoPro: Cats vs. Laser

  1. Anyone can you please tell me how to do that black out scene with only the music in the background in gorpro studio please???

  2. This was GREAT! Our kittens love the laser point so we filmed them in Slow Motion and it was pretty cool too. 🙂

  3. Playing fast-paced DnB at the right time to this makes it awesome. 😀

  4. Hey Guys check out my
    + + + Video: Cats Vs. Mouse + + +
      I was inspired by this video!
    What do you think about it tbh?

  5. Love this! I do this to my cat all the time, endlessly entertaining. I want a GoPro HD camera, and this video just verified that I need to get one ASAP.

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