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(synthesizer music) (horse neighing) – Hey, and welcome to
Internet Roundup, partners! This is our corral here on the ranch, and what other western
cowboy things can I say? – 10 gallon hat. – 10 gallon hat, which you actually saw a guy in a 10 gallon hat in Dallas, Texas this last year, pretty neat. – Man, that guy was a bean pole. – Oh, it was a skinny guy? – Oh yeah. Had his hat been taller, it would’ve just fallen around him. – I think skinny guy,
10 gallon hat is a song. – Oh really? – Yeah. – By Styx? – Yeah this is Styx,
was on Paradise Theater from Mountain State. – I heard, is it the one
where Mr. Roboto was on? – No, that’s “Kilroy was here.” – Okay, I heard Mr. Roboto in its entirety for the first time. – What? – It’s a great song. – You’ve never heard that? – I just heard the VW
commercial where Buster from Arrested Development is in the car and he’s jamming out, you know it’s Buster from Arrested Development? – I did not know that, Tony Hale? – Yes. – But I did know Mr.
Roboto, because that was a big song when I was a kid. – Sure. – You’re a little younger though. – I was a little younger,
I was still into like Lover Boy and that kind
of thing, you know? – Alright, well sidetracked
already, let’s start with this article on, it’s called
“Google’s Hive Mind Robot Arms “Learn to Negotiate a Cluttered World.” – Wait, what arms? – Robot. – That’s not how you say that. (chuckling) – That’s stealing that from John Hodgman. – Oh, that’s right, that’s right. I thought it sounded familiar. – And I think it’s funny. – It is funny. – Alright, so what’s going
on here with these robots Google researchers are
trying to get to operate more smoothly. – So you know how when
you play a video game you get increasingly better at it? So that’s hand-eye
coordination, and it’s something that humans are pretty good at actually. If you play tennis, if
you play video games or whatever, hand-eye
coordination is huge for moving through and dealing with the environment. Robots have a lot, a lot
of difficulty with this. And Google’s trying to
teach a robot to find, to select a specific thing
amid a bunch of other things, and so pick the right thing
up, and pick it up easily and quickly and well, right? The thing is, is they found
that you can teach a robot to do this, and that an
artificial intelligent robot can learn through repetition,
but we’re talking like 500,000 repetitions just to get
like one thing right. – And what good is that? – It takes way too long. So Google had a really
good idea, and they decided to use the hive mind instead. You use a single AI with a
bunch of different robot arms, grasping, and so if it take 500,000 grasps to learn something, if
you have 1,000 robots or 1,000 robot arms, then it
just takes that one single mind 500 grasps. – Yeah, not bad. You’re gaining real ground at that point. – Exactly, it’s pretty
sharp, it’s very smart. It’s basically distributing
the work that one mind is learning from over a bunch
of different robot arms. – [Chuck] Well I think
“smart” is the key word. Essentially what they’re
trying to do is make a smart robot, in other
words, they say it’s easy, well, not easy, but we
know how to program a robot on an assembly line where
everything moves at the same rate and everything is always identical. But things get confusing
in a cluttered environment, we’re trying to break
that barrier where a robot doesn’t have to be programmed,
it can actually learn how to do these things amidst
the cluttered environment. – Yeah, like I need to pick
up that human that fell down amidst this rubble, but I
don’t wanna pick up rubble and then accidentally drop
it on the human, I just wanna go get the human, and we
need robots that can do that and think like that. – Pretty neat, Amazon is
interested because they would obviously like to replace all
the humans in their warehouses with smart robot arms. – [Josh] Probably. – [Chuck] That way they
can’t get in trouble, right? About their working conditions. Because robot arms don’t care. – No, robot arms– – Oil them up every now and then. – Pretty much. – Right? – And then all the people
who used to work at Amazon can go home and just
kick back because they don’t have to work anymore,
because robots have it. – And wait for the drone delivery. Moving onto something
you found, which is both cute and effective. – Yes. – If you live in coyote country. – Yeah, which is increasingly
everywhere because– – I saw one the other
day, across the street. – No! – Yeah! – Chuck lives in a pretty developed area. Like you don’t live in any
sort of rural area whatsoever. – There are coyotes in
the woods around Atlanta. – Well, I mean as we encroach
further and further out into the excerpts, the Coyotes are like “well, I guess I’ll go to Hardy’s.” – Yeah, I need some Chinese food. – Right. So the problem with coyotes
coming along is that they like to eat pets, specifically
smaller pets like cats and dogs. And this couple came up with
something the “coyote vest.” And sadly they came up
with the coyote vest because in 2014 their dog
Buffy was snatched by a coyote in front of them, and
never to be seen again, and they assumed the worst for Buffy. They said “that’s not happening to another “of our dogs.” – No, so the coyote vest
is basically body armor for your little pooch or kitty, I guess. Can you put this on a cat? – You can definitely put it on
a dog, I don’t know if they, they’re probably gonna come
up with a different one for cats, I imagine if
they like cats they will. But I don’t see any
cats wearing this in any of the pictures, it’s
just a small cute dog. – That’s right, it offers
a few levels of protection, the large spiked collar
area prevents neck bites and shaking, which is what
happened to their dog, that’s the move, you pick the dog up by the neck, do that number– – And it stops short and grab. – You stopped short and made a grab. And then next they have
Kevlar, so I guess that would keep the teeth from
penetrating, ideally. – Right, and they said that
they used Kevlar that was developed for prison guards
to prevent stabbings. – Good enough. – Sure. – For me. – Sharpened toothbrush, coyote teeth, virtually the same, right? – Yeah, if it’ll stop a
shiv, or is it a shank? I can never remember which is the verb. – Oh… – Do you shiv someone
or do you shank someone? – I think you shank someone with a shiv? – Or do you shiv with a shank? – I’m not putting my money on either because I don’t know. – Maybe it’s both. And then the sides of the
vest are double laminated. – We should ask Barrett
Brown, I bet he knows. – Yeah, I bet you’re right. Double laminated to
prevent those canine teeth once again from puncturing what they call the “primary bite zone.” – Right. – Looks like it worst to me. – I mean yeah, if I were
a coyote I’d be like “ah, I’ll choose a different dog.” – Or I imagine the coyote would grab, I mean it would still be pretty horrific. – For the coyote. – No, I think it would be
pretty bad too to be picked up in attempted murder. – Yeah, but have you seen
the spikes on this thing? Like a coyote, it would just
go right into their face. It would be bad news. – I feel bad for the
coyotes too, you know? – Kinda. But I bet this couple that
came up with the coyote vest would just clap
along like “yeah coyote, “enjoy your pain! “This one’s for Buffy.” – Yeah, I went out to my
truck at like midnight the other night, and I
looked across the street, and there was that, they
have that telltale gait. Sort of a hoppy gait. I used to see them in LA a lot. And I went “Well, that’s a coyote.” – Man that’s surprising. – He ducked behind this vacant house. – Did you go inside and get your 357? – No, I don’t have guns, I
just went inside and went “huh, coyote.” – Weird. – What are you gonna do? My animals are indoor, so I
don’t have to worry about it. And my dogs are pretty big. – Yeah, I don’t think your
dogs are gonna be threatened by a coyote. – No, they would threaten
a coyote with their charm. – (laughs) – And winning good looks. – They’re like “pick a card, any card.” – Alright, that’s it for this
week on Internet Roundup, we will see you next week
right here inside the corral, and good day to you all. (synthesizer music)

16 thoughts on “Google’s Hive-Mind Robot Arms & the Coyote Vest for Your Pets | SYSK Internet Roundup

  1. The hivemind learning thing reminds me of an episode of Naruto I saw years ago, where the main character has to learn a difficult task very quickly – so he uses his power to split himself into about 100 clones of himself and has each clone try to learn how to perform the task, then combine the knowledge of the 100 attempts at the end to speed up the process.

  2. If you ever watch the old Twilight Zone series, you'll find that they pronounce robot like that (robut/rob't). I also noticed a few episode titles/names are also the names of Nine Inch Nails songs. Just thought I'd share.

  3. I live in Glendale which is a suburb of LA and super developed, as you probably know, Chuck. one Saturday I was walking down the street early one morning and I saw a dog coming towards me but with no owner. He/she avoided me by getting off the sidewalk and walking down the middle of the street. I agree with you regarding their walk-NOT how a dog walks!

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