Hey look guys it's me Nikki hello another day another challenge so today I tried to come up with a brand new challenge that I don't think I've seen before but you know you two boys you never know nowadays today we're doing the Google pics my makeup challenge the rules are actually super super simple for every Google pics my makeup challenge I want to do in the future there is a theme and today's first theme is typing in the first letter of your first name and the first letter of your last name and then pasting look after it so in my case that would be NJ look the first image right there is what you're going to take as your inspiration for your look today when I click on it I see buildings oh I'm happy with this I have a little row of houses and I see a pastel pink I see pastel yellow and I see a pastel blue and then the sky is white so that could be my hair later look at colors look at details look at textures zoom in if you can find a new color a new texture that you can play with for your look today now I will say I am getting pretty lucky today but I can imagine that some of you will have a real challenge so I dare you to play this challenge with me let me know how this goes for you and without any further ado let's do my first Google pics my makeup look alright so imagine some of you being like what is going on why is there enough foundation on your face while you're straight into eyes I've worked with Mitchell over the past few days and he really inspired me to start trying doing eyes before foundation and all of that so everyone want to give it a go today and see how it goes for me and see if I can actually do it so the first thing we're doing today is eyes so when I look at my image the first apparent thing of course are the three main colors pastel pink yellow and blue but I also see these little rooftops here that have like a minty shade it's got the grayish road it's got the details of black it's got the trees so I have some room to play with here first I'm carving out my using the NARS creamy concealer then now going in with the P Lewis base to pry my eyelid and this primer is really going to help you make those colors pop so my first caller is going to be that sweet pastel pink so I'm gonna go in with cherry blossom from the Sigma creme de Couture palette and I'm first stamping that on to the inner third of my eye and notice I'm stamping it on and not smearing or blending it on I'm really putting my brush up and down to distribute that color no rubbing no blurring and no blending just stamping it on into place and I'm kind of going for a Stacy Maria me way on Instagram inspire look she recently finally did a tutorial and I'm really inspired by her today so I'm placing the color sort of like how she placed it in hers the next building in the picture is a pastel yellow so I'm going in with this yellow right here but it's a little too pasilla so I might go in with a brighter yellow after and again stamping it on no blending no circular motions up and down onto that lid there patting that color on it's always doing all the work for you who pat over the lines where they meet and it sort of kind of blurs it for you without doing any harsh blending work and for the blue I'm using blue chocolate Oh my-y in my head was this so cute but now that it's on my eyes I'm like Google you played me so I'm gonna go back into the yellow to kind of reintubate it and find a way to make this cool ooh by adding the yellow it kind of transferred into a lime green this I'm liking this is a fun pastel rainbow look going on right here but I'm missing a little bit of Nikki so it's looking a little rainy over at my photo so rain equals glitter thank you so gonna put a little bit of the peaches pigment in Hollywood just on the center and thank God we're doing foundation after cuz if we had all of this and top our from nation it would have been a journey so to move to our lower lashline first we have to do our base so let's do it I am fully aware of the fact that this is looking at Rochas but I mean it looks like my google image sprite I feel like lashes are really gonna save this like I said I'm taking full inspiration from everything that Mitchell has taught me over the last couple of days so I'm using a brush for foundation yes the day is here some consumer stamping it in with that same brush okay that is the base done now let's focus on the under-eye and lashes for the under-eye I'm taking the same blue and just applying it towards the outer corner of my lower lash line you know what this looks needs liner cuz at the road the road is dark liner is dark let's do it see that's what it needed a little bit of Road all right so I feel like that really saved the look all you need to do who when in doubt is follow the road or apply the road to your eyes okay moving on lashes today I'm using the Tati lashes in TL 3 now from here on it's smooth sailing because we're just going to do cheeks and lips and I feel like the eyes took the picture really literally so here we are I'm gonna bronze using this Mac bronzer this is not actually a bronzer this is the next to nothing pressed powder in medium dark for blush I'm gonna take this sort of pinky color right here to spruce up the cheats a little and for a highlighter I'm using this pinky one right here oh my god hello oh hello okay we're saving this look at the rain and the cloudy sky is on my cheeks highlighting right now this saves everything oh we have arrived I can currently be found on Google Maps let me quickly apply some brows off-camera and then we're done alright to wrap up this look I just want to go for a safe a nude glossy lip because there's a lot happening right here I just want to say I just want to take this moment I think I released save this look with the liner in the lashes because throughout the video I wanted to stop so many times was like this is total and utter trash and let me just walk away from life and never come back I'm starting to really dig this look so let's wrap it up with some lips I'll go in with my favorite nude lipstick this is McCall from the Maybelline and Gigi Hadid collection and the fur claws are gonna go in with the brand new Mario and k'kaw lip gloss in super nude and to seal the deal some setting spray and that guys concludes my google picks my makeup look it went a lot of ways but hopefully you agreed that it went a fun way because in the end I really like what I'm looking at I love the colors I love the hint of glitter I love them liner I love the lashes I love the new clips so it was a very Google Maps erode but we got there and I really dare you to do this challenge as well because it's a lot of fun and you have absolutely no idea what Google will bring up for you so remember first letter of your first name and the first letter of your last name apply look after it and then the first image is where you take your inspiration from take inspiration from the colors the textures the setting the scenery the feeling take inspiration from it all and create your look with it and this is mine inspired by the three cute little houses so definitely let me know if I should do another one soon and then let me know what I should search for next to determine my look for a full list of every single product mentioned and used go to my description box below as always don't forget to like this video and subscribe to my channel and I want to thank you so much for watching again it truly is an honor I cannot wait to see you on the next one and I'll see you then good luck for creating your first google image I

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  1. Initials: FD. Apparently there's a company named FJ. Blue on yellow, literaly the initials FD. Now that's giving me inspiration. Nikkie, you were lucky!

  2. Sooooo I tried to look up my, whatever u wanna call it, the look I was gonna do so anyways I looked up kj look andddd I got….some shirtless guy….I give up

  3. I mean I'm really sorry but that's cheating if you put a dirt in your face you going to look gorgeous because you already so pretty????

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