Goodbye my Minecraft horse.. – Part 19

OH MY GOD! JOERGEN!!!!!!! JOERGEN!!!!!!!! RUN!!!!!!! RUN JOERGEN!!!!!!! RUUUN!!!!! MOVE!!!!!! MOVE!!!!! MOVE!!!!!! Good Minecraft morning to you fellers! TOP OF DA MORNING Today, we are starting off the game Outside That’s because I downloaded The PewDiePie Pack (anime wow) That one of you fellow 9-year-olds have made Another Super duper request is that i use shaders and.. I have! and I’ve never seen it before so this is the first time i am LOOKING at shaders in minecraft Very epic and as you can see here it says minecraft JOERGEN edition WhAt? PeWdiEcRaFt uhhhh yeah yeah yeah, hopefully, this doesn’t break my save file OOOH wha a a at -gasp- joergen you look so good my god oop- wait i have extra gold oh gosh how’d this happen i was- who the frick are you? IMPOSTER i can bearly see the water looks so pretty my god -hits- dont ever look at me again daymn.. -ding ding-… this is weird my god they’re WIGGLING they’re wiggling Joergen, Sven let me look at you oh mah gosh, you’re cute UwU -stares- you look the same *MEATBALL LAUGH* Joergen let me look at you! Wow, look at how beautiful he is using that flare My god My god x2 So as you can see, there’s a- Uh… There’s a couple of changes I’ve been playing a lot, like a LOT, LOT *Giggling* I’ve been playing so much *laughs* I didn’t wanna get ahead, so- I’ve just been- … Did that just move on it’s own? I’ve just been building stuff so I build this tEmplE For watersheep It’s a water temple So there’s water flowing everywhere I spent a long time on this OkAy? *Giggle* A very long time Oh my gOd It’s for watersheep Of course Of course, I had to do it to him And the idea is that the water flows from the water church Into the- It feeds It feeds my crops Thank you watersheep:0 *button* a- oh my god JOERGEN! JOERGEN! RUN! RUN JOERGEN! RUN!!!!! MOVE!! MOVE MOVE MOVE MOVE *RELIEF* MAKE A BUTTON THEY SAID OH MY GOSH ARE YOU OK? oh he’s fine this is such a dumb idea come here joergen *DAMAGE* OH *DRAMATIC MUSIC* JOERGEN! JOERGEN! MOVE! MOVE JOERGEN oh JOERGEN JOER- JOE- JO- JO- J AAH oh my god, oh my god, oh my god Sven where are you going? i’m so slow GOOOOOOOOO . .. … …. ….. …… ……. …….. ……… ………. ……….. ………… …………. ………….. …………… R.I.P JOERGEN
29/06/2019 – 24/07/2019 F

100 thoughts on “Goodbye my Minecraft horse.. – Part 19

  1. i saw sven ride the rails and I thought I'd have a run but even though it killed me adleast i died having some fun…

  2. pewdiepie you dumb frick, while joergen was dying you should have broken the railing as it would stop the whole circuit since its powered by redstone

  3. Most of pewdiepie's pets die/almost die of suffocation, we should probably tell him that putting their heads in a block slowly kills them

  4. Does any one else hate when people are like “OMG THX FOR THE LIKES GUYS!!!” On a COMMENT. It means like, nothing…

  5. Lol you should rename yourself dr pewlittle ? the magic abilities u have with the animals of minecraft ?❤️

  6. Pewds: if Joergen can ride this one, then maybe he can ride the mineshaft one too!

    Me: [reading title] sweating intensifies

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