Good Samaritan receives Kennewick Police Chief Award of Excellence

And certainly, when it comes to public
service, the three high core values that we look for in people are people that
have integrity, impeccable character, and courage to do the right thing. And so today, we are recognizing you, because you display all
three of those things.>>On May 18th 2019, PetsMart,
located at 6807 West Canal Drive->>[COUGH]>>Was hosting a fundraising event in their parking lot. The fundraising event was
attended by several vendors. One of the vendors was Caroline Friday. Caroline was with Tri-Cities TNR and was in possession of the donations
money box at her table. At approximately 15:25, 3:25 in
the afternoon, a male, later identified as 23-year-old Jesse Martinez, grabbed
the money box and attempted to flee. Caroline tried to hold on to the box, but
Martinez was able to take it from her. During the struggle, Caroline received
a small laceration on her hand. As Martinez ran from the area of
the fundraiser, Caroline yelled, stop him, he stole our money. This prompted several
people to give chase. The actions of Mr Lovato allowed for
the recovery of donation monies and the opportunity to assist us in holding
a criminal accountable for his actions. Present you with this Chief’s Award
of Excellence for 2019, so congratulations for that.>>Thank you very much.

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