Goldfish Beginner Care Guide | Basic Care For Goldfish

welcome back y’all and today let’s talk
about goldfish goldfish are unfortunately one of the most mistreated
abused fish found in the hobby often these fish are won at carnivals end up
in bowls and typically end up living a very very short lifespan compared to
what their actual lifespan can be when properly cared for goldfish can live as
long as 25 plus years so these are not actually fish that should have a very
short lifespan part of the problem is that goldfish actually get so large and
the ones that we typically see in stores are teeny tiny little babies but
depending on what species of goldfish that you’re keeping they can get over 12
inches in size so these are not tiny little fish that should be kept in small
aquariums or bowls now the recommended tank size for your average species of
goldfish is a minimum of 20 gallons for your first goldfish and then an
additional 10 gallons for each additional goldfish that you put in the
tank so if you are keeping three goldfish your minimum tank requirement
would be at least a 40 gallon tank the other thing when it comes to goldfish is
when you are looking at tank size you really want to have a larger footprint
goldfish do require quite a bit of oxygen so the more surface area that you
have in your tank the more oxygen that the water will have so again with the
forty gallon example you would want to get a 40 gallon long rather than a 40
gallon tall now the recommended pH for goldfish is going to be between seven
and seven point eight and the ideal temperature range is going to be between
66 and 74 degrees although many goldfish can tolerate much cooler waters now
while goldfish are technically omnivores they are really primarily herbivores so
you do want to feed them a very high quality pellet or crumble food along
with things like blanch vegetable spirulina algae flakes
and they can be fed things such as brine shrimp but I would only recommend doing
that as a treat as since goldfish are primarily herbivores you really don’t
want to overdo the high rich protein foods with them it is also recommended
and encouraged that dry foods be soaked prior to feeding to avoid digestive
problems as goldfish commonly can have a lot of digestive problems now when
decorating your tank you really want to make sure that you avoid any sharp items
or substrate especially with the fancy goldfish some of these species have
extremely long fins that can easily be torn and others have very large eyes
that can easily be damaged so you really want to do your best to avoid any type
of sharp objects in your tank now another thing that you want to avoid is
when you’re choosing tank mates you don’t want to put one of the
slower-moving fancy goldfish in with the more streamlined fish as the
slower-moving fancy goldfish will not be able to get their food as quickly and
could have problems getting their food at all or it could also get picked on by
the faster moving fish another thing that you want to keep in mind is that
goldfish create a lot a lot a lot of waste now being how toxic ammonia is to
fish goldfish tanks can often accumulate ammonia in the tanks very very quickly
so as with all tank setups it’s always recommended that you cycle your tank
first so we get that good bacteria in the tank that can help deal with the
ammonia and nitrites in there that are so toxic to our fish along with
purchasing a good water testing kit so that you can test your water frequently
especially when it comes to goldfish because like I said they can foul up a
tank so very quickly I know a lot of goldfish keepers that have to do as
large as 50% water changes sometimes more frequently than even once a week so
these are type of fish that you really really need to be diligent about making
sure that your checking your water parameters on a
regular basis and doing your routine maintenance and a lot of times goldfish
do require a lot more maintenance than some of your other smaller schooling
fish so anyway guys that’s only really half real today as always thank you so
so much for watching I love you guys and I will see you in my next video

8 thoughts on “Goldfish Beginner Care Guide | Basic Care For Goldfish

  1. My goldfish I had for 10 years it’s survived a fire it’s name is Nemo it grew super big but one day it died of kidney problems we went to the pet store to get something to help him but again we got back he was die

  2. I am glad you talked about goldfish in this video. I was raised around goldfish since I was growing up with my parents. We had all types of goldfish in our 50 gallon tank and took them out in my family's pond near the Spring time! It was beautiful to see them enjoy swimming and eating in the pond. We would have a spawn of babies which accumulate us having more little ones with the big goldfish that got bigger! Goldfish do require alot of maintenance. My parents love taking care of them and they were relaxing to watch.

  3. You can get away with 2 Goldfish in a 20g, I just use a filter and a light air stone. I don't blame people for putting Goldfish in small tanks as there is alot of bad information out there. Even small 20L starter tanks sometimes say can hold 2-3 small goldfish. Bigger is better.

  4. cool video with informations.,I miss your ? glasses ,you started wearing lense ? thanks for uploading Mandy ??☺?✔

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