Goldendoodle Gets a MOHAWK // Grooming Goldenoodle Puppy Tips

I don't want a groomer who is popular because they make dogs look good I know that sounds silly but I don't hey guys hey welcome to another dog log yeah so y'all are either going to hate me love me or understand me and don't really care which one you do but I decided to do something for Finn because it is summer we do live here in Austin it is very hot this is a little crazy but Fidan got a haircut it's like nothing he's ever had before I'm going to show you right yeah Oh before I show you if you are new here click that subscribe button down below join me on my mission to save oh the damn rescue dogs okay let's jump into this crazy haircut reveal right now give him such a short haircut which I didn't do it my friend is a groomer and I was like girl just you have fun with it right like cut him short because it's hot here and he gets hot really easily and I wanted them to I wanted her to just have fun with it and just do whatever so yeah we went really short and I'll tell you what y'all I miss the flu but he is so much happier being this short in his coat I think the Mohawk is a lot of fun it'll grow out its hair right so I do miss the flu I'm not gonna lie but his coat is really short now look at that and so he's not so hot and then he has he's got the crazy Mohawk which is so fun and then his tails still pretty poufy hop in oh my goodness I love it what do you guys think seriously comment below like I'm so curious you guys hate it you love it be honest I don't I won't take offense to it because all that matters is that he's comfortable he's happy he can be outside even if it's hot you know obviously with plenty of water and shade my buddy I should go boy and so sorry if there's yelling in the background there's you can see here like a men's baseball game going on or something Finnegan come here and so that leads me to talking about groomy here's the problem in my experience it's been hard to find one that I really really really like and respect and that's that's frustrating so here's a couple things that I always look for when I'm choosing a groomer and how I choke how I landed on the groomer I have today first things first when you're picking a the most important thing you need to consider remember and think of is that you are your dog's advocate I repeat you are your dogs only advocate and that is a great responsibility and what does that mean that means that when you're picking a groomer or anybody or anything that's going to have their hands on or near your dog you need to vet them out you need to make sure that they're legit you need to feel personally comfortable with them and you have to build a relationship with them you also need to be able to be comfortable to tell them what you are and are not comfortable with me and that also means that you need to do a great deal of research on your end so a couple things to look for or say this way a couple things that I looked for with a groomer one is I'd like the idea not a lot of people gonna like me for this but I'd liked the idea of groomers who were like hey if you feel more comfortable staying here while your dog gets groomed or cool with that I understand that there need to be barriers and I also understand that there needs to be that some dogs do better when the pet parent isn't there but there are groomers here in Austin keep in mind the groomer market is really saturated so I think that they do different things to stay competitive but a lot of groomers here in Austin they'll allow you to sit there and wait in a waiting room they're not necessarily gonna have you standing right next to the dog but if you want to you can and obviously if it makes it to where they can't groom your dog that's gonna become an issue but if your dog can handle it and your groomer is open to it why not if there's nothing to hide in my opinion it should be okay if you can and you're lucky and you can find a highly recommended referred holistic groomer which is kind of an up-and-coming term but one who is really focused on creating a positive experience for the dog who doesn't necessarily jump into expressing their anal glands if they don't need it and doesn't necessarily jump in to just yanking all the ear hairs out because while some people believe strongly on one end or the other I'm sure a lot of dislikes on this I believe that you kind of have to take the dog case-by-case I don't want to take my dog to a groomer and they're just gonna gang calls ear hair is out because what's been what we've learned over time is he does better if you leave most your hair and we haven't had any issues with ear infections and if that changes that changes but some groomers they're just so quick to treat your dog like every other dog that it's like a robot and my dog is not every other dog my dog is my dog and I want him to be treated with frickin royalty right and so a lot of groomers are like a lot of groomers are great but I always try to find those ones that are open to kind of alternative methods for making sure that your dog is calm another thing to consider is the products they're using right like a lot of them are using these highly synthetic chemical ridden I shouldn't say chemical but like fake ingredient ridden products that has a bunch of junk in it to make it smell good but it doesn't really do anything beneficial for the dog I want a groomer that if that that they take the time to research into products that are more natural to have more natural ingredients like a shampoo conditioner things like that I think it goes without actually having to be said but obviously the bare minimum you want to look for in a groomer in my opinion somebody with great experience somebody who's been in the industry I love finding groomers who've actually gone to conferences to like further their education and get more skilled and technical in their work oh oh my did you literally just climb a tree did you guys see that what you see is squirrel you know a lot of people when they're writing or making a video about how to find a groomer one of the first things they'll talk about is finding a groomer who's really experienced and doodles and can give a really cute doodle look and keep my doodle looking like a doodle not like a poodle I'll tell you what that was the last thing I looked when I was looking for doodles I mean yeah I don't want somebody to butcher my dog and make them look silly but I don't care hair grows back what I care about is a groomer that is gonna pay attention to my dog a groomers that that's gonna show me thin and be like hey look here's his problem areas you know I found some mats you know by the back of his neck or by his back left paw so when you're coming make sure you come here I want a groomer who's gonna work with me and teach me how to properly groom my dog and give me tips based on my unique dog and a groomer who's gonna actually look at my dog from a holistic perspective you know maybe they'll notice hey I see some red spots on their stomach Hey look their ears look a little backed up or whatever is like I want a groomer who just goes above and beyond in terms of the dog's overall overall physical and mental health and that leads me to the segue of mental health you know like I said I don't care I don't want a groomer who is popular because they make dogs look good I know that sounds silly but I don't really I don't care I want a Gerber who call me halfway through if needed this hasn't happened but call me halfway through and be like look Rachel Finnegan you know he's had enough I'm only gonna build to finish half today can we can we reschedule and finish half the next time he may look silly for the next few days but he needs a break or whatever it is like I want a groomer who cares more about my dog being comfortable with the experience rather than making sure that he looks perfect at the end I just I don't care about that I mean my dog right now has a freaking mohawk most people are like why would you do that to a doodle and I'm like one it's kind of cool in my opinion but – you know I wanted him to have a short coat you know a lot of people won't do that – doodles and you know I didn't I didn't have him like che I didn't have him shaved down like super super low like he still has a good amount of fur on there to protect from the Sun if you get your dog groomed comment below some things that you always look for and that's important to you and I'm curious to what you think oh yeah sorry the number one thing or one thing that really stood out to me by a current groomer is the ability and willingness to grew my dog in my home I have found that to be a tremendously better experience for everyone involved well I take that back I think it's probably a little bit harder on the groomer themselves just until they get used to your settings but we're not I'm not having to drive my dog drop them off have him in a strange place not to worry if the groomer the reason why it might be beneficial in some ways with a groomer is if she or he has any questions they can just pop out a bit hey Rachel Michael I see this on Finn or I have a concern or whatever it is if there is anything there right in your home they can they can deal with it so I don't know I think whoever just takes care of in in the most loving and natural way that's that's who's gonna win our heart huh what do you think then Finnegan hi where you going he's like I'm done so I hope that was helpful thank you so much as always just for being a part of my journey do not forget to click and check out my instagram at rachel Fusaro and facebook at Fusaro z– Fosters let's connect more there I've been getting better and better about getting to all my DMS so that's been a lot of fun getting to know you guys a little bit more intimately and I hope that you have a

29 thoughts on “Goldendoodle Gets a MOHAWK // Grooming Goldenoodle Puppy Tips

  1. I absolutely love finn’s haircut! I am getting a rescue dog in a month and I am so so happy! I love your channel and I hope you can give me a list of good raw foods.

  2. Hi You do Got did where your goldendoodle ?

    I really want puppy for my dog

    I have AussieDoodle and tzu shish

  3. Funny you did this video cus when I saw a picture of you guys on instagram I figured it was a foster dog!!!! Fun looks totally different lol not in a bad way at all! I love you cut his hair down for the summer. We chose to groom my dog ourselves and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank goodness she doesn’t mind it but me and my husband work well to make our girl comfortable. Love your videos and being that voice for your pups!!! Fin you look cool ? ??

  4. He is too cute! I totally agree with you! I haven’t bathed my two for two years and they smell better than some people they really smell good to be honest. Fin looks more poodle maybe he’s 3/4 poodle?

  5. I will be going to Austin, Tx this summer for a church camp with my cousins. Also, I have a bernedoodle and my aunt has a goldendoodle, and we are buying all the necessary grooming supplies and splitting the cost

  6. Is Finn a purebred F1b Goldendoodle? If so is he a Standard or a Large Standard Goldendoodle? Thank you so much!! I’m loving all of your videos lately.

  7. YAYYYY I WAS THE 25TH LIKE!! Also I was having a really bad day today but it’s like you answered my prayers and posted a new video I’m happy and chippy again

  8. He looks amazing! The Mohawk is not something I'd do for my dog if he was a breed that needed haircuts but the short hair is a great idea for the hot weather! I'm trying to imagine my lab shaved (I don't want him shaved it's cold up here in the UK and they don't need shaving) he'd look so funny he's red in colour but his undercoat is cream so he'd have a red head and cream body. I took him to a groomer I volunteer at and they let me come in on a Sunday when they're shut and bath and deshed my dog I trimmed his paw pads out as he has very sensitive paws and tidied the butt fluff too as he's so floofy round there and helps curb the shedding and helps him look nice

  9. Thank you for making this video. Fin looks so good and happy. I am glad you shared your opinion on grooming. I thought i was overprotective for wanting to be there to make sure they make it a positive experience for my dog. Lots of love!!! ?????

  10. Hey Rachel, I love this video cause I’ve been really struggling with my pup Storm. He’s a labradoodle & his coat is just like Fin’s. He’s really good with brushing and I prefer to clean his ears myself at home where it’s more comfortable for him. I’ve found that he gets really scared in a “grooming” environment. I’ve only taken him to a groomer once but I’ve been trying to find a better one. He’s so curly so sometimes it can be a little difficult to manage it. I have curly hair myself so I joke that he’s the perfect pup for me ??

  11. I agree with what you said about having a groomer that cares about your dog's mental health. You might also want to check to see if a groomer is "fear free" certified (you can look this up online). I've seen videos of groomers here on YouTube that shout at and wrestle with dogs. The stress that puts on your dog can be so bad for both their psychological and physical health. This is the main reason I do all my own grooming for my dog and give my dog tons of treats while I do it!

  12. lol Finn is so sweet we are naming our future rescue puppy Finley or Finnegan
    I love your vids Rachel! They are soo helpful ❤️❤️❤️?

  13. I love this! I love this so so much! Being able to stay while a dog gets groomed, is a HUGE plus for me! Even if I have to sit in another room, as long as I am close by, I LOVE that!

  14. I 100% agree! Research is the key!!! I’m always looking forward to learning new things in your quality content videos! Also, not only is Finn happy but he’s rocking that new mowhawk as well, I’m in love with it already ???

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