good morning world welcome to bigdhaas vlogs I'm here today with Noah and today is gonna be super fun we're headed over to Kelly's parents house they have a brand-new golden retriever a labrador puppy mix and we're gonna give it his very first bath there's the big guy heat sucker you haven't met Noah yet have you no this is Angela and this is trooper how are you good cookie what's up cutie pie what's up cutie pie okay check crunchy is that like kale chips here's sad strange little guy alright guys I'm gonna take this little man right here and we're gonna go inside and give him his first ever bath all right trooper you ready yeah boy over those ears look at those ears you ready for this you look a little nervous oh what's that sound what's that sound buddy would you prefer hot or cold yeah that's water on my fingers feel hot or cold no no you don't do that all right here we go buddy what is that what is that No good boy Wow it feels good touch clear that boy look at that boy get your paws stay stay we're almost done you're doing a really good job he's trying to escape good shape everybody can you good boy that's a good boy nice job now you're so clean he actually looks more like a Golden Retriever than last time he looked like a major lab I think his hair is getting a little bit longer so this trooper did such a good job he's gonna get some training rewards come here buddy sit sit you want a treat you did such a good job I think you get a reward good boy that's a good boy you want another one hey hang on I'm trying to give it to you there you go all right guys so now these troopers first bath we are gonna go back to the office but if you want to see more videos of trooper growing up go ahead and smash that thumbs up button make sure you subscribe but right now like I said we're gonna go back to the office and see if we can come up with some more entertaining content for you guys miss video see you buddy good job working hard or hardly working that's right baby yeah this looks like you're being first [Applause] question I just got birds into the world look that way too can you actually see out of it I couldn't see out of it so my head was up here ya know we have another one we can plate you guys can play each other in ping-pong dude if she if she beats you in this point it's game over I don't think I've shown you guys this yet in a vlog we finally got our subscriber plaque for the daily drop out 1 million subscriber gold plaque check this out so a couple of years ago when I got this big dots TV one it used to be so much bigger and then they changed it so look at the comparison this is the one that you get today if you hit 1 million subscribers that's the one I think I got that one like I don't know four or five years ago so that is actually a way bigger way more heavy-duty so the old one in my opinion is actually way better but the new 100,000 subscriber plaques are better so this is the new one right here and this is the old one this actually has like a physical button inside this is just kind of I don't know what you would call that but it's attached to the plaque and then the same thing with this has a physical button inside and this is just kind of on there but anyways we got it thank you guys to everyone who supported the daily drop out to channel mean a couple buddies started where basically we do all the same stuff that we do on bigdhaas TV but there's different people and new actors and actresses blah blah blah subscribe if you haven't yet already that is it for the video thank you guys so much for watching make sure you smash that thumbs up button like and subscribe click that thing the red button


  1. Bathing a puppy is so cute!! Miss those days! ❤️
    I make cute funny doggy videos and if any1 wants to be YT doggy friends that be PAWsome ?❤️

  2. Sweet pup.
    Plz do more of u in a dress with your bag that u leave for strangers to watch. The one with the remote blast of …god knows what you all use. Toooo funny!!!

  3. omg your dog videos literally make me soo happy omg i’m so glad that you have the dogs you do and congratulations

  4. Their older dog is very cute too. All breeds are awesome, as long as they are loved and cared for. They won't have all the fur the GR has. GR needs weekly brushing and needs to be groomed. They are very high maintenance and my dogs all live inside and never lived outside. With 3 I literally vacuum four five times a day because they shed a lot.

  5. That's a lot of water for:

    1. A puppy's bath
    2. Arizona
    3. When you consider that residents of Flint Michigan have one gallon of water to bathe with and one to drink with per day.

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