Going Down the Rabbit Hole (Live) Whitney Avalon & Jonathan Hurley

Well, it’s 9 pm and I’m on the net
It’s early – I’m not even tired yet Don’t have to wake up till 8 in the morning
My inbox dings: new message warning It’s a cute video
Of a newborn kitten playing in snow I click ‘related videos’ and bless my soul
I’m going down the rabbit hole Now it’s midnight, I’m still sitting here
With an aching wrist and a half-numb rear I’ll get eight hours if I quit right now
Then I see a wiki article on Chairman Mao Endless knowledge on the docket
Hey, here’s the history of the Hot Pocket I just keep a-reading and bless my soul
I’m going down the rabbit hole I understand that logically
This information’s not helping me Don’t need to search obscure hashtags
Or read all these humblebrags Well, it’s 3 am, I’m starting to yawn
still I make my way to Amazon If I buy six cheese graters and a kindle
My bank account is gonna dwindle Keep placing items in my cart
Then delete them all for a fresh start I add to my wishlist and bless my soul
I’m going down the rabbit hole Tell you true this ain’t no fiction
The internet is my addiction My own damn fault I’m glued to this screen
There’s just so much I haven’t seen Oh, it’s 6 am and still I stare
Sitting awkwardly in my underwear I’ll barely get any sleep at all
I have caused my own downfall My eyes are dry, my neck’s a wreck
I swear I’m gonna turn this off in just one sec
I take a peek at Facebook and bless my soul I take a peek at Reddit and bless my soul
I take a peek at Instagram I take a peek at eBay
and I take a peek at TV Tropes and bless my soul
I’m going down the rabbit hole

100 thoughts on “Going Down the Rabbit Hole (Live) Whitney Avalon & Jonathan Hurley

  1. I think I'm in love…
    She'd be perfect, except that she's addicted to the internet, instead of heroin…….

  2. 5:07 am I started at 11:30 pm critic reviews, Facebook, pus videos, etc… I'm seriously going to end now. This must have been an omen.

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  5. The funniest part of this is that she became an example in the very Tv Tropes article she was singing about. And that's how I got here.
    My own personal wiki walks tend to end either when I pass out from exhaustion or scare myself. I really hate it when the latter happens cause then I spend several more hours scrubbing my brain out (usually with cute anime girls).
    Among the things I've had to bleach from my mind are Vsauce videos, Cracked lists, and anything containing the words: Real life nightmare fuel.
    I still have PTSD over some of the stuff I've seen online, to the extent where I cautiously scroll through the related videos on the side to make sure I won't spook myself while reading the comments.

  6. The ironic thing about this song is that it is literally me right now. It's 3 am and I've been watching random videos on YouTube since I got into bed at 10 …..

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  8. You have a fabulous voice! I love how strong and free your sound is – with a funky edge! I think you are truly unique! I don't hear many people with your quality of sound on YouTube. Keep up the great work! Subscribed. 🙂

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  11. Yes, all of the yes… I say after having been up something like 36 hours straight watching random youtube, and face book stuff. Also TUmblr, and Reddit… T.V. tropes or Wikies are worse. Heck the Star Wars wiki would take years to go through….

  12. You know who gets Whitney as their wife is really lucky!why?
    1:She is a actress/singer
    2:she is skinny and polite
    3:She is beautiful
    4:She is just the right size
    5:She is single

  13. She got the beauty, body and brains. What guy wouldn't be obsessed with her?
    I have this song stuck in my head when I start watching videos and end up somewhere weird and I have no idea how I got there. It happens more than i like to admit! #DONTNEEDTOSEACHOBSCUREHASHTAGS
    91 dislikes. That's 91 morons in the world. How could anyone possibly dislike this song?

  14. Ironically, I found this video while "going down the rabbit hole." It's perfect though, because this song is me every night.

  15. Well damn. Now I need to know everything there is to know about hot pockets. Did you know Otzi the iceman from alps was found with pocket-like pouches. Otizi had whipworm (aka Trichuris trichiura). So did King Richard III. He died at the battle of Bosworth Field. Brian Bosworth played football on a field. He had to quit football because of a shoulder injury. Those are common. Especially rotator cuff injuries. The rotaror cuff stabilizes the shoulder. Did you know the shoulder or "chuck" is one of the most tender of the beef muscles? Have you ever had a beef and cheddar hot pocket? If not, don't try it. You will poop for hours. And that's all you need to know about hot pockets.

  16. It kills me that she mentions TV Tropes; that site is the deepest rabbit hole I've ever found. Bless my soul, for it may be lost to character archetypes and ways to write about magic

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