Godzilla: King of the Monsters – Official Trailer 1 – Now Playing In Theaters

Our world is
changing. The mass extinction
we feared… has already begun… and we are the cause. We are the infection. But like all living
organisms, the earth unleashed a fever
to fight this infection. Its original and rightful
rulers… the Titans. For thousands of
years… these creatures have remained in
hiding around the world. And unless all the Titans
are found… our planet will perish, and
so will we. They are the only guarantee
that life will carry on. You are out of your
goddamn mind! I am sorry, but this is
the only way. -You’re a monster.
-I’m sorry. Long live the king.

100 thoughts on “Godzilla: King of the Monsters – Official Trailer 1 – Now Playing In Theaters

  1. If natural disasters were given proper forms. That's what they are. They're not monsters. They are not gods. They are forces of nature given form.

  2. I remember watching Godzilla 2 king of the monsters teaser trailer and the first official trailer since last year, then more trailers and Titans appeared.Then 3 weeks later, the Godzilla 2 movie came out in 2019.

  3. Still better than the last one and the movie
    Dont judge me for this
    The first tralier was so differen than the actual movie

  4. When the music hits at 1:21 followed by Godzilla's atomic blast and Mothra's wing spread, I'm in love. Anyone know the music btw?

  5. Over 1year,when I watched trailer again,the trailer and music really epic is a good memories for me and the G fans.

  6. When this 1st came i cried. But when i watched this in the theater I cried again! Then said this outload "LONG LIVE THE KING" now some people doesn't know what im talking about so i said this to them outloud again "GET THE HECK OUTTA HERE IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT DOES THAT MEAN MEANING YOU JUST COME HERE TO WATCH THE MOVIE AND NOT APPRECIATE IT" btw the guys were haters

  7. i am an american this movie is pathetic boring the shit out of me it sucks u want to see a one thousand times better godzilla movies check out the japaneese ones godzilla 2000 and shin godzilla it is one thousand times better then king of monsters this is a joke

  8. Just watched this movie and i'm so fkin glad this movie was spectacular, didn't expect this movie to be that good and turned out to be mind blowingly good. I would strongly encourage others to watch this movie and i will definitely watched this film again. Also I believe this film is one of the best movie i've watched in 2k19. I hope yall enjoy.

  9. Despite all the times I watched the movies, and how many times I've watched clips and these trailers, even months on this trailer STILL nearly brings me to tears and gets me excited to see the movie again.

    I REALLY hope they manage to re-capture and continue the wonderfulness this movie brought when they make future movies in the Monsterverse.

  10. Been wanting to see this movie since the first trailer came out just got caught up and so busy the last few months, but I finally watched it, thought it was amazing and didn't disappoint, one of my favorite movies of the year and probably the best visually as well

  11. funny how i didn;t pick up that vera farmiga's character was somehow the "villain" when i watched this trailer few months ago. Finally watched the movie yesterday and I was like "wow what a twist". But watching this trailer again, it was hinted throughout the trailer lol

  12. These are just CGI creations. The real flesh & blood monsters died years ago. Godzilla got hit by a car, & Mothra choked on a bug. Sad.

  13. Nice.

    Another depopulation movie…

    35 Billion acres of land, somewhere around 5 Billion of farmland, and we cannot feed more than 1 from an entire acre?

    This of course, does not include fishing or hunting.

    There's too many of us! LOL

  14. What a letdown. If the movie had been half as dignified and inspiring as the trailer, it would have been good. But no, just full of every tired cliche and cheap storytelling ploy that makes your bored of going to the movies. It's not about "elites not getting that the people just like to sit back for action sometimes.": It's lazy and not cool to even those of us who do like a good action film. Put in some effort, yall.

  15. It is a fucking shit movie.. it would be nicer if that fucking "bitch emma" is tortured , crucified and killed.. instead of crysing for that stupid bitch…

  16. Critics are idiots. Every Godzilla movie is just an excuse to watch monsters fight. It doesn't need to be any deeper than that.

  17. wtf…. I was hyperventilating at the end of the trailer. Just… wow. I'm gonna see it now in a pirate website, wish me luck!

  18. So sad that Hollywood uses movies to shove false climate issues up your ass like they're doing. I would say unbelievable but have you noticed what Hollywood is all about in the past few years ! Was hoping this movie would be a good one but I'm not giving in to the Lies and deceptions of Hollywood like most people are doing. SAD !

  19. Ohhh, with this music/soundtrack, combined with the scenes that fit so perfectly, we all thought we were in for-a definite "Many Oscars" contender. And what we got was not what this trailer made us anticipate at all. We got a dark, storm-filled very cool Godzilla film that didn't live up to the promise of this particular trailer anyway. And the Soundtrack was barely audible, didn't come close to what was promised, & not even close to "Shin Godzilla." I miss waiting for this to come out. Now it's time for that with "Godzilla vs. Kong!" Can't wait!!!

  20. This is the worst respect of advertisers for this movie…i was sorely let down by the actual movie. My only regret is that i actually rented this movie and thank god i didnt buy tickets to watch this and spend more than a rental to watch it.

    Who ever made this movie, it was more a joke to movie watchers than it actually was to entertainment of a good; not even geeat; movie.

    Would i suggest it to someone???

  21. Just watched this movie with my Dad on Blu-Ray, wanted to see it in Theaters, but financial stuff. The best word to describe this movie is…Amazing!!!!

  22. After watching the movie a few times now, I can honestly say it's one of my favourite Godzilla movies. Mothra is so beautiful, she stole the movie for me <3

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