Gmod Deathrun Funny Moments – CAT FIGHT! (Garry's Mod)

having fun typing your cat your cat's butthole cat abuse mom no it's not he likes it don't you have a kitty highlight cocaine on his cat he likes to feel and I like the smell there's nothing wrong with mutual exchanges okay all right here we go ladies and gentlemen better play some Garry's Mod Jerry's my death run okay we don't actually really know what the theme of this map is I apparently is just a bunch of random shit all right but we're gonna poop but by the end of this detriment we'll have figured out what what the theme is what are your title and everything you know by huh today bring your cat to work day yeah Bing your cat dog baby don't worry dad yeah there you go bring not the fuckin shitty search engine I'm banking my cat I did mine road kill my cat name is cat owl Kiki so we all have cat guns I know that exactly the wise person yes is your God guns gun since we all have kitty cat guns I have the perfect person to figure out who's dead here we go check her out absolutely come on keep going holy shit oh my god one fucking guy over budget with that trap someone is gonna die I am NOT gonna goof I'm not really someone may die but it's not oh but it's not going to be model Piggly Wiggly but it wasn't the Piggly Wiggly Oh next let's see here on the on this one see what they are present cuz they make more victims need more victims I owe you let's just go one at a time then go ahead oh I love this game right guys guys don't step in the wrong spot you're gonna die alright there's no button you like but I stopped it see long creepy monster anybody want a sandwich oh I love sandwiches come on sandwich No are you serious his name in this trap it's not a trap it's just there to fuck instead to the side and dodge that shit I haven't died yet welcome to the death there's no button we don't kids he's gonna crush us I'm jumping through okay don't jump through you die instantly you can see when he's gonna press the button oh are you will go floor there's a light on the floor market I'm kissing my muscles all there is not gonna smack it smack it I'm scared lives hey where's the doll where'd you go woo I made you mad oh me oh my hot no shit no what the fuck my special Battle of it Evan quickly spun and cheeseburgers everyone got one trap and there's like a bunch more traps to go guys don't worry don't worry Wow very can very convincing lots of life so I'm not going it I'm not going to no I don't want to see the pumpkins though I'll watch you see the pumpkins I don't want the pumpkins do you think the pumpkins is right where that the floor is right there yeah you got this over I got this jump over it back yes I know how to do this I'm good at Halloween oh come on could just fly over it just one thousand two one thousand three one thousand four one five seconds longer than it ever has to be ever years guys those amazing those magical yeah this one does have a button so as long as you're on the other side of these strips you're safe I don't think you got all the yes to dodge these then you just have to jump over them like I'm saying I don't think try it out this one second IV huh rabbit man go see you first yet rabbit man go first you know if you wanna you know sandwich you're gonna have to get fucked in the ass all right what's funny though is even if you go through the right one then it's another mind games of whether or not I switched or not yes yeah please go at the same clearly don't listen Jesus here's how we solved this two different doors that means one of us is gonna die for sure yes but but for what but then he can't switch it up switch it once you don't shit there's no way to get through this ever tries is gonna die unless deep fried Kentucky Fried babies fucking dance woody this is very fitting this is your trap oh god damn it okay here we go come on yeah look at that big old big old pool of gravy you're about to follow what if we just drink it all up first yeah go ahead try it I'm gonna go okay but please don't kill me okay okay that's not gonna work double triple double reverse psychology bullshit on my ass suck in here by the way that's alright though you aren't getting past King Leonidas Spartan know he's gonna Spartan your ass into that fucking hole to try to do he just barely dodged that shit way so we just die from his bad breath that's it ya think this is halitosis they joking me yes the eyes of an age you can me and he'll do the truffle shuffle Oh vaginas go the old-fashioned way boys we're gonna settle it with a catfight spread you are hiding on go I'm helping you I'm Haley hi I'm helping guys he's fuckin fighting like a pussy heaven you gotta kill him I am stop shooting me I'm hungry you gotta shoot him don't reason story for you omeone the fucking cat fight tell us your name Laius what do you like to do on your free time what are some of your hobbies I like to like to build dicks on minecraft he likes to sit on dicks in real life yeah one more question if you want the job what job I'm not looking for a job

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