Glow In The Dark Rabbit? — Mind Blow #70

Potentially clean your house in the future
with this robot flies concept.  And if you need a caffeine boost just let
it absorb through your skin with Sprayable Energy. Vsauce! Kevin here. This is Mind Blow. Two baby rabbits were successfully born glowing
fluorescent green. Researchers at the University of Hawaii injected a naturally glowing jellyfish
protein into embryos in a pregnant rabbit – two of the baby ended up carrying the gene.
The point is to be able to eventually make rabbits that produce medicine in their milk
and the green glow allows researchers to see which animals have gotten the specific gene. Researchers at the University of Tokyo are
working on creating electronic skin. They’ve been developing flexible electronic mesh to
wrap around robot hands for over a decade and now they’re bringing it to humans. The
e-skin can bend, stretch and twist and is 10 times thinner than kitchen plastic wrap.
Right now it can be used to monitor vital signs but eventually could be used to make
humans hyperaware or communicate simply with our skin. The University of Washington meanwhile have
achieved a breakthrough in direct brain-to-brain communication. A professor linked to another
used his thoughts to control the other’s actions  – making the linked professor involuntarily
move his hand and press a space bar to play a computer game. And while basic hand movement
is simple it opens the door to exploring the possibilities of sending more advanced brain
signals to each other. Researchers at the Institute of Molecular
Biotechnology in Vienna, Austria have grown a 3D tiny human brain. The mini three dimensional
brain models were grown using stem cells and include parts of the cortex, hippocampus and
retinas. And right now they’re using these to study early fetal brain development but
hope to eventually grow larger brains to provide insights into conditions such as schizophrenia
and autism. It turns out seahorses have squishable armor
to help protect them from being crushed by predators and researchers at the University
of California, San Diego are building a robotic arm from 3D printed plates mimicking this
compressible design. So yeah. The Uji is a new shower head that makes you
aware of how long you’ve been in the shower. So far they’ve noticed a 12% decrease in shower
time and say that the $50 shower head will pay for itself within 7 months. It works by
turning from green to red after 7 minutes and the hope is that people are out of the
shower by minute 8. The Sesame Ring looks to simplify paying for
public transportation by wearing your pass on your finger. The rings are 3D printed and
come in a variety of colors and while it’s designed to work in Boston right now they’re
looking to bring this worldwide. Yeah, I’ll be right there just let me fold
up my Korean armadillo car. Pocket space craft is giving you the ability
to send yourself into outer space – in a way. You can upload a picture and a personalized
message to your spacecraft that’s smaller than a CD and as thin as a piece of paper.
– which will then be launched with along with thousands of others into space. Check out
the website for more. Architect Shigeru Ban made a $6 Million cathedral
out of cardboard tubes. Even though it’s made out of cardboard it is more structurally sound
than the previous cathedral that was lost in an earthquake. The structure is called
the Transitional Cathedral and is also apparently fireproof and waterproof.  Bumpy Photo will turn standard 2D photos into
3D sculptures. The photos can be made as small as 1″ or as large as 15″ and all you have
to do it upload a picture of your choice to the website, wait for the conversion and production
and then have it sent to your doorstep. Finally, youtuber Vaecon used the Oculus Rift
virtual reality system, a harness to hang 15 feet off the ground and skydiving software
to create a virtual skydiving demo. I’m gonna leave you with robots laying out
slot-car track – seriously this is awesome – and as always – thanks for watching.

100 thoughts on “Glow In The Dark Rabbit? — Mind Blow #70

  1. Now if you ask me.. the brain control thing EASY MURDER IT HAS THE GUYS FINGERPRINTS AND THE DUDE CAN'T DO ANYTHING TO STOP IT… dead people are made from that if you ask me

  2. i honestly thought growing human brains in a jar to poke and inflict with schizophrenia  was one of those things specifically banned.  I mean you can't put one in a pig for that purpose so why…

  3. Disgusting. 7 minute shower? If you are not showering for 20 minutes, guess what, you're not getting clean. I doubt you can use enough soap and hot water on your hair, head, neck & back, arms, chest, waist, x rated zones, legs, feet, and THEN you're hair again in 7 minutes. Sorry, but 7 minutes good if you're in a 3rd world country, but if you can afford a fancy shower head, you shouldn't be taking 7 minute showers. Get clean for Christ sake.

  4. So basically, Bluebell has been made real. Not only that but they used the same method they did at Baskerville.

  5. Makes me realize how much technology has grown.. started as using stones and sticks to robots, and brain-to-brain connection.

  6. F*ckign lovely…mirco space-craft! As if dead satalites weren't a danger as it is!
    Goodbye cockpit, thats what….

  7. E-skin! wow the Japanese are determined to make cyber humans, as long as they don't come up with a MMO style video game using nerve gear i will be so exited to see what they do next!

  8. The rings in boston seem really stupid. They already exist in Australia with Transperth cards. I have my card in the id slot of my phone cover so I can just slide and keep going. I don't even have to stop to act like Green Lantern with a faulty ring for 3 seconds.

  9. 8minutes in the shower? I take like a half an hour in the shower and no I'm not heavy set I'm actually a little under weight

  10. You mean people have 8 minute showers in USA????? Wow, and I thought that the Australian limit of 4 minutes was a long time!! Why do you need so long? All you need to do is wet, scrub, rinse!! WTF are you doing in your showers america!!

  11. I do to wanna have to wear anything to communicate to someone. Some of the research they do makes me wonder where the world will be in 15 years. 15 years ago almost no one had cell phones now i cant imagine even leaving the house without my smartphone which is essentially a computer.

  12. 10x thinner?

    Um… how thin would it be if it were 1x thinner? It woudl have no thickness. So nine times thinner than nothing would be….

    1/10th as thick, I assume.

    "Four times closer than the sun!" is an example of the same problem 🙁

  13. I just thought, what if you take a 3d picture of your room and then put that info on a program for a robot then cleaning the room to its original state

  14. here come the pokemaniacs with the point we'll soon be able to telepathically communicate to animals. you can fight with them and all that shit.

  15. fun fact: the cathedral is right down the road from a strip club and they're pretty much the only buildings on that street

  16. 2:35 …. an 8min shower…. What the hell is the point in even taking a shower in that little amount of time, doesn't leave much time at all for shampoo, conditioning, face wash, thorough cleaning of crotch and the fecal matter off the buttocks, thorough cleaning of the hands after that and thorough body lather and rinse…. I feel like I am the only person in the world that actually likes to try and make sure I am as rid of bacteria as physically possible when grooming myself. 10min isn't even long enough….

  17. Isnt this a disadvantage for them?? In the wild the animals that glow in the night will be seen by predators :/

  18. Sounds like a mere show-off. Why don't they put parrot genes into a cottontail rabbit so it can mimic human voice? This can facilitate communication between man and pets, which is better than a mere science show-off.

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