hey everyone I'm Remington welcome to my dollar tree DIY series all materials and some helpful tips are listed in the description box begin with a large glass jar then using painters tape create vertical lines like this next smooth down the tape and make sure it's laying flat after that I started painting the glass using this beautiful pale pink color I ended up doing three coats once the paint is fully dry remove the tape and to clean up those imperfections I used acetone or nail polish remover next I created strips of diamond wrap and glued them to the glass just like this to finish off the top I added one strip of diamond wrap on the inside I poured in a generous amount of white paint then I use my brush to fully coat the inside if needed pour out the excess paint and set it to the side to fully dry for DIY number two remove the mirror from this set and to create my design I use these heart-shaped gems on top of wax paper I started gluing the gems to the mirror just like this I glued down the next one leaving no gaps in between for the next layer I place one Jim on top of two some of the gyms ended up on top of each other like this one but that's okay I repeated the steps again and created one more layer here's one in a dark pink color and one in red for the last DIY I started with a circle template I placed a piece of cardboard underneath and trim both pieces to fit next I remove the mirror from this scent I found the center and glued the mirror in place to decorate I used a heart necklace two to three packs I removed the closure and quickly swipe the ends with a lighter after that I started glowing the necklace to the cardboard first I created an anchor point then glued down the rest I trimmed the excess and continued with the other roads at this point I realized that one row wasn't going in the same direction if you're particularly biz layout your design before gluing yeah once I reached the outer layer I noticed that my circle wasn't even so I improvised but you could stop here with your design and skip this step and after that I continued with my design until I was satisfied to hang this project I used an unfolded paper clip and a piece of cardboard now to prepare for spray painting I use paper and tape to cover the mirror I place painters tape around the edges and trim to size I spray painted it silver and did three coats unfortunately while drying outside a random flood occurred in the desert and my project was soaked you can see some blotchiness from the rain but I decided to continue with the project anyway after the paint was fully dry I removed the tape to create dimension I added on gems you can use the Dollar Tree ones but I always recommend buying an oak it's cheaper and you have more options in the first round I randomly placed onto gems using different sizes and I place them far apart and I continued by adding more gems until I created a cohesive but staggered look if you think these voluntary DIYs are crafty and interesting then do not forget to subscribe for more of course and tap the Bell for notifications I'll see you again tomorrow bye guys


  1. Absolutly brillant, i just found your channel & omg i am so glad i did…so classy & elegant, will def be trying this one

  2. Which tool is it u use to pick up jewels to glue it to it's surface…looks like a pen..where can I get it?? Love your video's….

  3. Soo nice. Imagine of all the times it has to rain in the desert, it had to be when your project was outside. Soo sorry. It worked out anyway. It’s beautiful. Tfs

  4. Love love ur work beautiful and ur baby she is a ray of sunshine ☀️ ty for sharing her with us all I have 7 children and 16 grandchildren loves of my life blessings

  5. RyMingTahn great and very beautiful DIY'S Ideas! Have a wonderful and bless rest of your week. ????????

  6. Great ideas! 🙂 if you want more craft videos you can check my channel maybe you'll find something interesting 😉

  7. What kind of Camera tripod are you using to record? I'm trying to find on to record better for my videos. Current one is shaky Thanks! Your DIYs are awesome

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