Gladys and Muffin

It’s like somebody ripped your heart out. To see her suffer. Trying to breathe. There’s nothing you could do. So all I could do was just sit there and rock her. And hold her until she passed. So I had a blood test done to see was she ok, was everything on the inside ok with her. It’s fine. Muffin was fine. And I don’t see how you take a dog to get groomed and six days later she’s dead. It’s unbelievable. Something needs to be done, I mean you shouldn’t have to take your dog to get groomed, and come back and your dog is dead. It’s not fair. She was just the perfect dog. She wasn’t a barker. She wasn’t a mean dog, she was just sweetest little dog you could ever hope for.

One thought on “Gladys and Muffin

  1. all these videos have the same trend . the crying petparent . but none of these stoires had the other side of the stories . its sad that muffin died . but you surely made her out to be like she was a puppy at first and then hit us with the senior pic at the end . which is she fully shaven in that picture head to toe . which im not going to knock that cause some of the petparents do love the babbes shaven so it will be a better up keep .but i dont get is how she said she wasnt eating for days after ? or standing ? why did she wait . you not going to tell me they just handed her dog to her at the pickup when they walk all the dogs out . so my question is was she truthful about her senoir health ? heart mumers ? worms? or just simply over age . how long did she keep her there . was she matted cause that hurts the animals health . cause when you shave you putting stress on them . due to the matts . and why im saying she was matted look at the last pic . start telling the TRUTH N.J . com and make your petparents do too . show PROOF that it was the groomers fault . like i said i will be here every video bashing all of them . untill you show proof ! none of these dogs are standing up or the pictures are not that great showing what these animals really looked like . # screw these one sided stories # justice for groomers who just loved your animals

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