Giving My Dogs A Bath While They Listen To Royalty Free Spa Music

Hey so as many of you know this is the last video that I will be posting in 2018 and I thought what's a great way to wrap up a selfish year of content with a really selfish video I'm gonna give my dog's a wholesome bath while we listen to some royalty free spa music it just so happened to have queued up our laptop over here is that too loud my dogs smell like but why is that funny or a surprise I actually did this live on Instagram one time with Marvel just Marvel and a sink and he is the sweet delicate boy which by the way if you'd like an update has made a full recovery Wow not about you and his mouth is so much better he's having such a better time eating and you can tell that he's not in pain and he's a lot happier his tongue nail comes out the left side of his mouth while he's drinking it cuz can we maybe get a little show yes he's no longer on painkillers he's doing just wonderful so thank all of you for your well wishes for him see guys I know you think this is a bath where you like lick each other but contrary to your tiny walnut brain that is not a bath you're actually making yourselves even nastier you are the next use a little nasty boy you smells so gross like dead things that you rolling in the yard you do max honey deserve a yes you do do such a nice nice boy also during the spa I'll be wearing a rubber glove yesterday I wrapped a 20-pound dumbbell onto my own finger and it basically blew up I thought I had actually severed my finger tough shit you're still part of the team it is disgusting though and it hurts really bad I feel good on your little tiny dog muscles you work so hard this is a real thing by the way people that give their dogs massages I'm one of those people why are you laughing he has a stress spot he stressed that doesn't mean he works hard he works hard ready think we're gonna wash my sweetie first because Kermit's really nasty and I don't want to subject the other two to sitting in his nasty PG gorillas knees that time royalty free but it did cost $25 I'm not even using this straight listen to the royalty-free music pieces it was $25 do you not get is it $25 worth of night ring in the new year you can't go into 2019 think and 2019 is the air that I expand the salon I'm now a fillip pet salon make sure you drop off your dogs catch now look at this towel that has two little hand holds here are you ready she's so beautiful are you mad at me oh my sweet shiny nice and relaxed oh forget your nasty in here Oh we'll start you off with a nice little shoulder moustache you hear all that nasty come on his tail oh girl I'm actually really glad I'm wearing a rubber glove for some of this it's just nasty first up just used to feel so soft and that you just feel like hugging sandpaper don't disturb nephew sleeping that starts him you washed up on my nest yeah I'm gonna be nasty I already put the tiny man of the hour I'm gonna let some of this water out because this looks pretty deep with you are you gonna give us a swim okay yeah come to the spa then oh look at this like a nasty ring of Italian Greyhound filth on the outside we also have a visitor or two over here karmak your screaming is not part of the will do you know I don't know don't care huh I aspire to live my life the same way I've never seen you lay down in the bathtub just feels really good huh how's that feel bud no because you take so long to dry because you're actually very furry I'm gonna give you a nice little blow-dry you want to go into the spa that's really traumatic face whoa I'm open so you can fit you can fit ok smushes everyone all my dogs are now clean which they needed and they're all moderately happy Kermit is the most upset I don't know why thank you and the marbles was the most relaxed and appreciative during the entire process peach you did ok you needed a lot of hugs the whole time that was some nice wholesome selfish fun for my last video of 2018 we're gonna hang out with our family we're gonna eat we're gonna sleep and we're gonna annoy my mother in person I'm really looking forward to it I will be back January 9th I will see all of you in 2019 thanks so much for hanging out with me being a 32 year old lady over another year well I guess I'm only a 32 year old lady one year but you know what I'm saying and I hope you enjoyed this beautiful copyright free spa visit the cost $25 oh oh sorry royalty free spa music the cost $25 I'll see you guys in 2019 bye

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  1. When you described what happened to your finger I imagined what it looked like.

  2. So I found a girl in my school who also watches Jenna Marbles and I was so happy that I wasn’t the only one who is watching American YouTubers. We always talked about Jenna’s new video ever week she released one. That was really fun. Ow my heart hurts now.

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