1. Lol I bathe my cat once or twice a year and this is so accurate?

    Though the last time it seemed she finally realized there is no other alternative so now she just suffers through it (she is generously rewarded)?

  2. 5:58 where she says she’s annoying ?trust me anyone who has a pet doesn’t think you are cause this is literally how I talk to my dog when I give him a bath

  3. When bathing a cat you aren’t necessarily supposed to get their face and head wet also for her first bath the water should only be an inch or two so she can get used to it. Moo is the cutest ever ☺️?

  4. Omggg please be careful with her ears, cats have super sensitive ears it's not good to get water in them cause it could cause infections or other problems, my advice(based on what the vet told us) is get a damp cloth and carefully clean her ears and face, she'll be thankful for not getting sprayed in the face

  5. I give my cat a bath like once a month and he’s totally fine with it and my mum thinks that our cat is an alien

  6. Aw moo is so cute loved this. Be careful to not get water in her ears tho it's really sensitive, maybe the shower head was a bad idea

  7. I have two huge cats (they are not fat, just big), they love to go out and hunt so I will never cut their claws (it's important for them to hunt and climb trees). So for me to take them inside a bathtub with me would be close to suicide

  8. Based on my experience bathing my cats, try not to put her on the water directly. You could try to wash her off lightly with warm water so that she doesnt get startled. When shes warm up to the water you can give her the soap/shampoo

  9. This is so wrong you aren't supposed to get their heads wet I watched water go in her ears and blow drying causes them to lose their protective fur oils

  10. 🙁 pls tell me the water was low enough for her neck to not be submerged, its really difficult to tell in the vid, also cats get frightened by a lot of movement and noise, I think when you turned the showered on she tweaked. I love you tho and moo, hope she feels all clean n fluffy, n y'all got some good cuddles after this 🙂

  11. Alyx: I hope you enjoyed this video!

    Moo: I sure didn't!

    Poor kitty…. I love the purring that accompanied the treat- so cute!!!!! ???????????????

  12. i got my cat from a rescue place so i have no idea what breed(s) she is, but she and moo have very similar mannerisms and facial structure and i just feel like they must have similar genetic backgrounds

  13. Not sure if you’ll still read comments this late but I wanna let you know that next time you give your cat a bath you need to be careful about getting water in their ears, as it’s not as easy to get out of them and it knocks their balance and makes them very uncomfortable, when I wash mine I either put cotton balls in his ears or avoid washing his head ❤️

  14. “EWWOO I GOT SOME ON MY FOOT LICK IT OFF LICK IT OFF” ??? this whole video gave me a headache from me trying not be loud and holding in my laughs

  15. I found this really difficult to watch Alex. I’m being serious. You shouldn’t have forced her in there. She hated it. Cats can clean themselves efficiently enough. You’d only put them in the bath if they were smothered in something. And you would use common sense and not put the shower on her or the hairdryer because they’re noisy. This looked like it was incredibly stressful for her. And for a video??
    You didn’t even take the time to check for her nerves when clipping her claws you just went in there crazy and clipped you could’ve really hurt her. If you severe a nerve with the clippers it’s extremely painful and bleeds. You’re supposed to check carefully where the nerve starts and then clip.
    By the way, cats move their tails because they’re unhappy, not happy.

    Oh no, this has really disappointment me. Yuck.

  16. 1:19 my family cats do the exact same thing my sister's new dog likes to sit in that little pouches they've made over the years

  17. That's mighty brave of you to go in there bear legged. I have to wear a ski suit to protect my flesh from the enraged blades coming out of my cats paws.

  18. I know you've already cooked a gourmet meal for Moo… But wouldn't it be nice if you cooked Moo into a gourmet meal? Just a suggestion.

  19. You have to put a towel on the base so he can nail its claws and not be so afraid, not being able to do that makes him feel more afraid.. That suggestion helped me with my cat

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