Giving FOOD and WATER to HUNGRY street PUPPIES ..

junk food here we going I think you go to down on some food go yeah John some food it's running away from you do you not want food oh he's coming off to you I'm not sure what's wrong he doesn't want food I'm not sure he's eating drinking water it was another is he drink some water and some water there we go good boy dude you can carry her here yeah just carry what no like the food this one here what join some water I'm not thirsty anymore oh good boy you can carry her here no it's fine there we go it's a girl or a boy it's a boy water this is Volga both boys boys let me get the food put the water the brown wants a little bit scared you don't run away I know come back here alright it's got some food hey come back here go in each of food I'm not sure every food lots of food and they went running away hey hey hey are you going come on come here I think this one's full you only ate a few I think we can just leave we'll leave we can leave the food here for the parents yeah you just leave it here just fill this whole thing up with water like hey yo dude there's a frog so freakin cute man it's so freakin cute oh it's so cute Hey look at this guy honey mocha I'm eating off a girl yeah good food so you think the parents left them I think the parents are still around here getting food I don't know I mean the parent will captain is there thirsty yeah Lou oh man where you going and I think that one likes you more I think I will adopt them if you're here – but then it's got parents – yeah this one's quite hungry super cute how much happy Jay not much but he drank that one didn't really drink more hungry I'm gonna teach them to even know don't worry eat the hell is this you drink water no I do it's just some rock you know what it's it's a wet food well that's going off we'll just leave over here they can eat whenever they want you thinking this bleep oh yeah I'll just stick it back I mean we can just pour all yeah they're so hungry along with it lost me what do you mean yeah probably alright I'll end the video

50 thoughts on “Giving FOOD and WATER to HUNGRY street PUPPIES ..

  1. Gah! Wet food never crossed our minds lol. We’ll probably go out later and get some wet food for them. Oh, and don’t worry about the street – It is blocked off on both sides and nobody goes on it.

  2. If I was there I would run to them grab them take them to my house give them all they want and have them

  3. Giving them food doesn't really do anything for them especially if they have worms or another sickness.
    Taking them to a shelter or taking them home is the best you can do for them.

  4. You should see if they have an owner before you take them or see if they have a dad or mom feeding them just in case.

  5. What county is this?–could you take them to a shelter?–did their mama returned?–dry food is too hard for them now—please get them canned food–itching a lot from fleas/ticks/worms–please help them–you are there.

  6. They need to be checked out by a vet. They might have world judging by the way the puppy was nipping and biting at his behind he might have ringworm and fleas. I hope you take them in and help them!

  7. I swear I would wanna take all the puppies and dogs home … and help them I’m a sucker for animals and there are so many shelter animals and homeless animals that need a home I used to do it as a kid.. your such a good guy for doing this it makes me like you even more!!!!!!!

  8. They didn’t eat or drink right away due to being scared and untrusting.

    Given a bit of time, love, and patience; and they will eat and drink.

  9. Although I do agree some stray dogs can be fed food, some dogs become to trusting with humans. Many people have bad intentions and feed the trusting animals poison.


  10. God bless you.These puppies really needed that for sure.It's heartwarming to see people like you…it's inspiring me to do the same,to protect the small vulnerable animals….

  11. This is so wholesome and cute and you are a really good person and another thing you could do is bring them to a place where people could take care of them or take them home

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