Hey guys! So, I’m using natural lighting today because I’m actually awake when the sun is up. Shocking I know I actually have a window in my room with a beautiful view. If I’m ever feeling down I could just open my window and look at that beautiful fence and suddenly my hopes are high and suddenly my hope is back up, and I am filled of joy So since I went a little bit without posting a video, I decided this video was going to be one that people keep requesting which is actually a video. I’ve already done before. I’m sorry. I’m sorry for those of you who don’t like seeing repeat videos. People just really want to see an update of all my animals and what I feed them so I’m going to go through them all I know a lot of you really do enjoy these videos, so every few months I do like to post one just to just for you guys to enjoy because people seem to have a lot of fun with these. Before this video starts I just wanted to say that this is one of the last weeks you can buy my back-to-school merch if you are interested in getting some, it has Nala, my cheering hedgehog meme on there if you’d like to check it out it’s in my description, also I have started up a vlog channel. I’m not using it yet I’m waiting until I get to 10,000 subscribers, and then I’ll make a video for it. It’s basically just some extra content I’ll be posting on there that doesn’t have to necessarily do with animal education and all these little fun videos just some off-brand videos that people don’t really care about if they’re only here for the animals and of course vlogs that’s why it’s called the vlog channel so if you’d like to check that out too, the link is in my description as well okay, so we’ll get started now and go ahead and feed all of my animals So we’re actually going to start with my newest animal and the newest addition to my room his name is hannibal and he is a leaf insect He is barely just a little older than a hatchling right now so he’s very tiny right now He’s going to get a lot bigger. Just do you guys can get a better view though I’m gonna go ahead and take him out And we’re going to go put him on a plant to eat. Now, these guys only eat three specific leaf which is Bramble Rose leaves and Oak leaves, so their diet can be a little bit tricky He is eating so much Like you can see the little indention from what he’s chewed off. Okay, next up we’re going to feed Bindi. Hey, Bindi how are you doing? We’re going to get her food, and then we’ll be back. So for Bindi’s meal we’re first going to get some blue Buffalo Grain free a chicken cat food and we’re going to put that there and then we have some snails banana and some vegetables now for the vegetables what I do is I get a little bit in a little container I add some water and then I drain the water back out and then we have vegetables because these are dried Hey Bindi. Uh, you are going for the snail You still have one more snail, are you gonna do that next? yeah, there you go Now I move on to my 150 gallon tank. We have some underwater flowerpots in here. These are called gonaporras. We have some frog spawn. We have a hammer Galaxia. We have a feather duster. This is actually a worm. This is a living creature Just like all the corals in here, and we have a leather right here This is called a bubble coral. That is green star polyPs Cheese: Hello.
Taylor: And that is a Cheese, hello Cheese is the attention hog here I’m going to turn the lights up which makes the tank look ugglier but it makes you able to see everything a little better. The blue lights are beautiful but they just don’t come through on cameras very well I want to show you guys how my fish are actually just underwater dogs. If you get their food out, which is this veggie stuff, they suddenly become dogs This is Erwin. Erwin is the big Nazar tang in here, who’s getting incredibly excited. They do tend to hand-feeding really well Cheese is actually biting my finger, which feels really weird, but whatever. You got it, Cheese? That’s a lot of seaweed. You-you spit it back out. Oh, you’re going for it again. Every once in a while it’s kind of fun to hand feed but you have to make sure there’s nothing on your hands that can hurt them. You know, like soap and stuff like that Hey buddy, you just took that from me. Give it back, get, give it back. Give it back. No give it, give it, give it, give it. Nope, give it, give it back, give it. Please? Can I have it back? Thank you Thank you. Thank you. Here you go Cheese Hey! Cheese, I still have a little bit left Taylor: Cheese! Cheese: Hello, YouTube Cheese: Okay, I’m coming. Sheesh Now this is mainly for Cheese, because the holes for them to chew on are a lot smaller and it’s harder for the nazar tang to eat out of here, I’ll put a little bit on a clip and Erwin should come over to this, there we go. And Cheese now has that one to himself Okay. Now, we’re going to not feed these dogs. Hello. These are my two dogs They’ve already had their food for today. No Kiara. This is not your food. This is bloody dead fish This is Kiara And that’s Kita, if you’re new to my channel. Normally if I open this up, Zazu will come right to the front Yep, there he goes. His food is really disgusting. It’s just pieces of fish and octopus and krill and all that Zazu has gotten so big, I’ve had Zazu since he was a baby. He was my very first saltwater fish I’ve ever gotten Here you go. And my clownfish likes to feed her anemone first. She always get some food and brings it over to the anemone and spits it in. Oh, Zazu, that was rude. Zazu has no manners. I’m sorry. I’ll feed you Zazu, you can’t eat all that. Geez, maybe you can, nevermind. Other days I do other kinds of frozen food just like myzis and stuff like that. Every once in a while I do like to use this though because Zazu really, really likes it, it really helps him grow and it’s really good for him. Has all the nutrients in there that he needs Next we’re gonna do my beta sorority thank, which is right here, and we do a combination of pellets and different kinds of frozen food. Today we’re going to do blood worms They all come right to the top when it’s time to eat cuz they already know. Now, this thank just has four betta fish in it and some cory catfish and snails Since I did feed a lot today I don’t think I’m going to do the pellets today because that was a lot of blood worms but when I’m not doing the pellet, er – when I’m not doing the frozen-food, this is bug bites. This is a Flooville product they sent it to me and my fish really, really liked it, so I like using it It’s kind of a big piece. Are you okay? Okay? So I have three cory’s and the four betas, and that’s that thank. That thank is a work in progress we are adding a lot more plants to it. Okay, so I’m going to put some food in my beta’s tank he sometimes does not eat and sometimes does, so we’ll just see what his mood is. Oh no, he’s going down there, no he’s on the ground And he’s hiding behind a plant I’m sorry all guys are going to just think I don’t have this fish because every time I try to film this tank he’s hiding, but he’s there he’s just hiding behind this rock. He’s not a people person okay? He’s not a person at all, he’s a fish. Okay, so next up we are going to feed my leopard Gecko I’m pretty sure we have decided to name her “Atta” after princess Atta because all of my animals get Disney names most – for the most part. I was torn between that and Margo but I think I’m going with princess Atta which we’ll just call her Atta. You can see the crickets actually up here are eating right now feeding the crickets before I feed them to my Leopard Geko. We are going to feed my leopard gecko some crickets today, and then just her normal calcium mix. So here we have a bowl that we’re going to put calcium and sometimes I use this bigger bowl when I want to fill that other bowl with like, roaches, but today we’re just doing crickets. I can already see her sticking her head out looking. There you go I just handed her that one because that one was on his death bed already We’ll leave the rest for her to hunt later. I’m sure she will find them on her own just fine. Now, to help with humidity I’ll sometimes spray down just a little bit especially towards the area where they are humid hide is, I like to give it a good little rinse every once in a while And she will come out sometimes when I start spraying Okay, now moving on to the snakes, which are right here this is Celia, down here is Maui and then at the very bottom way down there is Toast. Kenyan Sand Boa, Ball Python, Western Hognose Basically what I do to feed them out is I warm up some Hot water and I put them in it, inside the ziplock baggie. Maui normally eats rat pups, but we are out today so we are giving him a adult mouse and then all the other guys eat pinkies. Celia eats two to three pinkies Toast eats one Now, Toast, wherever he is, is the one that will only eat in a shoebox he will not eat anywhere else. Originally, I tried to get all of my snakes on the box method, but only Toast will eat in the box and Toast likes is privacy as well, so he won’t eat unless I close up the box and leave him alone for a very long time. So he’s a very picky eater. Oh, just kidding. I guess he was extra hungry today. Okay, now to see if Celia wants to eat. Looks like she went ahead and shed. This is a completely full shed. I just ripped it right now I ripped the head off by accident but it looks like she went ahead and shed and that she had a full shed which is awesome that means everything is going really well for her. I don’t have my tongs with me so we’re going to see if just placing it down will work. This is normally not the method I use I really need to find my tongs There we go Like I said that’s normally something I would definitely never advice doing. I just can’t find… … my tongs Are you kidding me? I found them. Now, a lot of people, like I said, will get mad that I feed her in her enclosure but she literally will not eat anywhere else I’ve done a lot of research online and a majority of people said there really is no big issue with feeding them in their enclosure so that’s what I’m doing Take it. Really? Take it! You’re trying your hardest You have it? Thank you Okay, so next up is my Crocodile skink this one’s really easy, he hides pretty much all the time. I’m not going to hand feed him I’m not going to do anything like that I am just going to put some crickets in there and he will get them as he pleases, and I’m gonna turn on his humidity at fogger for now too And that is literally all we do just so I could show you guys what he looks like we’ll find him real quick He’s back here. He always hides back here. This is him He doesn’t like to be held, so I’m going to let him go. He looks like a little dragon We’re working on building him a whole area that’s fully aquatic in the tank, so he can go swimming right now We just have a big dish for him to swim it if he wants to which is right here but I’m working on building a fully aquatic area that goes up to right here in the front so he can go swimming because they do like to swim. people always ask for me to, uh put a tarantula warning, so tarantula warning here it is. She’s right there She just does not want to eat for the camera ever. I’ll leave that for her and she’ll eat by her own I only like to put two or three in at a time, so they won’t bug her Now we’re going to move on to the two hedgehogs. Hi Kovu. So we’re going to do the same thing as Bindi We’re going to get some blue Buffalo grain free chicken cat food. Now I’m letting a carrot get nice and moist, so I can give them a soft carrot because they don’t do very well with hard carrots at all They can choke on it very easily so I like to make it soft. This is not for you, Kiara. Kiara, Kiara This isn’t for you She’s still checking. So right now I’m out of dubia roaches I like to do live dubia roaches and frozen crickets. The reason I do frozen crickets is because if I did live crickets, they would just escape right through here but the dubia roaches normally can’t climb out of these so I normally do live dubias. I’m just out of both today so we’re just going to protein it up today. Meal worms are kind of high in fat so we’re just going to add some other kind of cat food This is wellness Grain-free core indoor formula, and it’s just a little extra protein for them. Here’s Kovu. I think he’s ready to eat Hey Kovu Here we have Sarabi. She doesn’t like to come out at all during the day, but just to show you guys her. Hey, how you doing? I’m sorry for disturbing your sleep. Okay, go back to bed. Hey Kovu. Hey, Gus, my mouse is getting veggies, and then he needs some grain. Gus really likes brown rice and quinoa I’ll put that up there for him. If I could close this! There’s food on the third floor There’s food on the third floor, go get it No, this is the second floor, keep going You took one piece Now, Mushu is my eating today because she’s having some problems, some lady problems See, she is a female and she currently has some eggs in her and she’s having some issues with them, basically when an axolotl goes to lay eggs that they’re not fertil they’ll just reabsorb them, from what I have learned online. Everyone online tells me not to worry and just to wait this out But typically when a female axolotl suddenly goes off of food and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the water or the temperature anything like that that, it’s most likely that their egg bound. Like I said, the good thing about that is they just reabsorbs the eggs so I’m supposed to just waited out We’ll go back to feeding her when she feels better Okay, whenever I do a water change in this tank it digs up every nasty thing in the world and throws it up into the water, so this tank looks absolutely horrific but I still wanted to film it for the video. So this is my leopard bush fish’s tank he’s actually going to outgrow this tank pretty soon here, and we will either size up the tank or rehome him I’m not concerned about that, but he was actually abandoned at my house, and that’s why I have him now I’ve always loved bush fish, but I did not buy this guy for this tank he just showed up at my house one day on the front porch. Again I’m using the bug bites by Flooville because they send this stuff to me and I tried it out and all of them really love. He reminds me of the freshwater version of Zazu As if my lionfish was a freshwater fish, I think he would be a bush fish And then of course I have my dogs. This is Kita. She was sleeping and she’s like “Why you wake me up?” It’s not their dinner time yet. We’re not going to feed them but they eat, both Kita and Kiara, both eat canned I love her so much. I’m going to be doing a video about her soon We got our DNA tested because a lot of people don’t think that she’s a doberman so we’re going to reveal those results in another video. But who cares what you are? You could be a little chihuahua. I don’t care. I love you Okay, feel the love. And then last but not least are my crested geckos and they eat a variety of different foods by pangaea but I really like the food pangaea for them. They like all the flavors a whole lot so we always mix it up. Here you go. You really–you really don’t want to eat this time to – Hey! Can you please eat for the camera so I can make a cute video? Look this is all you gonna do, just eat that Thanks. Wow look at this adorable content. Oh, there’s a net. You can’t already be done. Okay, whatever, then forget it. Hey! Where are you echo? Echo, the gecko, where are you? oh I found you. You don’t got to be cute for long just for a few seconds Okay, act like you like me for a few seconds. Thank you You’re leaving? I made you dinner Come here. Go back in your cage See you later. Thank you guys so much for watching. I hope you guys enjoyed watching all of the animals eat food and that’s That was the video Subscribe leave a like, thumbs up whatever you call it Leave a comment Thanks, bye

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