well hello everyone it's me Christine again and I don't leave the house very much but when I do I like to come here the feline cafe here in the Ottawa Canada where I live it's a fun little coffee shop where you can get coffee or tea and socialized with cute little cats and kittens that are waiting to find their forever home look there's one I want you I can't take them all you follow me on snapchat or Instagram stories you may have seen me here many times before because I love this place not just for the work that they do to help rescue cats but also because it's a great fun place to come out and just hang out you know grab cup of tea lots of friends to be made here envy you boy and we'll come give you a treat later we get along great as you know over this holiday season we sold some limited edition merch with our cats mention Zeiler printed on them because we wanted to help out organizations this year that provide care and shelter to cats because I love that we're here today at the feeling happy to donate part of the sales from this campaign will sit down with the owner and talk to them a little bit more about what they do for cats here but for now let's hand them the check I can see your reflection when you step out of the pen I didn't go anywhere so I'm here with the owner of the feeling cafe Joe's Asya and on behalf of myself been mentioned Sylar we would like to gift the feeling half a with this in support of all the amazing work that you guys do for us because I don't know I don't know I mean it's got cots on it so I think I'll make an exception it's legal yeah we could not have done this without the support of my amazing subscribers so thank you guys so much for supporting me for watching my stuff and for liking it enough to you know want to buy one of these shirts and help support I love for cats and help me support them and it's amazing that I can do these things because of you guys so thank you for that thank you so much to cafe I would love a little okay [Laughter] only the real stuff not the fake and remind myself we don't have that and that it's illegal Wow look at that simply barista I can't believe you're trusting me to make your step up I use coconut milk to make overnight oats good job but it's kind of hard to mess up great let's go play with some cat she's a quarantine [Applause] thicker than a Snickers here you what's the Deacons like at the nails I'm just really stressed like how do i balance work and work like what is work work balance you know there's so many questions I need answers to them or I die that's what I thought just gotta enjoy life as a cat hey you want to switch lives for a week switching lives with a cat for a week what do you say huh high-five yeah look at your gravy toes your smoke here that is unique aru's eyeshadow this is you know who finished their homework gather round children I'm gonna tell you about your ancestors a descendant of the North African Wildcat retains instincts and behaviors similar to his wild cousins they have great great great great grandma yeah I think this would look really great like to the left of the kitchen oh yeah I would love to ask you a few questions about the cat cafe how long have you guys been open we've been over there about a year and a half really that's it I feel like I've been here like seven times what does that say about me this is the first cat cafe in Ottawa right yeah is it the only yes how many volunteers do you guys have here our staff working with you to help run the place usually about four staff and dozens and dozens of volunteers that we do have a lot of regular volunteers and then we have volunteers that come in whenever they can which is great can I volunteer so you guys have some fun events here like yoga for cats yes are we still good classes and workshops here in the cats hang out with us during the event I have a question are the cats willing to do downward dog sometimes I try they try like how you said Yoga for cats I think it's yoga with cat what do you mean and on average how many cats do you say you have at any given time like I know must fluctuate yet typically about a dozen yeah we usually have I would say between 8 and 12 can you tell me a bit more about the process like how you receive cats who do you get them from are they treated and then how do they get adopted from there yeah so essentially we have a partnership with the local rescue and what we do is we provide them with a full-time facility that can take care of their cats until they get adopted the rescue has to do the intakes and they do the medical and when they're ready to be adopted they get brought here and you take care of them in the meantime oh and they get socialized or not whatever whatever they decide that makes so much sense and that's so important to socializing a cat right so before they find their forever home they get to hang out with so many different humans is there ever a shortage of cats in your space not very octo yeah it's unfortunate there's always kind of funding for homes and how many adoptions have you guys had since you opened a year and a half ago two hundred and fifty adoption two hundred so you guys sell coffee and tea and you take care of all these cats so you're like a not-for-profit business yeah so I would describe it as Purpose Driven business so we operate this business in order to provide the rescue with this space thing we take care of my cats full-time for them awesome and we can all help out if you live in Ottawa just by coming in to have a visit make a small donation buy a cup of tea who you want to spill some tea with you want to learn how to be a youtuber yeah look at that she knows she can get them views how many cats do you have I have two of my own very much in love with each other that's why I don't have that many so if you live in Ottawa I know most of you don't but hey you should definitely come by and check out the feline cafe maybe you'll see me here one day we can sit together you've been very patient okay well that's the last one I don't want you guys to fight you like holo oh all right cats listen up tell them they'll eat all right I'm gonna tell them to subscribe to my channel you heard her all right everyone thanks so much for watching thank you so much for supporting me and all the things that I love to do including this and we'll see y'all later the

41 thoughts on “GIVING $25,000 TO CATS FOR CHRISTMAS!

  1. Why is it always the all black cats that sneeze so much I have an all black cat and she sneezes so much!!!

  2. I need to go here when I visit Canada! So many adorable kitties!! It's so sweet that you gave $25,000 to all these pet associations when very few people do such nice things with there money, granted they even have enough to balance between help and financial stability.

  3. Teacher: What do you want to be when you grow up?

    Me: I want to be like Cristine and drink tea with kitties!

  4. I've been here! It's a great place with yummy vegan snacks. The only downside is that you never want to leave! LOL!

  5. somebody shot my cat's eye out, need help with help ,send a cash donation to help:123 tucker dr Starr sc 29684. thanks

  6. Have you ever heard of the shop kittea? Where you can pet cats and eat food and they have free tea available

  7. Thought I should share this link with you from bright side / cat super power :

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