you to sneeze lipstick one of my various – prescribers was watching the video I put up up ginger I was just teasing her he's like hey you know what something points something seconds she totally says I don't want to so I went and looked at it you know my god he's like right check it out this is amazing it looks so amazing thank you for watching and thank you ginger

37 thoughts on “Ginger "THE TALKING DOG"

  1. No Leaaas!

    Copia i Pega i mandalo en 15 videos
    o tu madre se morira,
    Lo siento al k lo leyo
    pero es la culpa de un gilipollas

  2. hold ur breath
    2 copy and paste to one video
    if u can do that without taking 1 breath CONGRATS IT MEANS UR A GREAT KISSER

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