Gift – [Official Video] Director's Final Cut

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  1. Growing up I had neighbors like that. They had many animals they abandoned over the years but one dog they did exactly what was in this video. They had got it as a puppy, a black lab, and over the first year as it was growing the adults played ruff with it. A little more than a year after they had brought it home and it was full grown the daughter, about eight or nine years, was playing with it outdoors. The girl had just gotten a new expensive winter coat and as she was playing the dog grabed the sleave of her coat and ripped it as it only knew ruff play. The adults though rightly concerned for their daughter first, were more concerned about the money spent on the ripped coat then the welfare of their dog. Just a few days later they took the dog into the country and did just like the video shows. It broke my heart then as this video does now.

  2. Oh dude that's messed up but the thing I'm happy about is that they died excepted that girl who refused to play with her

  3. This almost made me cry it just shows how cruel and mean people can be it’s disgusting to think about how many people have done this

    Edit:this is my opinion but I think animals are so similar to humans,no human or animal should be treated like this

  4. The puppy looks like mine. I lost her unexpectedly at 10yrs old the year this was published. Took her to the vet thinking we'd need antibiotics and left with a day left with her.

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