Giant Pet Tegu Lizard Is Basically A Puppy

after college I moved to Shanghai which is where I met my wife ice we got a couple small lizards as pets when we were over there she really liked those so we came back to the US one of the first things we did was divers grown up with her like she's totally in love with him my guy was like my son he's pretty affectionate like he really enjoys human company interaction he eats one large meaty meal about every one week right now right but we give them lots of random fruit treats throughout the week like clicks thanks MacGyver's favorite food is probably it just looks really cute that really excited when he eats the amamiya kids then crab I think lizards generally are misunderstood most people I don't think had enough interaction with any lizards that really get a sense of how intelligent they can be McGuyver has a message for the world giant lizards can be friendly and adorable give him a couple minute look over before you make up your mind good job this is a crown you

35 thoughts on “Giant Pet Tegu Lizard Is Basically A Puppy

  1. Okay, one thing to bear in mind is that no tegu actually enjoys human company in the sense that a dog or cat does. They aren't social animals, they don't think of the humans as companions. They are much simpler mentally, and see the humans as a food source that they aren't allowed to bite. These guys are simply projecting their own feelings onto MacGyver, while he seeks out their body heat for convenience, and does whatever makes them give him food.

  2. i'm watching this video and my tegu decided it's a good idea to get on my back… and now he's getting on my head.

  3. Tyt? Ewww.. Btw this media is from Qatar and due to the political climate, Just got banned in Jordan for propaganda Lol

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